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Suffolk Lookup Requests / Request: Birth William LEADER 1804
« on: Tuesday 12 November 13 05:07 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all -

I would be grateful for any help in establishing William Leader's date and place of birth. His Canadian family's records say "Suffolk" and "1804" (wife Jane Aldrich b. 1812, Suffolk).

I can place them in the 1861 Census of Canada West with matching birth dates. Ref: Canada West (Ontario), Wellington, Guelph, pg 5, Line 25, Microfilm: C-1083, #2059785. ( (c) Library and Archives Canada

It appears (and is commonly cited on FTs) that he and his family come from Yaxley. The 1851 Census (as noted in previous thread has them in living in Yaxley and born there. The only thing is this gives an 1808/9 birth date.   ???

Unfortunately, the best birth records I can find mean he was born in Norfolk - this may just mean that he spent more time in Suffolk so called that home!

Marriage looks good for:

William Leader to Jane Aldrige 5 Jan 1831 Yaxley, Suffolk; M13247-1; England-ODM; 989589 (


William Leader to Jane Aldrige 1831 Yaxley, Bts, Suffolk; M13247-1; England-VR; 989589; 2:3DXDDW4 (

I think it is the William born in Brandon in 1808 in the 1841 Census at Thingoe, Ixworth, Pakenham, Suffolk but haven't sighted the original so don't know if family with him. (

So, looking for birth dates - the following all from FreeReg:

LEADER, William 13 Jun 1808 Brandon Suffolk; parents Thomas and Mary Leader; Church: St Peter File # 2980

(Best guess on his parents: LEADER, Thomas btp 1 Apr 1750 Horrigner Suffolk; parents: Stephen and Mary Leader)

Better dates:

LEADER William: b 21 Oct 1804 bpt 30 Oct 1804 Thursford; parents: Benjamin and Martha Leader; Church: St Andrew At [sic] File# 2409 (NB these two are also listed under Leeder, same info except year is 1803 and File# 2411)

LEADER William: bpt 26 Jan 1804 Wighton; parents: John and Elizabeth Leader; Church: All Saints (Father Occupation: All Saints!) File# 9518  (Family Search has same with I02507-0, England-EASy; 1526885; Item 8 pg 49 (


William's Contemporaries (from looking at their children's baptism dates):

- Jabez and Elizabeth Leader in Brandon
- Robert and Frances (Gobbett/Gobbitt) Leader in Mendham

Slightly older:
Robert and Hannah Leader in Rattlesden

What do you think?


Suffolk / Tip: Could they have met?
« on: Friday 08 November 13 03:27 GMT (UK)  »

I thought this tip might be useful for other "out of towners". When I was trying to figure out whether it was likely that an ancestor from Tring, Hertsfordshire could have met another potential ancestor from Watford, Hertsfordshire in the mid-1800s (given they were poor-ish folk), I considered ideas such as Hiring Fairs, Church outings, etc. Given there are no records of this, I decided to use Google maps <not an advertisement>  to check out distances.

I was delighted to find the UK site has a beta-feature for walking and bicycling routes and times. Given that our ancestors were used to "shanks pony" for most travel it was easy to establish whether they *could* have walked the distance. (Whether they did or not is another matter, of course!)

This works in Canada - a rather large country as you'll know - as well.  8)

To use - just go to (or your country's version) and "Get Directions". Put in your two places, then select the walk or bicycle link.

Hope others find this as useful as I have from New Zealand!


Suffolk / Finding Address from Census Reference
« on: Wednesday 30 October 13 02:55 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again - a relative Newbie question if I may.

I have the reference for the 1851 Census in Yaxley (HO 107 1795), and have tracked down the Registration District (Registration District: 218. HARTISMERE Registration Sub-District: 3 Eye ff.406-End Parish: Yaxley). What I am after is how to find out the address.

Somewhere in the 33 Suffolk chat pages I found the answer, but I didn't make a note of it  :-[

It seems to me someone provided a link which would let you find either 1) the first page of the Schedule where the Enumerator wrote all addresses to be covered, and/or 2) a listing of the addresses by Reference number.

Many thanks -

Surnames of Interest: Leader/Leeder and Aldrich/Aldrige/Aldridge

Suffolk / 1851: Meaning of Cripple/Pauper
« on: Wednesday 30 October 13 02:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hello from New Zealand!  8-)

May I draw on your experience and local knowledge please?

A possible ancestor from Yaxley is listed in the 1851 Census as a 20 year old Cripple and Pauper. He appears to be living with his parents and younger siblings. I'd appreciate your thoughts on two issues.

1. Given the status associated with those two categories, is it possible that he is a charge on the parish but not living in a workhouse?

2. Given as per #1, presumably no-one would claim this unless their case was serious. If this is so, does it seem credible that this person would then emigrate to Canada, establish a homestead (farm), marry, raise nine children, and live to a ripe old age?

All comments - including noting any flaws in my logic - welcome. Thanks in advance.


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