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World War One / Cause of death "An Accident" - How to find out more.
« on: Wednesday 15 November 17 11:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

A quick question if I may….

I am intrigued by an ancestor who died in WW1. John Gayden b1891  died on 8th July 1916 and on his soldiers effects record it states the death as “An Accident”.

Normally I would purchase the death cert, but because this is a WW1 death I have no idea if the cert would disclose any detail of the death.
Does anyone know if this would benefit me or are the death records of soldiers who died in the War just a record of death without further info?

Thank you

I am seeking help from a researcher who would be willing to look through the Patients Case of the 2nd County Asylum at Coney Hill which are held at Gloucestershire Archives.

I would like to know more details about why he was submitted and what treatments were undertaken. I am happy to pay for photocopies or scans I am just not able to travel the distance to the archives myself.

Data is as follows:

Record set HO23/70/2  (Dated 1897-1910 so it is open for viewing)
Name: George Gaden b1847
Admitted: 26th August 1907
1911 Census: Recorded as a patient – Infirmity “Lunatic”
Died in Hospital : 12th July 1912.

Please note that there are several spelling variations for the name which include Gaden, Gayden, Gaydon, Geadon

Thank you.

Hi all,
I've been passed this fantastic photo of my GG Grandmother and her children.
She was born in 1854 and is standing in the center of the picture. She has her hands on her youngest son who was born in 1885 and I am guessing he looks about 4 years old maximum.

My question is, what do you think the occasion was if any? I noticed they are using a backdrop (thats my cheeky Great Granddad peeping around the side of it!!) but I cannot tell if this may have been to commemorate a family event like a wedding or something?

What do you think?


If any kind volunteer is able to look up the burial of The following I would greatly appreciate their findings. I am looking for clues as to why this lady died so young.

She was born in Shalbourne, Berks in 1855.
Lived there until 1881 when she is found in Wooburn with her father. Her father died in 1885 and I believe she may have returned to Shalbourne.

Mary A Bignell - Wiltshire History Centre Ref MR/14/142

BMD Record, Registration Dist: Hungerford, Berkshire  2c p171

Many thanks in advance.

Armed Forces / What uniform is this?
« on: Sunday 24 January 16 08:15 GMT (UK)  »

I've recently been passed some old family photos and I wondered if you could help me with one.

Can anyone tell me any information about the uniform in this photo?

Thank you



Is there anyone able to look up a marriage for me please? I've searched FreeReg and looked online for any references but cannot locate any further information. My last hope before paying for the certificate (it gets expensive!) is you  :)

I would like to know the fathers names on this marriage.

Benjamin Wood and Ellen Dunn - Stourbridge, Worcs. Vol 6c, p179
Married 16th Jan? Possibly in Old Swinford.

Benjamin lived in Quarry Bank and Ellen in Dunns Bank.

Thank you for reading.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Andover Workhouse census 1851
« on: Tuesday 27 May 14 10:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
A quick question. I've looked, but I am unable to find the census records for Andover Workhouse in 1851. Has anyone come across it in their searches? Does it exist?

I have the 1841 record already as my ancestor was there, but I cannot trace her in the 1851 census at all.
Her name was Charlotte Bath b1830 in Vernham Dean (father James, mother Ann). Not to be confused with another Charlotte Bath born at the same time in nearby Linkenholt.

Thank you

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have access to the Odiham parish record microfiche or live local to the actual records and can do a look-up for a marriage?

I would like to look up the actual document of the following marriage:

William Hankins and Mary Rivers - Odiham - 17 Oct 1779.

I would like to know if there is a note of residence for William Hankins. Whether he was of that parish or another.

Thank you all for reading.

The Common Room / Family Search data query
« on: Thursday 09 January 14 07:36 GMT (UK)  »
I use Family Search site a fair bit and wondered if anyone had any idea how complete the data is on there for parish records in the UK?

For instance if there is a lot of data available for people with the surname you are after could that indicate that someone has researched them?

What has your experience been?

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