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Australia / What became of Jeanie Dixon?
« on: Thursday 27 February 20 14:48 GMT (UK)  »

Good Afternoon,

I had up until recently been making some progress on a loose end on my family tree, but have hit another brickwall.

The breakthrough was finding the marriage of Albert Ernest Dixon (an Australian) to Jeanie Whiteford (a Scot) in Blythswood Glasgow in 1918.  Albert was on active service with the 5th Division of the Australian Army according to the marriage certificate at the time.

I subsequently found Albert on findagrave, who died in 1958, but by this time his wife was not Jeanie.

I then today found a divorce case file (Melbourne) for Albert and Jeanie dated 1923, which confirmed that they must have gone over to Australia between 1918 and 1923.

However, this is the last record I can find on any genealogical site for Jeanie (who is my interest), I have gone through possible remarriage / death in Scotland as well and not turned anything up, so was hoping that someone might be able to find the next piece in the jigsaw of what happened to Jeanie after her divorce in 1923.

Jeanie was born in 1892, but on her marriage cert put 1896, so could be anyway between these ranges on any other records for search purposes.


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Unknown Relative
« on: Thursday 27 February 20 09:54 GMT (UK)  »

Please could anyone help to date this photograph, which will hopefully help me to narrow down who this could be as it was amongst my late grandfathers photographs but is definitely not his mother.
It was taken in Glasgow as this is etched on the brown cardboard frame it is in.
Thank you.

Armed Forces / Military ID Tag
« on: Friday 24 January 20 16:21 GMT (UK)  »

The IWM do not take object identification requests and I am trying to find out who this military tag might have belonged to (my ultimate aim would be to return it to a family member)!
Obviously its not in the best of condition, but so far have managed to establish that the number at the top is more likely to date from around the 1950's.

RC (Roman Catholic)
It is difficult to make the whole name but can make out
..ORDA..  C  (Possibly Jordan)

Thanks in advance.

London and Middlesex / Lofts Access
« on: Monday 29 July 19 15:11 BST (UK)  »
Good Afternoon,

I was hoping someone maybe able to help with the Lofts family, as I think I can go no further without ordering a birth certificate, but thought before going down that road to try a post here first!

Ultimately I am trying to push this generation back, so far I have:-

- John P Lofts - born 1914 Edmonton, Middx
- Doris L Lofts - born 1918 Edmonton, Middx (married an A.Budd in 1940)
- Irene L Lofts - born 1921 Edmonton, Middx (married a F.Skinner 1943)

I can find no other record for John P other than his birth record.
Doris L Lofts is on the 1939 register at 57 Stockton Road, Edmonton, then picked up via marriage
Irene L Lofts cannot be found on the 1939 register, but picked up via marriage

On all three birth records mothers maiden name is Lofts, but there is no viable marriage of a Lofts to a Lofts, so think that their mother was not married.

I think only by ordering a birth cert can crack this and get the generation back one, but...

Thank you.

FH Documents and Artefacts / Mid-Victorian Button ID
« on: Tuesday 31 July 18 10:07 BST (UK)  »
This mid 19th century button has the letters St (saint) J S O.

I thought it would be easy to find out what they stood for, but am struggling, any ideas gratefully received!


The Common Room / German Poem ? (Translation help needed)
« on: Tuesday 03 July 18 12:15 BST (UK)  »
I was recently given some old family docs and this was amongst them, which I think is very beautiful.
I would love to know what it says and have tried typing the words into a translator but several variations are coming up and its difficult to know which is the correct phrase etc.

If anyone fluent in German ever comes across this, would be v grateful for your interpretation.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / WW2 Service Record
« on: Wednesday 23 May 18 15:16 BST (UK)  »

Please could anyone get the word that follows 'Honest and .... ' towards the end of the writing?

Thank you


I would be most appreciative if someone could kindly clean this up, I have had a very poor attempt with 'paint', but this is the blank canvas with some nasty rusty paper clip marks and a horrible splodge next to the head!

Thank you.

United States of America / 1870 US Federal Census - cannot find couple
« on: Tuesday 10 April 18 15:59 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find the 1870 US census entry for a Henry & Marion Young, to try and establish if they had adopted a girl called Alice by this time.

Both Henry and Marion were born in 1845, Henry in Ohio and Marion in England.  They were married in 1867 in Chatfield, Minnesota.

On the 1875 Minnesota State Census they had got Alice Young in the household (born 1867).

They can be found on subsequent federal and state censuses in Jordan, Fillmore County
(Henry died in 1889 & Marion in 1923).  Alice disappears from all records after the 1885 census, although this was not through death as she is referenced in Marion's will in 1923 (obvious assumption is got married but no record to find out her new surname).

Henry does appear as Henry J Young or H J Young and Marion also appears as Marian however taking into account all variations I cannot pick them up on the 1870 census.

Any assistance most gratefully accepted.


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