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Kent / 1807 Banns entry Tenterden
« on: Friday 20 July 18 15:11 BST (UK)  »
Dear Kent Rootschatters

I need to obtain the information in a Banns entry relating to a marriage in 1807 at Tenterden St. Mildred.

It will cost 13.75 to get a digital image from Kent Archives.  Before I order it, I just wonder if any kind person has access to these records? Or is there another way to get hold of it? I would be happy with the information in the entry; I don't need an actual copy.

Please - and thank you!


Kent Lookup Requests / Marriage in Tenterden 1807
« on: Sunday 15 July 18 17:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi foxglove (or anyone else who can help)

Please could you give me the full details of this marriage, found on Familysearch?

9th (or possibly 16th) August 1807 Tenterden
John SHARWOOD Widower m. Sarah BARNETT Spinster.

If you have access to Banns/Licence info. that would be appreciated too, please.

Many thanks,

Kent Lookup Requests / Burial lookup Wrotham please
« on: Saturday 14 July 18 17:07 BST (UK)  »
Please can anyone find a burial for Thomas SHORT who died in Wrotham 29th December 1847 aged 80?  In 1841 he was living in Borough Green if that's significant.

Thank you,

Kent / Death/burial of John FRY Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells
« on: Sunday 08 July 18 15:53 BST (UK)  »
I'm searching for the death/burial of John FRY 1851 - 1861 in Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells or Frant (Sussex).

According to census John was born Speldhurst c.1811, although I think he is most likely the one baptised Speldhurst 5 November 1809. He married Sarah MEPHAM 8 November 1840 in Frant and they had 3 daughters. 

Sarah died 12 July 1851 in Tonbridge (probably in the Infirmary where she was for the 1851 Census) and was buried 20 July in Frant.  Her death was registered by John Fry resident in Tonbridge, which I take to be her husband (although he is described as 'present at the death' rather than 'widower' or 'husband'. The only other John Frys on the 1851 Census for the town are aged 12 and 17, with no apparent connection).

For the 1851 Census John and daughters were living in Tunbridge Wells.  By 1861 the oldest daughter was living with her grandmother (re-married), and the two younger daughters were in Tunbridge Wells workhouse.  John was not in the workhouse, and I cannot find him anywhere else.

The following death registrations for John Fry are the wrong ages for my John:-
MQ 1851 Tunbridge aged 56 (and before the death of wife Sarah)
JQ 1859 Ticehurst aged 79; buried Frant May 1859
SQ 1859 Tunbridge aged 20

Can anyone help me find John or his death/burial please?

I'd be really grateful, thank you.


The Common Room / Brickwall inflation
« on: Thursday 21 June 18 09:59 BST (UK)  »
Brickwall or brickwall?

It seems to me that this shorthand for a very difficult FH research problem has recently become trendy and much over-used.

I have been researching for nearly 40 years (multiple lines) yet I would claim to have only, perhaps, half a dozen brickwalls.

I have seen queries from people (not on RC necessarily) wailing about a brickwall because, for example, they can't find a birth certificate for an ancestor born in 1790!!! 

Perhaps there should be another term for this sort of thing - 'a low fence' or some such??

Melbell  ::)

Technical Help / Updating Outlook account
« on: Friday 15 June 18 14:58 BST (UK)  »

I use gmail by choice, but have recently opened a Microsoft Office 365 email account for some volunteering stuff that I do.  (I haven't actually use the new account yet).  I keep getting notifications that there is a problem with my Microsoft account which I can fix by going to Shared Experiences.  Now I understand that the Microsoft account will be subject to updates, but I don't use Shared Experiences and I don't want to. Is there any way I can get the relevant updates without doing what Microsoft wants me to do?

Grateful for any advice.


The Lighter Side / Amusing Census Entry
« on: Friday 08 June 18 21:40 BST (UK)  »
Looking for someone else, I've just come across this amusing census entry at 7 Gordon Terrace, Friary Road, Portsea 1871, Piece 01146, page 41:-

George Hatori, Lodger, aged 17 and a half, marital status no marr but I hope I shall some day, Midshipman son of Japanese private man, Born in the (something I cannot read) by having another in the house of my father in Japan, and in the end column got rather excitable since my departure from my parents but not from the Birth.

The whole page has been struck through and someone (a supervisor?) has written at the bottom: for contents of this page, corrected, see page 49.  The next page has the corrected (boring!) entry - George Hatori, Lodger, aged 17, unm, Midshipman RN, born Japan.

Melbell  ;D

The Common Room / DNA Mirror Tree?
« on: Sunday 06 May 18 15:57 BST (UK)  »
Please can someone explain what a DNA Mirror Tree is (on Ancestry Public Trees)?

Most of the trees I see are lazy and often don't make sense.   I've just seen one in which a man is meant to have had three sisters born when he was aged in his 60s (from the same parents).


Kent / Borough Green near Wrotham
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 10:12 BST (UK)  »

I understand that Borough Green near Wrotham was a tiny place in the early 19th century.  Can anyone suggest why an ex-soldier with no (apparent) connections should go to live and die there in the 1840s?  He was paralysed, and lodging with an ag. lab. and his wife.  I suppose he used his army pension to pay them to look after him?  I am wondering whether there was a hospital or similar for veterans in the vicinity?

He came from outside Kent and, although he gave Wrotham as his residence on discharge in 1813, was living elsewhere very soon afterwards and was certainly not living there before at least 1828.  (Of course, he may have had some connection with the place which it will be impossible for me to discover. :( )


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