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Canada / Trooper J Dunne WW1
« on: Wednesday 19 September 18 20:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi all
        Private Timothy McDonnell died 1916 WW1 .
On the reverse of his short will there are 3 Names who i assume he was writing to

John Godsil born Waterford 1883 who was his brother in law survived the war was married and died in Scotland

Patrick Cleary was his nephew son of his eldest sister Mary McDonnell and Ptk Cleary
he too died in France 1918


Timothy's parents were Daniel McDonnell and Bridget Dunne
Bridget Dunne was born to John Dunne and Mary Walsh 1840s she married Daniel in 1868

so i am presuming that Trooper J Dunne,no7 Veterenary Canadian Hospital,B E F France is a grandson of John Dunne and Mary Walsh and possibly born Dublin late 1880s early 1890s

any one see a record for a John or Joseph Dunne born Dublin possibly serving in the above 1915/1916.

any leads much appreciated


Meath / Name of Graveyard
« on: Friday 31 August 18 22:06 BST (UK)  »

Dublin / Gerard Healy
« on: Sunday 27 May 18 19:23 BST (UK)  »
Gerard Healy son of George married my mothers sister Kathleen O'Neill 1938

I am trying to figure out how old he was .
As a child my parents took me and my brother off to Canada 1953 we returned circa 1956
and remember we stayed in Bermingham for a short while with the Healy's before returning to Dublin.
So i cant look for a death here in Ireland for the Healy's

Kathleens parents were married 1911 she was older than my mother who was born 1923

i was hoping it was this child born 1909 as Gerald

parents 1901 a few days before their marriage

what do others think ?

any ideas welcome

Dublin / Hickie Bros,Kingstown
« on: Sunday 01 April 18 19:53 BST (UK)  »
Hi all
     in the 1860s in Dublin in preparation for the Fenian Rising the Hickie bros of Kingstown appeared to be the main recruiters for that area with 
John Hickie being a head centre to quote John Devoy.
by 1866 most prominent leaders had been arrested and held in Mountjoy without trial.
Some were released on bail and some had to procure their own boat fare to America in order to be released and were accompanied to the boat by The D M P usually via Cobh.
I think 4 or 5 of the Hickie bros were arrested but dont know how they were released.
1866 Mountjoy Photos
possibly Thomas

William Hickie note the man next to him Aidan Lacy

on 5th Jan 1863 Joseph Hickie was born in Kingstown to William Hickie and Anne Langan sponsors were Aidan Lacy and Sarah Nevin.
William was possibly born 18th April 1830 in Kingstown to William and Bridget ? Hickie

Elizabeth Hickie was born 1864 at York Terrace Kingstown to William a bricklayer and Anne Langan the informant was Elizabeth's grandmother Bridget

Anne Langan/ Hickie died 1880 at 14 Clarence St ,Dublin

in 1884 William married Jane White   (William Hicks on Irish Genealogy)

in 1901 James Stephens died just before census William Hickie was one of his Pall bearers

William 1901 a Retort Setter (building of gas blast ovens)

I only found 2 marriages for children
Anne married Frederick Jermyn an English architect in 1898

son Francis married Annie Egan in 1899
1911 cant find him 1901

if anyone has anything to add i would appreciate it   eg baptisms or marriages


Dublin / Deborah Ardiff
« on: Tuesday 27 March 18 13:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi all
       while going over some old baptisms i was checking out the sponsors and two that had me flummoxed for years were my grandfather's Denis O'Neill born August 1885 in Townsend St,Dublin
to Mat O'Neill and Nora Green.
They were Bartholemew O/Shea and Deborah Ardiff

Nora Green my great grandmother had a sister Julia Green who married at age 53 in 1911, just recently i looked at the civil cert and was surprised to find she was widow  Julia Shea
turns out that the priest recorded her name as Julia Sullivan in 1876

now for Deborah Ardiff nee Gallivan, the name Deborah Ardiff does not appear anywhere on the civil register in Ireland  but does appear twice on baptism records 1884/5 in Dublin
Deborah married Edward Ardiff in Killarney in 1878 he was a Stonecutter
or number 18 here

Edward gave his parents as Edward Ardiff and Anne Reilly,Dublin but
suspect they may originally be from Kildare.

I can find no records for the Ardiff's after 1885 and was wondering could someone else, seems a bit of a mystery.

Any help much appreciated as always.


Dublin / Edenfield
« on: Friday 09 March 18 12:39 GMT (UK)  »
My great great great grandparent's Christopher Howard and Mary Bride lived in Edenfield circa 1850s 1890s before that possibly Baldoyle

Their last child Catherine was born 1865 in Edenfield, Dundrum

Christopher died 1881 age 69 at Edenfield ,Goatstown

does anyone know where Edenfield was ?

would appreciate any pointers


Monaghan / James Blayney Rice, Fenian.
« on: Friday 20 October 17 16:54 BST (UK)  »
James Blayney Rice born 1830 died 1908

this monument is huge the biggest i have ever seen to a Fenian, John Devoy visited this grave in 1924 and the top of his hat only reaches to where the date of James death is written.(from the Devoy family photograph collection reproduction rights National Library of Ireland) not sure i can post here ?

I would be interested to find if he was arrested in 1865/1866 and imprisioned.
I think he married Catherine Geraghty/Garrity in 1870  Monaghan
not sure if this is him in 1901

death cert
425 here

someone has a small tree done

any info greatfully appreciated particularly if he was arrested.


Dublin / Number 50 on a birth cert
« on: Monday 02 October 17 18:09 BST (UK)  »
Would anyone know the significance of the number 50 written below informant mother on a birth cert
James O'Neill born 14th Oct 1874

I do not know how old Jane was she married John O'Neill in 1872
 John was born Carlow circa 1834
second marriage here

I cannot find any trace of John or Jane after this

I believe this to be James in 1901 age 20 ?

likewise i cannot find James after 1901


Dublin / Glas Carnog
« on: Wednesday 27 September 17 20:23 BST (UK)  »
I have this marriage 1920 for my grand uncle Hugh (O) Neill to Kathleen Gillespie,for some reason or other it was not registered till 28th Oct 1946, N City W, Bla Cliath it shows up on irish Genealogy but image not viewable for 1920.
The priest was Diarmuid Ceallachain,not having much luck finding him either.

The name of the Church is Glas Caornog or Caonog with a fada over the last o.

I am only interested in the location of the church or name in English which seems from my basic Gaelic to be Green Square ?

any ideas ?


added the Brides address was Dorset St,Lower, Grooms Poolbeg St

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