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United States of America / William Tann...death ???
« on: Tuesday 30 January 18 12:39 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction to try and find when William died.
He is here 1920

Wyandotte, Kansas

and 1925 still there but 88.

He age varies somewhat through census returns but esentially my man was born 15 Nov 1838 England as William Frederick and I am still trying to see if this is the same man who was sent to Gibraltar for his prison term, now that I have seen some more of the prison records online.

Have census returns for this William, children being born New York and New Jersey with his first wife before they settle in Kansas...first marriage for William ??? when to Mary Haitnelt, have details of his second marriage but parents not recorded.

For ref 1875

my William was on his way home 1862 from Gibraltar and I am still trying to find out if they are one and the same person or not.

Parents were Frederick Tann and Susannah Bearchall/Burchall
Death of first wife...have not been able to find that record

Birth I have found for one of the children

William F. Tann in entry for Thomas George Tann, Great Britain, Births and Baptisms, 1571-1977
Name:    Thomas George Tann
Gender:    Male luckily
Christening Date:    10 May 1868
Birth Date:    23 Apr 1868
Father's Name:    William F. Tann
Mother's Name:    Mary Haitnelt   
Indexing Project (Batch) Number:    C53131-1
System Origin:    Great Britain-EASy and VR
GS Film number:    1378019
Reference ID:    - 2:1WDPW39

many thanks

Durham / Frances A. Stevens/Stephens
« on: Wednesday 27 September 17 21:22 BST (UK)  »
I have been asked by my brother in law to look into the family and have drawn a blank at his granny. Their father was William Lambton Stephens born 1930 in Sunderland (now deceased), Frances was his mother as she was known to my husband and his brother; William her son was illegitimate.

I think I am on the right lines...

1939 register
Frances A. Stephens 11 Feb 1905

William is in a household with Hannah Coggins (deceased 1941) at 7 William Street, whilst Frances is numbered in the next household. Hannah's maiden name was Stevens/Stephens having married Thomas Coggins.

In the newspapers, I found an obituary for Hannah

Frances is listed as her niece and we knew nephew.
Jane...sister....a Jane Stephens was a witness at Hannah's marriage

I can't find a birth for Frances, nor can I find her 1911. I was hoping to have found her 1911 in order to at least establish her birthplace and find her parents as I have been assured she was born in Sunderland.

She had another son in 1943 and would then have a married name of Dunn but I can't find that marriage either.

Would appreciate any help/thoughts with finding Frances, this being the only name they know her as ???

Thank you

The Common Room / Helping reading surnames
« on: Sunday 02 April 17 20:41 BST (UK)  »
Evening everyone,

I am trying to unravel my Moore's and have a will for 1700 but I can't work out the daughter's surnames and could really do with some help as I am struggling

There is son Thomas Moore, snipped the view to include him for the handwritting and siblings...

daughter Ann ? surname begins with G looking at the way grandaughter is written

daughter Elizabeth ???

grandaughter Elizabeth ???

Thank you

Australia / George Ward burial 1919 and and who is F M Tasker?
« on: Saturday 06 August 16 21:50 BST (UK)  »
I have this from the newspaper about George Ward, originally from Leicester, England

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931)
Monday 20 January 1919
WARD.-On the 17th January, at St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne George Ward, of Charles -street, Adelaide, loving father of Doris and the late Roy Ward, killed in France.
Lives of good men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.
-Inserted by F. M. Tasker

George's wife can be found in the paper very easily as she had 'left' with a chap called Harry Maddox, well featured in Trove!

George died after an operation but I am unsure of where he is buried and have only found this obit so far. I don't know who F. M. Tasker is but know it not a relation as I have all their history. It might be a dead end looking for F. M. but would appreciate any help

Many thanks

The Common Room / Camilla Bradsworth nee Wright and daughter
« on: Monday 02 May 16 20:38 BST (UK)  »
Ann Camilla Wright was born 1850 in Thurmaston, Leicester, daughter of William Wright and Sarah Kirkman and married John Henry Bradsworth 27 Apr 1869. John was a graduate of the New York Homepathic Medical College and Hospital and they settled in Paterson, New Jersey where he had his own practice. I have traced the family through passenger lists and census returns, John's death as 201 Ellison Street 1919 which finally led me to an obituary a couple of nights ago I had not seen before.

Ann Camilla is usually known as Camilla and mentioned as widow with daughter Mrs John Fletcher as surviving relatives. Luckily, it was stated that Mr Fletcher was in the American Red Cross, so found him travelling and a passport photo with address as Ellison Street, 2 different house numbers in the records both connect to the family, so have found them up to 1920. Mary Florence as she is on her birth certifcate, daughter of John and Camilla is with her parents 1910 as Florence Kearney, Florence is the name she is normally found as until she marries John Fletcher, the census and army draft as Mary Florence, all Ellison Street; she had previously married Edward Kearney 27 May 1897.

