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Monaghan / Where was John Beatty born? ***Completed thank you***
« on: Monday 24 April 17 11:42 BST (UK)  »
Having tracked down the death of John Beatty (see I am now totally confused about where he was born.

His marriage certificate says that his father was John Beattie and his mother Sarah Ganley or Gauley.

His death certificate says that his father was William Beattie and his mother was Sarah, surname unknown, and that he was born on 17 March 1872 in Ireland. The informant was his son George who, three years later, did not know the names of his maternal grandparents, and was wrong about when his mother was born, so cannot be relied on to get his paternal grandparents right.

NI Direct has an index listing for John Beatty, mother Gauley, reference Lisnaskea U/1871/156/1019/3/152.

Irish Genealogy has a certificate of birth registered in the District of Roslea, Union of Clones, County of Fermanagh and Monaghan. No mention of Lisnaskea. This certificate gives the date of birth of John, son of John Beatty and Sarah Gauley or Ganley, as 27 February 1871. The birthplace is hard to read but is something like Greagha Capple.

If I look at the townlands of County Monaghan, the closest match seems to be Greaghlattacapple, in the Barony of Farney, Civil Parish of Magheross, and Poor Law Union of Carrickmacross. No mention of Clones or Roslea.

Wikipedia says that Roslea is a Catholic parish in County Fermanagh. The Irish Times maps suggest that the civil parish of Clones is roughly contiguous with the Catholic parish of Roslea.

So I am, to say the least, rather confused about where John Beatty or Beattie was actually born, and why NI Direct indexes the birth under Lisnaskea, which appears to be neither a civil nor a Catholic parish.

Can anyone familiar with the detailed geography of this part of Ireland throw any light on the matter please?

PS No need to spend time finding siblings for John or tracing his parents back. He is not a blood relative of mine; it is his wife and children who are related to me, not John himself.

Extract from birth certificate attached.

England / Looking for Owen Mitchell
« on: Saturday 18 March 17 15:41 GMT (UK)  »
Owen Mitchell married Margaret Jeamie Muriel Griffin in 1916 in Meriden, Warwickshire.

Margaret was the daughter of Edwin Perrins Griffin and Margaret Taylor Young Waddell. She was born in Tamworth, Staffordshire in 1878 and died in Birmingham on 16 August 1935, described as a widow. I have plenty of information about her.

However I have no information at all about Owen. There is no possible death for him between 1916 and 1935 in England, Scotland or Wales. There are two unlikely-looking deaths in Ireland (one aged 60 in 1917, and one aged 76 in 1929). Nothing in the CWGC web site or FindMyPast.

Has anyone come across Owen anywhere?

Perthshire / 28 Glen Gardens, Callander
« on: Wednesday 08 March 17 09:13 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone happen to know whether this address was a residential home in 1977?

James Macdonald, merchant seaman, married Margaret Marjorie Mougg in Glasgow on 29 November 1951. He was a widower, aged 67, and she was a spinster, aged 42. His parents are named as John Macdonald, shepherd, and Mary McCorquodale. She was the daughter of Margaret Marjory Durnan, widow of David Moug.

James Macdonald is listed in the valuation roll at 4 Leighton Place, Callander until 1955/6, and both he and Mrs Marjorie Macdonald are listed there in the electoral register until 1955/6. James died on 7 August 1955 at 4 Leighton Place, aged 73. His parents are listed as John Macdonald, shepherd, and Mary Macaulay, and his wife's name as Marjorie Douglas. The informant is his son.

Mrs Marjorie MacDonald was listed in the valuation roll and in the electoral register at 4 Leighton Place from 1956/7 until 1961/2, after which she disappears.

Margaret Marjory Moug, widow of James Macdonald, died at 28 Glen Gardens, Callander on 8 April 1977. Her death was registered by her son, ? Macdonald (was he in fact her stepson?). Allowing for creative spelling, he got her details and parentage right.

