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For those unaware but interested, the Swedish records at ArkivDigital are free this weekend (Nov 11 & 12)

Here is the relevant info...


New Zealand Completed Requests / Swedish Archives are free this weekend
« on: Thursday 10 November 16 22:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all...

If it's of use, Swedish Archives are free this weekend.

If you're new to ArkivDigital you'll need to register with them (free) then install their image viewer (also free).

Instructions here...


Hi all...

If it were the case, would "Suicide" be written in the "Cause of Death" entry.

Or is there another term used.


New Zealand Completed Requests / NZ marriages question
« on: Sunday 11 October 15 04:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi all...

The NZSG Marriages CD lists NZ marriages up to 1956.

Would anyone know if NZ marriages post-1956 are available as a searchable database.

Possibly in the NZSG library or a similar institution. Maybe on ancestry or a similar website.

I'm guessing the Department of Internal Affairs have such a database but they're unlikely to allow public access.

Any suggestions appreciated.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Relationship advice please :-)
« on: Thursday 12 February 15 01:43 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all...

In chronological order....

Imagine that Alice marries Bob. (Wife and husband)
Alice has a brother Charles. (Sister and brother)
Charles then has a son Donald. (Father and son)

So the relationship of Bob to Donald is uncle-in-law, commonly just called uncle.

Then imagine that Alice and Bob divorce.
Charles then has another son called Edward. (Father and son)

Is Edward related to Bob. If not, is Donald still related to Bob.

Bob then has a second marriage. He marries Fiona. They have a daughter Gina.

Is Gina related to Donald and/or Edward.


I'm tentatively saying that Gina is not related to Edward but she is Donald's ex-half first cousin-in-law.

Wondering what someone who know's what they're talking about thinks :-)


New Zealand Completed Requests / Lovise FREDERIKSEN b.1842 + Louisa JENSEN d.1906
« on: Friday 21 November 14 03:27 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Spades...  :)

Hope you don't mind me making the following post on Rootschat. It's related to a thread on the TradeMe Genealogy board that never really got off the ground. It seems the original poster abandoned it a while ago.

As TradeMe Genealogy is a private board (i.e non-googled) I'd rather post this belated reply to Rootschat so that Google can archive it for future reference.

Plus on Rootschat I can use italics, bold, etc... much nicer to read :-)

The family are mentioned in several on-line trees and websites but there are a lot of conflicting details. The main problem is that none of the tree owners cite their sources. I can remedy that and hopefully clarify things.

Also a lot of websites only give you partial information as they want you to join up or subscribe. Most annoying but not a concern here on Rootschat.

The caveat is that I've not actually purchased any birth, marriage or death certificates. Nor have I actually answered the original question posed in the TradeMe thread. I've simply made the waters slightly less muddy. So thoughts and theories welcome :)

As I said... hope you don't mind :-)

All the best


The original TradeMe poster (Islandbreeze) asked for help in finding out about his/her Danish grandmother.

Quote from: islandbreeze
  - Mabel Fredrickson arrived [in NZ] with only her mother. It was just the two of them.

 - Mabel married Alex Gough.

 - Mabel and Alex died one day apart and were buried at Taita Cemetry, Lower Hutt.

 - Her mother married a Mr Webster we think here in NZ.

The following information was found by TradeMe researcher Stock

Quote from: Stock
BDM NZ Marriages
1906/2208 Mabel FREDERICKSON to Joseph Alexander GOUGH - d.o.m 21 May 1906

The following information was found by TradeMe researcher Carbs51

Quote from: Carbs51
BDM NZ Deaths
1959/22059 - GOUGH, Mabel May - 68 years

This ties in with info for the couple found on the Taita cemetery website.

Hutt Council cemetery database

So Mabel May GOUGH née FREDERICKSON born c.1891 d.1959 is Islandbreeze's grandmother.


TradeMe researcher Stock found a 1911 "In Memoriam" notice inserted by a "May and Alex Gough". I'm reasonably sure that this is Mabel May and Joseph Alexander GOUGH using their middle names. The 1920 death notice for their son Eric also mentions "Alex and May of Nelson Street, Petone", not "Joseph and Mabel".

Quote from: Stock
JENSEN - In loving memory of my dear grandmother Louisa Jensen
who departed this life on January 1, 1906.
Inserted by her loving granddaughter and husband, May and Alex Gough.

Page 4
7 Jan 1911

The above-mentioned 1906 death was then found on BDM NZ

Quote from: Stock
1906/1717 - JENSEN, Luica - 64 years- d.o.d 1 Jan 1906

So Luica/Louisa JENSEN born c.1842 d.1906  is Islandbreeze's great-great-grandmother.


Following Islandbreeze's comment that Mabel's "[...] mother married a Mr Webster we think here in NZ" a likely link between the surnames JENSEN and WEBSTER was also found...

Quote from: Stock
BDM NZ Marriages

1891/465 Mabel JENSEN to William WEBSTER - d.o.m 24 Jun 1891

BDM NZ Deaths
1945/18532 - WEBSTER, Mabel - 79 years


Mabel WEBSTER, wife of William John WEBSTER, of Nelson Street, Petone, died 21 June 1945

Page 1
21 Jun 1945
Evening Post

So now we have the following three women whose deaths were recorded in NZ:

Luica/Louisa JENSEN née  ? (1842 - 1906)
Mabel WEBSTER née JENSEN (1866 - 1945)
Mabel May GOUGH née FREDERICKSON (1891-1959)

The "In Memoriam" notice states that Luica/Louisa JENSEN and Mabel May GOUGH are grandmother and grand-daughter.

The obvious thing to do now is buy the 1906 marriage certificate for Mabel FREDERICKSON to Joseph Alexander GOUGH to see if Mabel FREDERICKSON's mother is Mabel WEBSTER née JENSEN. This was suggested by TradeMe researcher Carbs51. Nothing more has been added to the thread since then.



When convenient, would it be possible for some kind soul to take a photo of the following naturalisation file.

Naturalisation - Application - Anderson, Dorothy

Absolutely no hurry whatsoever :-)

Many thanks

Derry (Londonderry) / Bellaghy c.1900 - online map?
« on: Wednesday 03 September 14 08:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi all...

Would anyone know of an online map of Bellaghy c.1900

I'm looking for Castledawson Street or its modern day equivalent. Specifically, the location of the Public House mentioned at "Reference to Map - 16" in the following link...

Valuation Revision Books
Image 187 of 220

Click on the image to make it a bit bigger or just click "Download".

Speaking of which... does anyone know how to directly link to the Revision Books images on the PRONI website


Hi all...

Does anyone know if there is a map or reference book which shows the physical boundaries of each individual registration district. Ideally the changes in district boundaries occuring over time would also be noted.

Specifically, I have found a 1936 birth which the District Keys list as being registered in the Middlemarch district. I would like to know the possible locations in which the birth may have occurred, knowing full well that place of registration doesn't always equal actual place of birth :-)

Many thanks

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