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Armed Forces / Medals
« on: Tuesday 28 August 12 11:30 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me how long  a soldier would have to serve to be granted the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal ?


He was granted the King George V's Silver Jubilee Medal also (which was 1935 I believe) is this a military medal



Other Countries / Ceylon: Albert Edward Grigson
« on: Friday 25 May 12 17:40 BST (UK)  »
I have just recieved a copy of a photograph of a grave for :

Albert Edward Grigson
Born 22 June 1880
Died 18 April 1920

This was a family member and we believe that the picture was taken in Ceylon (possibly Kandy or Colombo)

I think this might be the brother of Linda Beatrice Grigson born abt. 1888 in ceylon. Her father was Adolphus Wellington/Willington Grigson who we believe was a photographer in Ceylon in the 1880's. Her mother was Isabel Emma (we dont have her surname as it wasnt on Linda's death cert.)

I have found a private Albert Edward Grigson who served with the Ceylon volunteer Service Company, 1st Gloucester Regt. in the boar war, 1902. His occupation was a planter near Colombo. his age was 22 years (which makes his d.o.b. as 1880). His mother was listed as Mrs Grigson, 198 Windsor Lodge, Colpetty.

I dont know if he is the same Albert Edward Grigson as the one im looking for but it looks like a close match to me.

Looking for more information on the family in Ceylon. If anyone has any, we would love to hear it as Ceylon seems to be a bit of a brick wall at the moment.

Thanks Steven

Armed Forces / Adolphus Griegson/Grigson 50th(Queens Own) Regt. of Foot
« on: Friday 18 May 12 12:39 BST (UK)  »
Sergeant Adolphus Greigson (SN:1899) served with the 50th from 1841-1858.
In his discharge papers it states that he was at "Punniar" in 1843, "Moodkee" 1845, "Ferozeshah" 1845, "Aliwal" 1846 & "Sobraon" 1846 and was awarded the bronze star (this would be for "Punniar" I believe) and a medal with 3 clasps (this would be for the other 4 battles).

His daughter Frances was born in Ireland in 1855 and I have found out that the 50th were stationed in Dublin in 1854 so that explains why she was born there.
Adolphus was discharged from the army in Colombo, Ceylon in 1858 and I see that the regiment were stationed in Ceylon from 1857, so that explains why his next 2 children were born in Ceylon.

Now, what I'm trying to find out is - Did he take part in any action in the Crimean War. It doesn't state that he did on his discharge papers. But the 50th did take part in several battles during this war. Or was part of the regiment stationed elsewhere during the Crimean War.

Hope someone out there can help with my query :)

Cheers Steven

Armed Forces / William Watt (abt.1786 -1848) - Army Pensioner
« on: Friday 16 March 12 15:16 GMT (UK)  »
William Watt married Margaret Stewart 3 Dec 1827 in Dundee and his occupation was a weaver and by the 1841 census his occupation is now a tailor (which fits in with the death cert occupation)
William Watt died 27 Feb 1848 in Dundee and was described as a Tailor, old soldier and pensioner.
On his children's birth,death and marriage certs William is listed as either a Army Pensioner or a Tailor, Pensioner.
First of all I thought that he might have taken part in the Napoleonic wars but then I was on find my past yesterday and found a William Watt who was in the 1st or Royal Regiment of Foot. He signed up in 1805 in Dublin???? (Ive looked at the document many times and it still looks like Dublin in the county of Dublin) and was 21 at the time, which fits in with my Williams d.o.b and he was also from the Dundee area.
From the discharge document it states he was in east or west indies from 18 Sep 1807 to 29 Oct 1825. I believe that the 2nd battalion were in India at this time (1805 -1831) so I presume that he was in the 2nd battalion ?
He was discharged on 17 Aug 1826 at the age of about 41 etc... by trade or occupation a weaver (which ties in with my Williams occupation on his marriage cert)

I feel pretty confident that this is my William Watt but maybe I am missing something or have over looked a vital point, which means that it is not. Someones 2nd opinion would be good on this, please.

If this is my William I would like to know what the regiment were doing in India, where were they stationed etc..... If anyone has any knowledge about the regiment, I would be grateful to hear about it.

Thanks Steven

P.S. Sorry if this all seems like rambling, it kind of makes sense to me :)

Armagh / Greenwood Family
« on: Saturday 11 February 12 21:29 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for further information on the Greenwood is what I have so far :

Thomas Greenwood and Sarah Elliot had -

Joseph Greenwood (b. abt 1828) who married Isabella Barr (b. abt 1837) on the 9 Nov 1854 in Loughgall, County Armagh.

Joseph and Isabella had 8 children. The first two, Thomas (b. abt 1856) and John (b. abt 1858) were born in Ireland and the remaining 6 were born in Scotland.

All dates have been taken from death certs, birth certs and Census returns.

If anyone can help with more information or suggestions, that will be great.

Thanks Steven

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