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Durham / a bit of railway history please
« on: Sunday 13 January 19 21:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hi people,

I'm trying to write a short investigation into the life of an ancestor who lived in South Shields / Newcastle from 1838 to 1904. I want to know how his life would have been influenced by the radical changes in railway technology between these years.

For example, can anyone tell me when Newcastle's local rail network joined with other networks to the south and made it possible to travel all the way to London? How did it compare with coach services of the time?

In part, my question relates to his sons who migrated south to London and Wales in the 1880s.
How affordable was long distance travel to the working class back then? Am I right in guessing that long distance travel was still very costly in the 1880s, rather like long-haul air travel today? In that case, did working class people frequently scoot around to explore the country by rail or was it something you did once in a lifetime, at great cost?

Any insights welcome
-David C

Australia / William Woodham again - new development
« on: Wednesday 09 January 19 19:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi people,

I've just received an email from someone who has an alternative fate for William Woodham, whom we discussed in great detail a couple of years ago.

To remind you, William Woodham (in the UK) was sentenced to transportation in 1829 and then disappeared from history completely. A very thorough search was made through Australia's archives and nothing came up that survived closer scrutiny. The conclusion reached was that William had most likely died in the UK awaiting transportation or had been transported to some colony other than Australia (Barbados was mentioned).

This new researcher claims that William Woodham was sent to Tasmania in 1830 on a ship called the 'William Glen Anderson'.

Can someone look into this for me and tell me if the claim makes sense?
I don't know Australian archives well enough to do the research myself.

Thanks for any assistance
-David C

London and Middlesex / Jean Sewell Coulson - London 1939 Electoral Roll
« on: Sunday 06 January 19 07:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hello people,

I just saw a listing entry in Ancestry that says Jean Sewell Coulson appeared in London in the Electoral Roll for 1939.

Can anybody give me more detail on this entry?

JSC is the most difficult-to-find person on my family tree.
She was born 'Jane' but was known in her family as 'Jannie'
and when she died she was buried as 'Jean'.

She does not appear in the 1939 register.

I have a death record in the GRO 1978 (seen via FreeBMD)
I have a birth record in the GRO 1898 (FreeBMD)
She married a Robert Johnson in 1947
She appears with her family in South Shields in 1901 & 1911.

What I'd like to find is what happened to her after 1911 through to her marriage in 1947.
Is there some way to find where she lived and worked?


England / Theodosia A L Burley - incoming passenger - when and from where?
« on: Friday 28 December 18 22:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hello experts,

I just saw a reference to this name - spelled exactly as shown above -
on the UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960.   

However no date or departure country is shown.

I would be delighted if someone could find out those two things for me.

-David C

New Zealand Completed Requests / Hoadley migrations to NZ - 1880s and 1920s
« on: Thursday 27 December 18 04:16 GMT (UK)  »
Hi folks,

Not sure if anyone will be interested in tackling these questions during the holiday period.
Hope so anyway. I have four questions regarding four related members of the Hoadley family who migrated to NZ in separate years.

Kate Sophia Hoadley (b. 1861) came to NZ prior to marrying Henry Thetford in 1889.
The last reference I have to her in England is the 1871 census (staying with her Fuller grandparents).
Therefore she migrated between those years, and probably before the 1881 UK census.
I think it unlikely that she migrated on her own at such a tender age. Is there any way to see who accompanied her on her trip? It may give an indication as to why she migrated.

Kate's brother Charles William Hoadley (b. 1856) also migrated to NZ but not until he had produced a number of children in England. He appears in the 1911 UK census and in the 1925 NZ Electoral Roll. He died in NZ in 1933. I found a possible match for him in 1912 in the 'Passenger leaving UK list' but I am not sure. He would have been 56 years old by then.
His wife and three of his adult children came out to join him in 1926, but they are all back in the UK by 1939 where they appear in the health register. I sense that there is a story here. Can anyone find precisely when he came to NZ and why his family did not come with him at the time?
And can anyone show that his wife and children only went back to the UK after his death?
My guess is that Charles came to NZ on a short work contract prior to WW1 and was unable to return until the end of the war (as was the case with another ancestor of mine). Perhaps by 1919 it was better for his wife and children to come out to NZ than for him to return. Just trying to compose a reason for their separate migrations.