So is the Marjorie Macdonald who disappears in 1962 the same one who turns up in 1977? And if so why is she not listed in the Electoral Register in Callander after 1962? Did she move away and come back 15 years later, or was she taken into care at the age of 53?

Am I safe to deduce that this is indeed one and the same person?

Canada / Seeking Thomas Miller's death
« on: Saturday 04 March 17 13:58 GMT (UK)  »
Thomas Miller, son of John Miller and Mary Allan, was born on 29 March 1804 in New Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland. On 5 June 1831, in New Monkland, he married Helen Willis, born 1808 in Torphichen, West Lothian. The following year a daughter, Janet or Jessie Miller, was born in Montreal. On 31 December 1833, in New Monkland, Helen Willis or Miller married James Paterson in New Monkland. Helen Willis or Miller or Paterson died in Paisley in 1870, and her death was registered by her grandson R J McCowan, son of Janet or Jessie Miller. I have all the relevant Scottish records - births, marriages, deaths and census, but not the Canadian ones.

So it looks as if Thomas Miller must have died between 1831 and 1833, possibly in Canada, and Helen returned to Scotland with baby Janet or Jessie.

Can anyone please suggest where I might look for Janet or Jessie's birth/baptism and Thomas' death?

Northumberland / Where is/was Spittal?
« on: Friday 24 February 17 22:03 GMT (UK)  »
I do actually know that Spittal is south of the mouth of the River Tweed, in the real county of Northumberland. (I don't do the post-1975 'counties'.)

What puzzles me is that in the baptism registers of the Spittal United Presbyterian Church consistently say 'Spittal Parish of Tweedmouth and County of Durham'.

Can anyone explain this apparent anomaly?

Midlothian / Vanishing Elizabeth McLuckie or Deas
« on: Saturday 11 February 17 10:57 GMT (UK)  »
Elizabeth McLuckie, born 19 April 1885 in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, parents John McLuckie and Elizabeth Gunn, married John Leslie Burgess Deas in Edinburgh on 5 August 1904. They had a daughter, Elizabeth Lamb Rutherford Deas, born 28 January 1905 in Edinburgh. John died of phthisis (tuberculosis) on 26 May 1909 in their home at 4 Westfield Road, Edinburgh.

After that, I have failed to find any trace of either Elizabeth. No marriages, no deaths in Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland; no census in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Canada or USA.

Has anyone come across them anywhere?

England / Thomas Adair, Lloyds underwriter
« on: Wednesday 08 February 17 12:00 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know if there are any records of Lloyds underwriters in the first half of the 20th century, and if so where they can be accessed and whether they might contain personal information? I'm looking for information about Thomas Adair, born about 1873/4, died 1954 in Harrogate, married Sarah Ellen Liddiard in 1903..

Cumberland / John Burgess in 1871 census
« on: Sunday 05 February 17 15:21 GMT (UK)  »
I cannot find my great-great-grandfather John Burgess in the 1871 census. He was born in Keith, Banffshire on 11 June 1850, and he married Joanna Christina Cruickshank in Wigton, Cumberland, on 17 May 1871, when his residence was given as Wigton. This is just six weeks after census day. (Joanna was with her parents in Aberdeenshire in the census, so must have travelled to Wigton to get married there.)

He is not the John Burgess, aged 21, draper's apprentice, born Scotland and listed at 26 Henry Street, Blackburn, Lancashire. That one married Catherine Baxter in Blackburn and was still there with wife and children in later years. The 1901 says he was born in Kirkcudbright.

Can anyone suggest what creative spelling he might be hiding behind?

United States of America / How to see a New York marriage certificate?
« on: Tuesday 24 January 17 10:18 GMT (UK)  »
Alexander D Adamson and Mabel L Smith were married in New York on 25 March 1903. I have seen the extract on FamilySearch, but I would like to see the original document. How should I go about this?

He died in BC in 1915. Previous thread about him

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