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WW1 In Memoriam / 3rd July 1916 Arthur Percy Baker 35 Royal West Kent Regiment
« on: Saturday 30 August 14 12:48 BST (UK)  »
The 3rd day of the Battle of the Somme my Great Grandfather was taken. Reported missing presumed Dead. He left behind his wife Annie Maria Baker nee Hodges and his 5 children: Elsie, Ethel, Albert, Winifred and Margaret. Also his parents Daniel and Jane Baker who also lost their other son Daniel Thomas Baker, Arthur's younger brother by 10 years, he died on the 15 March 1917. Arthur is remembered on the Theipval Memorial, France. Daniel is in a marked grave Arras France.

World War One / Another Uniform question
« on: Saturday 30 August 14 12:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi all
Can anyone tell me if this is a WWI or WWII Uniform.  I have been led to believe this is a photo of my husbands Grandfather Albert Joseph Bennett born 1908, so not old enough to fight in WWI, but I just feel this photo looks too old to be WWII.

Any help please


World War One / WW1 Uniform
« on: Wednesday 06 August 14 12:04 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me if you can tell what regiment a soldier is in, just by looking at their uniform?  I've tried to find his Army records but to no avail.  His name is Charles George Carpenter 1888-1962, he was born in Romford Essex, but lived in Dartford Kent 1891-1911, and his occupation in 1911 was a Motor Omnibus and Lorry Driver.
Any help will be gratefully appreciated!

Kent Lookup Requests / Marriage lookup - James Thompson Shorne Kent
« on: Tuesday 08 April 14 08:31 BST (UK)  »

Please could anyone look-up to see if James Thompson is registered as being remarried to Ann after the death of his first wife Jane in Dec 1880.  James is living with his mother in law in Shorne, Kent - 1881 census, but then in 1891 still in Shorne, he has a new wife named Ann, but I can't seem to find a record for a marriage for them.  James died 1898 and Ann died 1907 both buried in St Peter and St Paul Church yard, Shorne.

Any help much appreciated


Armed Forces / Help needed in identifying a Uniform please.
« on: Thursday 03 April 14 12:25 BST (UK)  »
I was told this is a photo of my Great grand parents Arthur Percy Baker b. 1880 (the man in the man in the flat cap) and Annie Maria Hodges b. 1883, by their daughter Winifred Iris Baker b. 1912. Taken on their wedding day, which was the 11 Jul 1903 in Chilham, Kent. (It's a shame there isn't more of the background on show to give clues to where it was taken.)

I have always had trouble believing this, because the man looks quite old.  (I know not a very clear photo) yet there is only 3 years between them.  Anyway, I have no idea who the gentleman is in the Uniform, but if I knew what the uniform was, it could possible give me clues on how to find out.

Any help much appreciated


Completed Census Requests / 1911 Census. Any Ideas???? Completed
« on: Friday 22 March 13 09:30 GMT (UK)  »
I have been trying to find my Grandfathers Parents (james Smith b. 1888 Hay Green, Worcestershire & Elizabeth Thomas b. unknown) in the 1911 Census for so long now, they are driving me to distraction! Not only are they not mentioned anywhere that I can see on it nor do they seem to have had a marriage. 

My granddad (William Thomas Smith) was born 10 Oct 1911, so his mother was 2 months pregnant at the time of the census. Ok  so they might not have been married. But Granddad was born in the same house as his Grandparents on his fathers side, (Thomas & Eliza Smith) who are mentioned in the 1911 census at 15 Vicarage Road, Lye, Stourbridge.

James & Elizabeth went on to have two more children Gladys b. 1914 and Beatrice b.1917 both in Stourbridge. Sadly Elizabeth died at some point between 1917 and 1921, when James remarried Fanny Norris, who then had a further two children Sydney 1923 and Jean 1927, both in Stourbridge.

Any ideas where these people could be hiding in the 1911 Census. I know a marriage for these two very common surnames is virtually impossible, especially if it really didn't happen.  But surely they should be in the census somewhere??? If not why not???

I know no-one can do a look-up for me, but any ideas of what to do next, would be greatly appreciated.  I've tried all the usual tricks of omitting christians name, then surnames, birth place etc etc.

Kind regards

Mikki  ???

Hi all
Please could someone date this photo. I am told that it is possibly ancestors of my husbands, and the family that I am told it is, the children's names that I have from censuses don't fit the ages and sexes of the children in the photo.  If it was dated it may help determining who they could or couldn't be. 
Many thanks for any help.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Very Faint Photo
« on: Friday 02 July 10 17:45 BST (UK)  »
This is a photo of my Great Great Grand mother, the only one I have.  As you can see it is really very faint.

If it is at all possible for anyone to make it more clearer, I would be extremely grateful.  A date would be very nice to!

Kind Regards


Family History Beginners Board / A Blue Birth Certificate???
« on: Monday 03 May 10 13:12 BST (UK)  »
I have a blue birth certificate for my husbands Grand father. 
It states on the top of it "This certificate is not available for purposes of Secondary Education"
Also "(issued only for the purpose of the education act 1921)"

It is a certified copy of an entry of birth, 24 years after the actual birth.

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of these certificates were for?

Many thanks

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