201 Ellison
Bradsworth John H. M W 62 M England 1870 Physician OA
Bradsworth Camilla F W 59 England 1870 6 Children born 1 living
Kearney Florence Daughter F W 39 W England

U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925
Name:    John Fletcher
Birth Date:    28 Aug 1876
Birth Place:    Bolton, England

1920 John and Mary Florence both as born New Jersey 304 Ellison Street
Camilla as Millie 201 Ellison

I had hoped to have found Camilla's burial as John is buried at Laurel Grove Memorial Park and had put it to one side as I just couldn't find her. Last night, feeling pretty sure I was on the right lines with the Fletcher's despite not finding a marriage, I looked for Camilla and the Fletcher's but have drawn a blank after 1920 for all three people.

They haven't been to England for a while and I can't pinpoint anyone 1930 nor burials. Has anybody any idea/suggestions where to look next?

Many thanks

Durham / Cullington Norfolk to Sunderland
« on: Monday 07 December 15 11:06 GMT (UK)  »
I am just dipping my toes while my brother in law tries to retrieve the family certificates. My husband's grandmother was Elizabeth Cullington (c 1911 and deceased) who married 1932, have told him we must buy this certificate as no one seems to know about her husband...Hall surname.

Family names repeat with the Cullington's and at the moment until I have a little more background, was wondering if anyone can see this chap....James Cullington.

James Cullington married Jane Ann Ball 1878 Gateshead Reg, 1881 he is as Miller although I do believe it is sailor on one child's baptism and labourer on the others if I am right, as the surname is Collington. The dates are just a bit weird and I haven't seen the originals.


BMD dates as
James Anthony 1879
Catherine 1880
Margaret Jane 1882
Elizabeth 1885

James snr was born c 1855 in Norfolk, he is in the workhouse 1871 in Norfolk and can be found with Jane and 2 children 1881 in Gateshead. Jane then marries again 1889 to William Long but I can see nothing of James at all after 1886...I am sure the baptisms as Collington is the family.

1901 to add more background

Am working on gathering as much from the family as possible but it's a bit patchy and also wondered if anyone could maybe list some sites to check as I have only been to Sunderland once and whilst I know where they lived later, not too sure of which cemeteries might be best checking too eventually.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Rebecca Ward/Rising Johnson
« on: Sunday 25 October 15 20:19 GMT (UK)  »
I have been trying to find the origins of my Wards and wonder if Rebecca holds the key. Mapping it out so far I have Jonas Ward and Ann living in Newark Notts and eventually Leicester. On starting my family tree a few years ago, a fellow helper noticed a Thomas Ward in Newark also, marrying Mary Holmes 28 Nov 1825, Thomas being born in Ossett to Isaac Ward and Rebecca Crawshaw (spelling differs) bap Ossett 20 Aug 1796 he believed.

Jonas had a daughter Mary who married Reuben Wand 4 Nov 1832 Radford, Nottingham and household 1841 is as

1841 Census HO107  Piece 868  Folios 5-16 and 5-17   
Living at Appleton Gate, Newark-upon-Trent
Reuben WAND       30  Butcher
Mary WAND          28               
Sarah WAND           5               
Ann WAND             3               
Emma WAND      10m               
Rebecca WARD    15   FS         
All born within the county         

I know Mary is Jonas's daughter, besides her baptism she is present at her sister's death in Leicester and another sister who lives with her leaves money to 2 brothers many years later.

Having traced family baptisms for Isaac senior, Jonas and Thomas, I have a hunch that Rebecca with Mary Wand is Thomas's daughter. Last night I found 2 marriages which tie in with census info I have been mapping out for the possible siblings I had been looking at for Jonas ie children of Rebecca and Isaac

Birmingham, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1937
Name:    Rebecca Ward
Gender:    Female
Marriage Date:    9 Sep 1847
Marriage Age:    Full
Marriage Place:    Birmingham, St Martin, Warwickshire, England
Spouse:    Edward Rising
Spouse Gender:    Male
Spouse Marriage Age:    Full
Father:    Thomas Ward......fishmonger
Spouse's Father:    Edward Rising

West Yorkshire, England, Marriages and Banns, 1813-1935
Name:    Rebekah Rising
Birth Year:    abt 1832
Age:    34
Marriage or Bann Date:    19 Aug 1866
Parish:    Hunslet, St Jude, Yorkshire, England
Spouse:    Joseph Rowntree
Father:    Thomas Ward.....fishmonger
Spouse Father:    John Rowntree

I am sure they are here

with Edward in Leeds as Johnson
1851  HO107; Piece: 2320; Folio: 196; Page: 34
1861  RG9; Piece: 3384; Folio: 108; Page: 34

and still in the area as Mrs Rowntree with nephews ( brother Thomas's sons), death 1914.

