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Worcestershire Lookup Requests / Marriage William smith and Susanna Mallet
« on: Friday 18 October 19 11:40 BST (UK)  »
I have the couple William Smith an ex soldier marrying Susannah Mallet in Mar qtr 1842 at Worcester.
Unfortunately it's not on line.
I think it will be at All Saints as she came from that parish or possibly at St Clement where they lived after the marriage and he was buried in 1850.
I'd really like to know his father's name.
I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help.


Huntingdonshire / James smith born 1837 in st Ives.
« on: Friday 18 October 19 11:33 BST (UK)  »
Anyone fancy a challenge?
I have a James Smith born 1837 in st Ives.
He turns up in Wolverhampton c 1874 as a clock maker ,repairer and meets up with Sarah Moore ,a local girl from Aston Birmingham born c 1844.
There seems to be no marriage but they go on to have 12 children.
In 1911 on the census he is a OAP but also mentions ten years service in the Army as an officers servant.

I can't find anything on that.
There is a possible James smith on the 1841 census son of William and Elizabeth in St Ives.On the 1851 dad William has died and he is with his widowed mother and siblings.The youngest George was born in 1850.If these are his parents then his mother was a Miss Richardson.

Can anyone find anything on James?
It doesn't seem like the records from the parish of St Ives are on line.
Any ideas welcome.


Warwickshire / Where is Florence?
« on: Thursday 26 September 19 10:56 BST (UK)  »
Hello all.
I had someone come in to my family history group.
They are looking for granddad's family Frank Roden born 1912 in Birmingham.
His mother was Rose Martha Alfreda Roden born 1875 and married James Ryan in 1929.
All ok there but she seems to have had lots of children without marrying.
Any help on them and their father's appreciated.

Harry Henry Roden born 1894/5 nephew with uncle Frank on census
Minnie Jane Roden born 1895 with Mom 1901 and in Banardos 1911 (father Alfred Hill?)
Alfred Edward Roden/Hill born 1899 died 1906  same father
Rose Hill born 1902

Beatrice Ellen Hill born 1907 -father Arthur Hill painter
William Roden b and died 1910
Frank born 1912 father Arthur Roden painter
Florence ???? He had a sister Florence but no birth reg or baptism found.

Any help appreciated


Hello Everyone
I'm doing a bit of research for a friend of a friend.
I've got to Oliver Price helmet maker born 1841 at North Marston
It looks like he is the son of Josiah Mahyo and Hannah Price.

He marries 1861 at Hemel Hampstead even though on the 1861 census he is living in London.Bride Eliza Marian Leech was supposedly born 1841 Kentish Town d of William a piano forte maker but no sign of her before the marriage.
1871 they are in London together
1881 he is now a widower with a house keeper
1891 He turns into a Mr Oliver Price and moves to the East End
His dead wife meanwhile returns to live with married daughter Mary Klyen as Marian E Price.
Son William is living next door as William Bennett.
Other son George born 1866 also has turned into a George Bennett.

No deaths either for Oliver Price or Bennett or his wife Eliza Marian.

Any ideas as where Eliza Marian Price nee Leech  came from or went to ?
Why they changed their names to Bennett
What happened to Oliver Price/Bennett?

Any help appreciated.This family is proving to be something of a challenge.


Hertfordshire / George Charles Bennett born 26 Feb 1910
« on: Thursday 12 September 19 11:12 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking up a family tree for a friend of a friend.It's her father in law we're after for her daughter who can't remember her father and who is now out of touch with her late husbands family.
  I've hit a bit of a snag with father in law George Charles Bennett born 26.2.1910 who married Abbots Langley Dec 1933 to Doris May Atkins .He is supposed to have two brothers and be from the East End of London.
His father is listed as George Bennett cork helmut maker on the marriage cert.
witnesses the married couple Frank and Pyhllis Visick nee Blackburn.

