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Sometime ago I found the transcript for these two events.

5 April 1763 Morgan JOHN = Mary REES, St Augustine-the-less, Bristol.

11 Dec 1763 Mary JOHN, father: Morgan JOHN, Mother: Mary. St Augustine-the-less, Bristol.

I would really love to know if there is a digital image somewhere, please. I've not been able to trace their origins but with the surname JOHN, I'm guessing it's Wales but would be pleased to know if the marriage or baptism alludes to where they were from. I've been researching my family tree for 20 years but haven't really delved into Welsh research yet. I have a few other ancestors with Welsh names in Gloucestershire and other counties in England. It would be wonderful to break down this one brick wall to start the ball rolling towards finding my Welsh roots.


I've searched on FindMyPast and Ancestry several times for the baptism of my 5x Great grandfather Thomas Low(e) c.1730. He may have been born at Cleobury Mortimer, that's where he was married and buried. He named his first son Thomas so his father may have been Thomas too. There was a Thomas and Ann at Cleobury Mortimer who may well be his parents but I just can't find the proof of his baptism, nor of Thomas and Ann's marriage. I can't find a Will that has this family either. There's a lot of Thomas Low(e) chaps from Shropshire, not sure which one is mine.

I have the digital images for my ancestor -
Thomas Low married 21.4.1760 Cleobury Mortimer
Thomas Lowe burried 17.12.1776 Cleobury Mortimer - Inn holder and Butcher.
I know both digital images are his events because his wife's burial in 1780 states 'Relict of Thomas Lowe Inn holder and Butcher.' Of course, her name is on the marriage record so I couldn't ask for a more perfect match.

I have wondered if there may be a book about Inn holders etc of Cleobury Mortimer. I know there was a family at Highley who owned the mill. Also, I've googled several times but can't get my Thomas's baptism sorted.  :(

Sadly, I won't be back in the UK for a few more years.

Thanks in advance.  :)

Surrey / Query about a 1755 Will document
« on: Friday 16 December 16 05:38 GMT (UK)  »

A while ago I downloaded a digital copy of a Will dated 1755. In the Will, one of the beneficiaries had the same name as the person who made the Will. However, no relationship was mentioned for either beneficiary.

I have an ancestor with the same name born about the same time. So how can I ever hope to ascertain if my ancestor was the grandson of the person who made the Will? I've searched many times to find my ancestor's baptism but some of the records for Southwark are in a poor condition or not online. My ancestor died in 1810.

The person who made the Will was a Backmaker. My ancestor with the same name was a Victualler. So he could have descended from a family in the Brewing trade.

This is one of my brick walls. I'd really appreciate some suggestions, please.


Surrey Lookup Requests / Baptisms St Saviour, Southwark 1761 & 1765
« on: Friday 10 June 16 06:16 BST (UK)  »

I've two baptisms but no parent(s) detail on either record. Can anyone ascertain for me if there is any additional information on the FHL film for their baptism, please? Both events are also on Ancestry but no parent details there either. This missing data may help me to break down a brick wall. Were both lads from the same family (maybe first one died and another lad was later given the same name) or were they cousins etc?

William Whitaker 19 April 1761 St Saviour, Southwark. FHL microfilm 307,706.

Wm. Whitaker 28 July 1765 St Saviour, Southwark. FHL microfilm 307,706.

I have not yet found a burial record.



I'd really appreciate some help to get this baptism sorted, please. I'm fairly certain that I've found the needle in the haystack of one of my SMITH ancestors, via a 'Select Births and Christening' index only record on the A website. The record gives both the birth & baptism date, but only the baptism place.

Where can I obtain a copy of the original baptism?

Would anyone have first-hand knowledge of the area, please? I am trying to place the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, but as an Aussie I have limited knowledge of London/Middlesex roads etc.

On the 1871 census the address of the family (which I believe are my ancestors) was then a 'Mews' now it appears to be a 'Close' which is a point I really need clarified as there's a few addresses with the same/similar name popping up on Google Earth search results.

Due to the copyright issue I'm not sure what info I can post here from the select index record. So please let me know via PM or reply here whichever is appropriate. I've been chipping away at this brick wall for at least a decade and am astonished that I am so close to smashing it down!

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,


I can't find the baptism of Isaac Brinkworth on the Familysearch website. Isaac married Mary Marton (Martin?) at Leonard Stanley 20.4.1781 and they had at least 5 children there, I have their baptism and some marriage details - including their daughter, my ancestor. I found some of the marriage info on the Parishmouse website.

