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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Decipher Please: Henry Smith & Mary Norman
« on: Wednesday 16 August 17 19:09 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone decipher the names of the witnesses and the Vicar?

Thanks in advance

It's obvious from many postings that chatters are surprised when their DNA result shows that there's an unexpected percentage of genes from far flung places. The main gene base of the UK is normally associated with neighbouring European Tribes, such as Scandinavian Vikings, Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Barbarians and Norman French.

It's easy to think of the enormous Roman Empire being policed by soldiers from Rome but the truth is that during their two periods of rule over Britain; (the first being Julius Ceasar before Christ was born and then again from 43AD), , their Armies consisted of Legions of soldiers raised from all over their Empire.  Additionally they traded with sources outside of their Empire and, as is the norm today, it was also the case that Merchants would have their own representative inside the Roman Empire where inter marriage might have taken place, which could explain any ancient Asian genes.

I thought chatters might like to view the list of countries where the Roman Empire formed its military units which could give them more of an insight of their ancestry.  I was more than surprised to see that the Roman Army that fought Boudica leader of the Celtic English Icene tribe was raised in Wales

Attached is a very faded 1918 photo taken in Salonika of my Aunt Belle's hubby Charles Armit Masson.  I'd appreciate it if somebody could resurrect him. I don't know what the gear is but do know he was a doctor in the RAMC Thank you.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Henry and Jack Ellers c1907
« on: Thursday 27 April 17 02:02 BST (UK)  »
I'd be obliged if somebody could give Henry and Jack a clean up of spots and scratches please

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Horace's Territorial Medal
« on: Saturday 08 April 17 23:06 BST (UK)  »
I know there's something handwritten on this receipt slip - but what?  His regimental number was 1082 but there appears to be a much longer number on the slip.

I'd be very obliged if somebody could produce a legible image.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Where was Jane Shirras born?
« on: Monday 17 October 16 23:48 BST (UK)  »
Attached is part of the 1861 Newcastle Census.

Five rows down is William Shirras, 26, brass founder, who was born in Aberdeen, Scotland.

I'm having trouble deciphering where his wife Jane was born and hope somebody can assist.

Ireland / Mary Hurntin married to Patrick MacCarty
« on: Wednesday 06 April 16 11:58 BST (UK)  »
I've just received a Cardiff registered birth certificate, dated 10 January 1840, of Daniel McCarthy born to Patrick (Maccarty) and Mary who in 1841 were living in John Street, St. Mary, Cardiff.  Patrick (30), Mary (3) and their daughter Ellen (11) were all born in Ireland.  They had two sons Patrick (3) and Daniel (1) born in Cardiff.  Unfortunately, Patrick seems to have been born prior to September 1837, thus I can't compare Mary's surname. The registrar did say that there was a Patrick but the mother's name was different.

Mary registered the birth and signed with her mark.   

My problem is that her very neatly written surname has to be incorrect.  It's HURNTIN and when I surfed I could only find one mention of it as being German with an umlaut over the "u".

I wondered if any Irish person reading this could think of an Irish dialect that could translate to a Welsh person's ear as "Hurntin".   On the other hand maybe it's a transcription error and the surname could be "Quentin".

Thanks for reading.  Any suggestions welcome.

Ross & Cromarty / Mackenzie: Born in Knockroy, URRAY
« on: Monday 01 February 16 01:13 GMT (UK)  »
I've done some more homework regarding my known ancestor Donald M'kenzie of Clyde IronWorks, since my last query about a smithy in Braan and now I'm back  ???

The OPR that I uploaded (see link) showed baby Donald's father was another Donald.  I know from an 1841 Old Monkland census and an obituary that Donald (a blacksmith) born 1775-77 and his wife Ann had sons John, Kenneth and Duncan. Those three siblings eventually became management in the metal and coal industries.  I also know from a grave headstone that his father-in-law was (another) Donald Mackenzie, clerk at Clyde Iron Works married to a Janet Cameron (I have not discovered any information whatsoever about the latter two).

To my way of thinking there is a glaring omission in the names of the siblings.  Three older generations carried the name "Donald" yet the blacksmith doesn't appear to have named a child Donald after himself, his father or his father-in-law (unless Duncan is a replace name for one Donald).

My homework was to find further possible siblings born in Old Monkland.  I found, then lost sight of, a Jean Mkenzie working as a nurse in Edinburgh.  I also found an Alexander and a Donald in the 1851 and further following census, neither of whom lived locally.  Would an engineer pay for an apprenticeship for a son to be a coach painter, which was the occupation of the Donald M'kenzie born in Old Monkland that I found.

I think the Alex and Donald that I found may have been relatdf to each other because their parents names were the same.  Their father being Donald M'kenzie blacksmith (so far so good) but their mother was stated as being an Agnes M'kenzie (hmm, not so good), where I was hoping for an Ann M'kenzie.

Has anyone any thoughts on the above?


Due to the above quandary, I need to check the possibilities regarding one of the other Donald M'Ks born 1775-1777 in Urray.     There are parents John Mackenzie (no occupation given) and Anne Robertson who either roamed about a bit and had babies baptised in another church where the vicar didn't enter maiden surnames, or who planned long gaps between children.

Their known children all born in URRAY are:

Jannet:  born/bapt April 1765 in "Belloan"
Alex:     born/bapt  July 1770 in "Knockroy"
Donald: born/bapt July 1775 in "Belloan"
John:  born/bapt June 1782 (noted as, 'posthumous'), born in Laigh Fairburn

Presumably "Belloan" is Balloan/Ballone.  Can anyone point me in the direction of "Knockroy" in Urray as I can't find mention of it.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Hedon Fete c1960
« on: Thursday 17 September 15 19:38 BST (UK)  »
Can anything be done with this old photo?

After several years of raising money the residents of our village built a simple meeting hut on a bit of land donated by a local landowner.  The hut is now in disrepair and the new generation are discussing the matter.   This prompted me to hunt out the photo of one way that we raised money. 

If something can be done to improve the jpeg then I'll hand over the refurbished image to demonstrate the history of the place, but if its a lost cause please say so.

Thank you.

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