Which after spending 11 of her money gets me nowhere.
I have no George Charles Bennetts born in Mar or June qtr 1910 that fit the birthdate and father George(the one in Chester has a different DOB).
So I looked at George Bennetts and managed to whittle it down to 2
George Bennett June 1910 Dewsbury s of George Arthur Bennett and Annie Crawthorne miner-2 brothers
George Bennett June 1910 Wisbech s of George Robert Bennett and Edith Anne Horspool baker.No brothers

I'd like to go for the first ,there is a military record which gives the DOB for his 3 sons.George 's is a bit difficult to read and could be either the 20th or 26th.
But that does seem to fit better than the other one.But Dad as far as I know was never a cork helmet maker.
And George Arthur Bennett changes his date of birth 1885-1890 and helpfully marries Annie at the Registry office in Batley in 1908.So no help with his parents.

Help please!


Staffordshire / Mystery of the Disappearing spouses
« on: Monday 13 May 19 12:53 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone
I have a Jane Keatley born 1851 in Sutton Coldfield d of John and Jane.
In 1868 she married an Adam Clifton at St Peter's Walsall Wood.
Adam was from Whitwick Leicestershire born c 1845. son of a Henry Howe and Hannah Clifton.
His father is called Clifton on his marriage cert.
Jane then appears in Aldridge where her Keatley family are living as a servant Jane Keatley born 1850 on the 1871 census.
Adam is nowhere to be seen until 1881 when he marries Eliza Gent nee Taylor widow at Bloxwich All Saints under the name of Clift.
Eliza had married John Gent at Rushall in 1868 ,they were together in 1871 with son Arthur.John was a miner born 1840/1845/1848 Bloxwich. He is never seen again.
From 1881 Adam Clifton and Eliza are together in Basford ,have nine children and are easy to find.

So what happened to Jane Keatley and John Gent?
Adam and Eliza seem to have their first child in 1875 Mary A/Amy depending on census or birth reg born Walsall/West Bromwich.
The last Gent child David is 1872.

Any ideas would be welcome


Northumberland Lookup Requests / twas look up -St John Newcastle marriage 1855
« on: Thursday 07 March 19 12:31 GMT (UK)  »
Is there any chance some one can look up the marriage of John Turnball and Isabella Ann Oliver Mar qtr 1855
I'm particularly interested in the name and occupation of his father.
John Turnball is proving a bit hard to find

Europe / Alfred Marburg and Rena Marburg nee Stern
« on: Friday 18 January 19 13:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Rootschatters
I'm looking for the parents of someone who came to England on the Kinder transports.
Suzanne Mayberg born 30/8/1935 died 11/12 1940.
I can find plenty about her when she got to England but little about her family from Prague,Czech republic.

Alfred Mayburg 29.9.1907-6.9.1943 seems to have four siblings

Frederick who died 8.9.1942 age 27
Ing Ernest died 15.5.1944 age 37

I'm not getting anywhere fast in tracking down the siblings or the Stern family.
Any ideas appreciated


Staffordshire / Joseph Wallet /Wollett and Maria Ward married Walsall 1818
« on: Monday 10 December 18 12:49 GMT (UK)  »
I'm struggling to find the couple on the 1851 census
Joseph was born c 1800 a coal miner in Tipton on the 1841 Greets Green with wife Moriah age 45 .

They married at Walsall  in 1818 and had a first child Elizabeth in Bloxwich 1818 ,Mary Anne Bilston 1821,Eliza 1824 Tipton,Joseph 1827 Tipton and on the 1841 census a daughter Ann Maria age 3 born c 1838.

I've found what looks like Maria/Ann Maria /Moriah in West Bromwich in 1861 widow born 1788 Shropshire.The children all except Eliza and  Ann Maria I can see on the 1851 census.
Joseph is buried at Christ Church in 1861.

What I want to know is where Joseph was born and parents for both.

Joseph is not the one born 1795 at Walsall(he marries an Elizabeth and takes over the Bulls Head Rushall St c 1839).

So any ideas for the 1851 census ?

Any help much appreciated


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