On the marriage of Ann Ward to John Pomeroy Ovens, Leeds,father Thomas Ward fishmonger, marriage witnesses were Edward Rising Johnson and Rebecca Rising Johnson.

Thomas's family
1841 Census HO107/ 868 Folio: 10 Pg 13
Living in Balderton Gate, Newark, Notingham
Thomas Ward Age 40 Occupation Fishmonger Not born within the county
Mary Ward Age 35 Not born within the county
George Ward Age 11
James Ward Age 4
Sarah Ward Age 7
Ann Ward Age 6
Jane Ward Age 1
Children all born within the county

and then in Leeds 1851.

Jonas died 1837, each family follow a very similar naming pattern and from the early Ossett  baptisms, there is an Anthony c 1783 who can also be found in Leeds, cloth weaver.

Phew, hinging on the possibility that Jonas and Thomas were brothers, has anyone any ideas where I could look next, have plenty of resources for Leics/Notts but not too familar with Yorkshire resources when I don't even know where Jonas was from. I know I may be barking up the wrong tree as it were completely, but it's one I have to follow through if only to discount.

Happy for any pointers or corrections, have plenty for Thomas's children if anyone recognises any names too.

Many thanks

The Common Room / William Tann's discharge from Gibraltar...Criminal Record
« on: Wednesday 14 October 15 13:29 BST (UK)  »
I have been on the trail of my William sometime and now have some more docs. He was sent to Gibraltar 1857 and the latest one I have says he was released Feb 1862, I just can't quite read it all before I try and find him. Have attached a portion and would be very grateful if someone could help me with the word in italics, am guessing it starts as per MP but am very happy to be corrected :)

Many thanks

Leicestershire / Sarah Matilda Pick/Cooper ? Harry's mother
« on: Tuesday 08 September 15 21:28 BST (UK)  »
Am just slowly working through this after something I found last night and would welcome any thoughts or help whilst I look. Way back I found Martha Powell marrying a Harry Cooper in Edinburgh 1879, a few mis-spellings and whilst I know about Martha, John born c 1848 is a bit of a puzzle. His mother is Sarah Cooper was Pick according to his marriage certificate and last night I found

Massachusetts Deaths
Name    Sarah Matilda Cooper
Event Type    Death
Event Date    27 Apr 1909
Event Place    Montello,,Massachusetts
Gender    Female
Age    80
Marital Status    Widowed
Birth Date    1829
Birthplace    Leicester, England
Birth Year (Estimated)    1829
Father's Name    William Pick
Mother's Name    Mary Hodges
Spouse's Name    John Cooper

Leicester, St. Margaret   10-Aug   1817   Banns   
William   Pick   OTP      Bach      
Mary   Hodges   OTP      Spin

As John and Martha were also born in Leicester and tying in with mother's maiden name, surely I thought I must be on the right lines. Just a bit puzzled with marriage and census returns and of course John and and son Harry.

Harry marries Martha and has a son in Leicester and then one in Glasgow. The son born in Glasgow is John William as is the informant on the death cert 1909 but have not worked out who he is. Martha once back in Leicester 1891 is as widowed so I don't have John on an English census as they are in Scotland for 1881 and he is as Harry.

For Martha
1891 Census  RG12/ 2531 Folio 155 Pg 22
1901 Census RG13/ 2990 Folio 51 Pg 1

I don't think Harry died in Scotland, have spent credits looking but could have missed him and then I began to wonder after finding Sarah Pick/Cooper, if I could find Harry as her son. I thought best to backtrack as I never thought I would find him until last night threw up a maiden name; think I have them

1841 as Peck HO107/605/10/14/20

1851 HO107/2089/398/20
John and Sarah Cooper children Henry 2 and new born William

???marriage, ???them

so 1861 came up as a possible with the Goddards RG09/2288/19/32
Sarah    Cooper    Sister In Law    Widow 30    
Sarah    Cooper    Niece 11    
Thomas    Cooper    Nephew     8    

1854   2      15-Apr   St Margaret
GODDARD    Edward   

1853      01-Feb    All Saints   
PICK   Sarah

1871 RG10/3288/35/11
Sarah with her mother as Sarah Cooper Mar

and just when I think I am getting to grips, the other marriage which should be her looking at 1841

Entry No.86,  NOV 25, 1849, after Banns
JOHN BEAUMONT, full age, bach. FWK, of ST. JOHN St, father's name & occupation not given

I am sure she is still in Leicester 1901 but have not found a passenger list.

Phew...I was hoping ultimately to find Harry's death and got caught up in possible parents, any ideas ???

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