I estimate that Isaac was born abt 1756. I found a death reg for an Isaac Brinkworth at Stroud 1839, that may or may not be him, it could be his son or a cousin of the same name.

There were also Brinkworth/Blinkworth folk at Kings Stanley, but I can't find a baptism for Isaac anywhere.

Does anyone have access to parish records to assist me with this brick wall, please?



Canada Lookup Request / British Military service and Marriage in Canada c.1807
« on: Sunday 12 July 15 09:41 BST (UK)  »

I believe that my 4x Gt Grandfather Joseph Howell (born abt 1785) served in Canada from about 1807. I have his discharge record after his return to the UK.

I've never been able to find his marriage to Rosina/Rosanna (maiden name unknown) who was enumerated on the 1851 England census as being from Coughton, Essex; however there is only a Loughton in Essex, but there is a Coughton in Warwickshire. Joseph was from Birmingham, Warwickshire.

I have not found a marriage for them in England so perhaps they met and married in Canada?

Their daughter, Jane Howell was born 29.6.1813 apparently at Montreal, Canada, that event information was on her baptism record. Jane was baptised 3.9.1822 Birmingham, Warwickshire. The other siblings, including my ancestor, were born in Birmingham.

I would greatly appreciate any details of Joseph's marriage, please, so that I can continue my genealogy on his wife's family. Joseph's military service details while in Canada would be a wonderful bonus but I understand that may require too much searching.

TIA. :)

Dorset Lookup Requests / Sherborne Union Chapel or Methodist Bapt 1783 - CORP
« on: Tuesday 16 September 14 11:25 BST (UK)  »

Does anyone have access to Sherborne Non-Conformist baptisms for abt 1783, please?

I found this baptism on the OPC website, their Methodist baptism records start from 1785.

18-Apr-1786 Joseph child of Benjamin & Phillis CORP  born (not given)

This couple above may be my ancestors and may have also had a child (also my ancestor) Thomas CORP born/baptised in 1783 at Sherborne possibly at the Union Chapel or Methodist church (is there a difference?).

Benjamin and Phil(l)is were married in 1781 at St Andrew, Holborn - *Joseph PAGE* was a witness to their marriage.

But I can't find a baptism for their son Thomas in London on the Ancestry website. I have his death certificate, he was a bootmaker as were a few of his descendants.

My CORP ancestral research is currently like looking for a black cat in a dark room.  :(

There was a Thomas CORP and a Benjamin CORP both boot/shoemakers from Sherborne. I found a Freedom of the City doc on Ancestry for William CORP (dated 1786) son of Thomas CORP of Sherborne Shoemaker, Wm apprenticed to *Joseph PAGE* in London.

Thomas, who I believe was born in 1783 (from his death certificate) named his eldest son, Benjamin. Hence, I believe Thomas's father was also Benjamin. I could be wrong, his father might have been Thomas CORP.  :-\  ???

My ancestor is not the Thomas CORP born at Whitechapel in 1786, that one became a Tailor, ours were shoe/bootmakers. A relative has already gone off the track with the Whitechapel/St Botolph CORP folk - if they are distantly related - I don't want to know about it at this stage because I'm trying to get my ancestors sorted.

My ancestor Thomas CORP c. 1783 lived in London died in Paddington and his descendants mostly lived in the Paddington and Kentish Town areas.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am trying to assist my friend to find the birth of her ancestor Isaac Gratwick born about 1800 - 1803 at either Bosham or Chichester according to the census. I have found him on the -

1871 census as Issac Grattwicke - age 70 - Carpenter - born Chichester
1861 census as Isaac Gratwick - age 58 - Carpenter - born Chichester
1851 census as Isaac Gratwick - age 48 - Carpenter - born Bosham
1841 census as Isaac Gratwick - age 35 - Carpenter - born in the county (Transcribed as Gradwick) only found him after searching for him, then wife, then finally found via daughter Mary.
(Lived at Littlehampton on all censuses)
Isaac Gratwick = Frances Hackett Marriage 21 April 1824 St Peter the Great, Chichester, Sussex   

Likely death - Isaac Gratwicke Jun 1875 72 E. Preston 2b 221

I have searched for Isaac's birth/baptism via Ancestry UK and Family Search but can't find him - not on any Family trees either - so have hit a brick wall with Isaac's birth/baptism and ancestors.

Hoping someone can help, please.


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