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I have attached three photographs and would be thrilled if they could be digitally enhancement.  I hope they are large enough for you to work with.

The photographs are of my great grandmother's sister Ellen on her betrothal to her future husband Herbert.  The studio photograph was scanned in but the other two were taken of the framed photographs through glass.  I do not have the actually photographs myself.

We are 99% certain that the lady in both photographs is Ellen - I am hoping that with digital enhancement we might be able to see more detail of the dress in the studio photograph to confirm it is the same person.

Thank you

My grandmother's family and paternal line has baffled me for ages and I have made little headway in finding out anything about my great grandfather Robert Halsall Jones.  He marries in Cardiff where my grandmother was born and later moves the family to West Derby:

Marriage of Robert Jones to Pryna Jane Jones (from marriage certificate)
27 April 1896 Robert Jones aged 37 (widower) and a ship's telegraph maker marries Pryna Jane Jones aged 33 (spinster) registered in Cardiff.  Robert's father (deceased) **amendment Goodman Jones** was a caterer and Pryna's father was a Philip Jones (collier).

I have tracked Pryna's family (variety of spellings on records I have obtained) through census records (born 1863 as Catherine Pereina Jane Jones) from Merthyr Tydfil.

I have tracked a Goodman Jones (waiter) with wife Jane and a son Robert.  However, ages for their son Robert and my grandfather (born cal 1859) do not match so not 100% sure I have correct family.  Did he lie about his age on his marriage certificate? 

To date I have been unable to track any further details of my grandfather.

I would love to find a lead on Robert's first wife or verify that Goodman & Jane were his parents.

Birth of 1st Daughter (My grandmother) - taken from Birth Certificate
Maud Harriet Halsall Jones born 21 May 1896 registered in Cardiff, father Robert Halsall Jones, mother Pryna Jane Jones formerly Jones.  Living at 11 Telford Street Canton in Cardiff.  Died in 1990

Birth of 2nd Daughter - taken from Birth Certificate
Florence Edith Halsall Jones born 22 August 1899 registered in West Derby.  Father Robert Halsall Jones (journeyman ship's telegraph maker) and Prhyna Jones formerly Jones.  Couple were living at 6 Sherdley Street West Derby.  Died in 1993.

There were no other children.  I know that my grandmother later grew up in the Birkenhead district and there is very hazy information that both children went into a children's home.  My father and aunts and uncles have all said that said my grandmother and sister never talked about their their childhood.

Can anyone find the baptism record for Florence in the area of West Derby in 1899?

Can anyone find the family on the 1901 census?

There is reference to a Maud in the Kirkdale Industrials School but I can find nothing for Florence or her parents (had they both died or were they all in the Workhouse):

Maud Jones age 4 pauper inmate
RG13/3472/259 p 20 Kirkdale Industrials School

Can anyone find the deaths/burials of either parent?

I live in Southampton and have thus far not made it to the Records Office in Liverpool which might hold the information I am desperately seeking.

If anyone can help I would be eternally grateful.

Kind regards
Sue Donaldson

PS This is a link to a photograph of my Grandmother with either her father Robert or grandfather (I submitted the photo several years ago on Rootschat for restoration).,95272.0.html

PPS Sherdley Street (last known address of the Jones family in West Derby) is no longer in existence.  I found this information on another site, "Sherdley St, Liverpool 7, ran from Crown St to Minshull St. between Little
Woolton St and Wide St. All these streets seem to be still there with the exception of Sherdley."  This may help in locating a nearby church where my Grandmother's sister Florence may have been baptized.

I have recently received this photograph, which is a treasure, and the earliest picture I have of this family, but it does need some attention. 

My great grandfather is on the far right.  His name was Orlando Gibbons, not the famous one but we do wonder, if we got far enough back, whether we are connected to the famous English composer.  Orlando died when he was in his thirties, following a very bad accident which gave him TB on the spine.

Thanks again.

I think this picture was taken in about 1902, it has just been sent to me by a distant relative.  Not sure who the toddler is yet and although baby is wearing a dress ... not sure whether a little boy or a little girl!

Appreciate someone working their magic ... this could be my grandfather Im looking at.

Many Thanks

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / another one :)
« on: Wednesday 26 October 05 16:13 BST (UK)  »
A relative of mine has asked whether I would post this picture for him, he would like to present the young man in the picture, now in his eighties, with a cleaned up version.

A big favour I know!

Many thanks

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Just needs a bit of tweaking
« on: Friday 21 October 05 21:53 BST (UK)  »
This is a picture of my father and his sister, could they be cleaned up a bit please .... I know someone will sprinkle their magic and make them look as good as new.  Thanks

Northamptonshire Resources & Offers / Link: Helmdon Website ... lots of info
« on: Thursday 13 October 05 17:03 BST (UK)  »
Posted this today under another topic but it really deserves its own post because it is such a great little website with lots of genealogy information.

Go to


Northamptonshire / Marston St Lawrence Families
« on: Thursday 13 October 05 16:59 BST (UK)  »
If you are researching families from this village please add to this thread.  My main interests are with the surnames Belcher, Barrett, Gibbons (also of Helmdon/Kings Sutton)and Rutland. 

Would love to share information and photographs about the village.  I have several old postcards which I could post if anyone is interested and information about the fire that destroyed some of the parish records in the 1920s.


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Another photo challenge for you
« on: Monday 10 October 05 22:46 BST (UK)  »
Hello again

Nobody has posted any new photographs for restoration so I have delved into my collection and found a picture of my grandmother which is in need of some TLC.

She might be a bit of a challenge for you but I have been so pleased with previous results that I'm sure you will do her proud.


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