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Armed Forces / Royal Engineers? Date please
« on: Monday 03 September 18 22:33 BST (UK)  »
   This is a section of a bigger picture with the caption "Royal Engineers outside pub". I would like to know when it was taken. WW1 or earlier?

The Common Room / Parochiae exemptae
« on: Sunday 26 August 18 22:33 BST (UK)  »
   I am looking again at some notes I made years ago about the 1676 Compton census. Several of the parishes are listed under the above heading. Can anyone tell me what they were exempt from please?

The Common Room / Dress of a Georgian farmer
« on: Monday 23 July 18 16:30 BST (UK)  »
   Not sure if this should be on one of the other boards?
   I am putting together a piece for a history presentation about a wealthy tenant farmer in the area. He was here from about 1805 to 1840, and I thought I would include a picture of such a man, but have not found anything so far on line, or in any of my books. I don't want a nasty 18th century cartoon, of which there are many, but there must be portraits - I can almost see him. Any suggestions welcome.

The Common Room / O.S. maps
« on: Sunday 08 July 18 22:27 BST (UK)  »
   I am looking at a 25in map, 1896(?) of this area, and wondering why every field and fair sized plot has a number? Acreages of each area also appear. I can see very little logic in the numbering, but I am sure it is there.

The Lighter Side / Odd find in 1939 register
« on: Tuesday 19 June 18 19:30 BST (UK)  »
   I decided last night to check my grandfather's cousins in 1939, and found a rather surprising entry.
 I already had a suspicion that one of his female cousins might have been in a mental hospital in 1911, (I could not find her, but there were pointers) then she had another child in 1915, so I thought all was well. However, I found her in 1939 in the city mental hospital, listed with 3 others of the same name, 2 of her daughters, aged 32 and 33, and a spinster of 62, probably the husband's cousin.
    Has any one come across anything similar? Are records likely to be available, or would they still be closed? (If they exist)

   I meant to post this in the Common room, but I suppose it is OK here!

Kent / Help with Edmund File please
« on: Thursday 07 June 18 22:14 BST (UK)  »
   I am trying to track down the origins of Edmund File, born about 1790. He claims in 1851 to have been born in Elmsted, but I can find no likely baptism. His name is open to various interpretations, but I think I have tried most of them. I suppose he may not have been baptised or they may have been non-conformists. Any ideas gratefully received.

The Common Room / 1851 civil marriage
« on: Friday 04 May 18 23:25 BST (UK)  »
   I have a couple who married in 1851. There is a civil record of the marriage, but no church record. The civil record is for the (rural) district which covers the village where I would have expected to find the marriage. I am slightly baffled as I am wondering what such a couple would have had to do at that time if they did not want a church wedding?

The Common Room / Defective weights and measures.
« on: Wednesday 11 April 18 21:17 BST (UK)  »
   I am reading a press cutting from 1855, where several local traders were before the Petty Sessions for having defective weights and measures in their possession. The one I am interested in is the blacksmith, who was fined considerably more than the miller, the butcher and the grocers. I am trying to think why a smith would need weights and measures, unless he was making them?
   The answer will probably be obvious when someone tells me.

The Common Room / 1839 death certificate
« on: Tuesday 03 April 18 20:53 BST (UK)  »
   Before I spend out on a certificate for somebody not one of the family, would an 1839 cert have his occupation on it? I know later ones did, but this is so early, I just wondered if they had less information?

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