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Technical Help / How to insert a snipped image into a Rootschat post?
« on: Saturday 21 April 18 13:21 BST (UK)  »
Please can someone tell me how to insert a snipped image (from a death certificate) into a Rootschat post?  It's a png. and I tried attaching it but nothing happens.   :(

Thank you,

The Common Room / Posts on 'wrong' boards??
« on: Tuesday 17 April 18 14:56 BST (UK)  »
Hello Everybody

I am intrigued by the numbers of people who post queries in The Common Room about specific places or topics which have their own dedicated Rootschat boards.  I realise that some queries will be from people new to the forum, or who don't know which board is quite appropriate.  But some are e.g. about John Smith in Liverpool or something, and you'd think it would make more sense to post on the Lancashire board?  Or is it because people see that the most active and experienced Rootschatters are always in The Common Room and think it would be good to pick their brains?  How often do topics get moved to more specific boards by moderators?

Please don't think I am trying to criticise the way other people use the forum.


Armed Forces / Confused about Royal Artillery & Royal Engineers
« on: Tuesday 03 April 18 20:49 BST (UK)  »
Please can someone clarify the difference between the Royal Artillery and the Royal Engineers?

This sounds a daft question, but I'm confused by a record in the Royal Hospital Chelsea Regimental Registers of Pensioners 1713-1882.

The regiment on the actual document in this case is just given as 'Drivers' and I'm interested in a man who was a Driver in the Royal Artillery until discharge to pension 31st October 1814.  The record I'm looking at says a man of the right name was 'admitted' 1st November 1814.  However, the record is listed under 7th-14th Battalion Artillery, Royal Engineers.

I tried Googling and looking at Wikipedia but just got more confused, I'm afraid!


Technical Help / Viewing images on Familysearch
« on: Monday 26 March 18 14:37 BST (UK)  »
Apologies if this has been discussed/explained before.

How do you view images on Familysearch?  I know you have to be logged in, but even when it says there is an image available to see, I can NEVER see them.  What am I missing or not doing right please?

I find it very frustrating.

Melbell  :(

Kent / Marriage - William ALBUTT and Mercy N/K
« on: Sunday 18 March 18 20:06 GMT (UK)  »

Can anyone please help me find a marriage for William ALBUTT and Mercy (maiden name unknown)?

William was born in Rochester c. 1775 (1851 Census).

Mercy was born somewhere in Kent 1782-86 (1841 Census) and died aged 60 in December 1844. 

Their first (known) child was Eliza born 1806 in Woolwich, where the family lived out their lives.

There is a marriage listed on Familysearch in Plumstead in 1803 between William ALBUTT and Mary WOOD.  I am wondering whether this could be it, with Mercy mis-transcribed as Mary?

Many thanks,

Kent / Army Barracks in Chilham early 19th Century?
« on: Saturday 17 March 18 13:50 GMT (UK)  »
Please can anyone tell me if there were Army Barracks in Chilham early in the 19th Century? If not, was there a site or camp where soldiers/militia men stayed for training or deployment?  I saw a very brief reference buried in a book about something else and haven't been able to find any more about it online.

The reason I want to know is because I am researching a man who fathered a child in Chilham and I want to prove that a certain militia man is the same chap.

I thought about posting this query on the Armed Forces board but reckoned local Kent knowledge might prove better in this instance.


Dorset / Thomas Carter ALLEN - Wimbourne
« on: Friday 19 January 18 17:54 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with baptism records for Wimbourne please? (I can't find any records online and there is no opc for Wimbourne).

I am trying to find a baptism for Thomas Carter ALLEN.  I don't even have an estimated dob for him, but he married Jane MITCHELL on 6 July 1796 at Wimbourne Minster by Licence.  Both bride and groom were described as otp.

He lived in Portsea in Hampshire at some point (I have him there in c.1794) but other research leads me to believe that he was born in Wimbourne.  In 1801 he was in Fleet Prison for debt.

Any help gratefully received.


Sussex Lookup Requests / Marriage Entry lookup please - PAINE & FULLER
« on: Thursday 07 December 17 20:52 GMT (UK)  »
Thomas PAINE married Hannah FULLER at St. Martin Westmeston on 14 October 1822.  I'd be really grateful if someone could give me the details please, particularly marital status of the bride and groom, their parish(es), and the names of the witnesses.

I have tried FindMyPast, Anc.,The Gene. and Sussex opc to try to access an online image of the register entry, but no success.

Thanks for anything you can tell me.


Armed Forces / Copy birth certificate for Army child born 1865 in Ireland?
« on: Friday 01 December 17 14:21 GMT (UK)  »
Please can anyone tell me if I can get a copy birth certificate for an Army child born in Athlone in 1865?  I have the reference number from the GRO Regimental Index and I know who the parents were.  What I don't know is if I have to apply to the British or Irish authorities.  If Irish, which organisation?  I am sorry, but I get confused about where and how to apply for things in Ireland, and I  cannot seem to find the answer online anywhere.


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