Charles's first son Herbert Edward Hoadley (b, 1890) came to NZ in 1913 (presumably a year after his father) and married a local girl in 1915 and spent the rest of his life here. Can anyone find out more about his life in NZ?

Charles had a cousin named Gordon Felix Hoadley (1888-1917) who came out on a 5-year work contract with his wife and children in 1913. He is the ancestor who was trapped by circumstances following the outbreak of war in 1914 and could not return to the UK. He died due to illness in 1917.
There seem to be several appearances of him in the 'Passenger leaving the UK' archive, which is confusing. Is it possible that these are accidental repetitions of him with slightly changed details or is it the case that there are two or more migrants with very similar names?

Any help on these people would be welcome. Perhaps there is a descendant of these Hoadleys who has done some family research?

-David C

Norfolk / Henry Burton Gooch & Thomas Sherlock Gooch - connection?
« on: Tuesday 20 November 18 07:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hello people,

Henry Burton Gooch (1786-1865) and John Burton Gooch (1788-1843) are brothers in my family tree. They both were born in Catton, Norfolk. One of John's sons has 'Sherlock' as a middle name and this leads me to wonder if they are somehow related to the Baronets of Benacre Hall in Norfolk, who are surnamed Gooch and who traditionally use Sherlock as a middle name. Their locations are very close.   

Can anyone help me to establish a family connection or prove that none exists?

-David C

Hi people,

having just ended a discussion on various Gooches in Australia, I suddenly find myself
looking at another, separate case.

The book listed in the title has revealed to me this tantalising little clue:
Henry Gooch, spirit merchant, died on 24 March 1862, at Melbourne Street, East Maitland,
aged fifty-three. he was born in Norfolk, England, the son of Henry Burton Gooch, spirit merchant,
and Mary Ann Reed, and had lived in New South .....

He is very definitely the son of Captain John Burton Gooch's brother Henry Burton Gooch
and therefore a cousin to those folks we were pursuing in Sydney a little while ago.

Can anyone get me an expanded glimpse into that book so that I can see what else it may say about him?

Alternately can anyone give me a bit of data on his life in Australia from other sources?

This is the data I have on him from England so far (via FamSearch):
Henry Gooch
Christening Date   25 Jan 1818
Birth Date           21 Jul 1811
Father                     Henry Burton Gooch
Mother                  Elizabeth

-David C

Hello Kiwis

I have a fellow in my family tree who was born in England and became a mariner in 1847.
Apparently he was sent to serve in the 'pilot service' in Bengal, but the only reference I can find of him after that is as crew on a ship called the Rainbow which travelled from Wellington to Sydney in June 1862.

I've just had a look at the NZ newspapers for early 1862 and see from a number of articles that the Rainbow was a ship of 75 tons that worked in the area around Dunedin/Taieri as a tug and as a ferry. In March it was advertised for sale and in May it made a journey up to Wellington via Lyttelton before crossing to Sydney where it was intended the ship would be refurbished and brought back to NZ to continue working as a ferry/tug.

This has implications for tracing my ancestor, Joseph Bright Gooch.
He may have been hired for that one crossing to Sydney but he could also have been
regular crew, in which case he may have settled in NZ.

Can anyone find evidence of him living in NZ?

He was born in 1832.

-David C

Australia / Joseph Bright Gooch, mariner born UK 1832, possibly resident in Australia.
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 08:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all

I just came across a thing I noted down a few years ago but did not follow up on:

An English ancestor named Joseph Bright Gooch, born 1832, disappears from the UK records after 1851. The 1851 UK census says he is a mariner with the East India Company.

There is a record in Ancestry (somewhere) that says he is part of the crew on a ship going from Sydney to Wellington in 1862.

So could I ask people familiar with Australian censuses etc to see if they can find any reference to this man in Australia. I have checked the records I know in NZ and found nothing.

-David C

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