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The Common Room / 1 T or 2 ? PATERSON or PATTERSON
« on: Saturday 11 May 19 21:56 BST (UK)  »
Is the difference in spelling a consistant difference
Indicating Scots or Irish origin ?

In Scotland
I found   Dugald Paterson a plumber aged 24 in 1901

Living with Catherine Macintyre(Forsyth)
Living with her children

A descendant says he fathered 2 children with her but 1 died in infancy

Catherine was referred to  as PaTTerson on her son s military papers

In 1929 emigration record to massachus

Dougald PaTerson 49 m scot   
father is James Paterson
Of 46 Hill Cl

& iron worker
PaTTerson George 19 S English  father William PRESCOTT
English also 46 Hill Close

Occupation Interests / What is a bungo ?
« on: Saturday 11 May 19 21:01 BST (UK)  »
On a 1881 census
Occ is listed as bungo

But document also said spirit dealer

1 clutha st

Hang on i.ll try and find the document where i found it ...i was looking for a plumber called Dugald Patterson

Other Countries / A scotsman in China .1860.s
« on: Thursday 09 May 19 13:42 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any idea how to find records from China

Apparently this man left his wife a few years after marriage ..around 1862 and had a family in Shanghai

If he .d married the lady it would have been bigamous so i wonder how births were recorded

Or where his shanghai death would be recorded

Argyllshire / When is a FORSYTH not a FORSYTH
« on: Wednesday 08 May 19 05:38 BST (UK)  »
 According to past research my family  has a complicated branch of FORSYTH s

 IN 1857 Cambeltown
CHARLES FORSYTH b1834 married Margaret MATHIESON b 1836

Apparently they were genetically  incompatiblre and first 3 babies were either still born or died young

So they adopted James b 1860 Cambeltown
No idea who his birth parents were .....too distant for  dna matches to give any clues
 cant find him after  1881  did he start using a different surname

Catherine FORSYTH
was born in 1862  but was Charles her father ,?

Apparently Charles FORSYTH went to China to set up a mine
He had a family there

And Margarst  had more  chIldren with 2 other  men

 Would all these children use name Forsyth consistently later ?

If you like detective work this is 1 for you
Im also unravelling daughter Catherine McINTYRE nee FORSYTH
Who had children with 2 other men after her husband
Ive identified 1 as Dugald PATTERSON who was recorded as lodger in 1901 census

The Common Room / Euphan/Euphemia how many generations
« on: Monday 06 May 19 14:13 BST (UK)  »
When i 1st came across the name Euphemia RAMSEY in my tree I thought it was very exotic but now I know that she was named after her Grandmother Euphan McQuarry..b abt 1751 Lanarkshire married to James RAMSEY in Barony 1780

She had at least 8 grandchildren named after her including Effy Stevenson  b1800 and Euphan Baird

I wonder if this given name went further down.the generations and across the continents .

I will make a list of the granddaughtets i have found so far .

Let me know if you know of any descendants who inherited the name .

Ayrshire / Useful list: Maybole 1841 census
« on: Sunday 14 April 19 15:18 BST (UK)  »
I found this site when looking for Janet Hamilton b1780  wife of Peter Blane

There are a few other families that might be connected to our farming and shoemaker families
The spellings vary between Blain
Mcblen McBlaine.

Its interesting as a social document too ..there is an 8yr old ag lab on here

The family Im researching.mostly moved to Lanarkshire by 1870 so ive posted topic about them on general scotland board .

"David McBlain/BLANE who's the mother ?"

Scotland / David McBlain/BLANE who's the mother ?
« on: Friday 12 April 19 13:12 BST (UK)  »
Ive had problems finding the origins of my  shoemaker ancestor David BLANE born in Govern Aryshire abt.1830
From 1855 birth of daughter Mary in Maybole Aryshire
With wife Isabella CLYDE on 1861 census

By 1871 the family had moved in with widowed Mary CLYDE in Shettleston Lanarkshire their daughter Mary is 16 and a baby sister Isabelle .6mths..( i havent found any evidence of other children yet)

According to several trees an Ancestry David BLANE was illegitimate mother Euphemia BLANE  but i cant fiind her anywhere else

IN 1851 aged 20  He is a journeyman shoemaker in Ayr with his uncle and aunt John and Janet ALEXANDER

There is a birth of David BLAIN 15 AUG 1832 Maybole
Parents John BLAIN /Elizabeth MCHUTCHEON
their marriage  3rd march 1826 ..
on scottishpeople but i dont have credits and it seems to have become harder to use ...or ive lost the knack of putting locations in .!

If anyone can find what happened to him or his parents between 1828 and 1851 Id be grateful .

According to some trees he has a half brother Thomas Brown  ...i dont know how that surname fits

Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Who were Chaine and Luba RATTNER 1893 from Breman
« on: Saturday 26 January 19 15:46 GMT (UK)  »

I found the handwritten record of
David RATTNER  in 1893 aged 43

Travelling midship from Bremen to NY with 4 pieces of baggage

His wife is named as Chaina ? Its not very legible aged 40
He is listed with 2 sons Moses
& Elie aged 11 and 9 who became dentists in New York
 and 2 daughters Zivia aged 8 and Sara aged 7   who became Celia Silk and Sadie Ratner a hoirticulturalist.

But there is also Lube aged 20
What is her relationship to the family ? If  she is  Lena ?why such a big age gap ?

 David and his children Lena (FELLMAN )Sadie & Morris  RATNER are in burial plot together

Where is his wife.s grave ?
David is listed as a widower in 1915

and why do Morris and Ellis name their mother as Tillie Epstein on naturalisatuion documents.

Is there any evidence of 2 marriages in Russia
Could Chaine be Tillie nee Epstein.

Any idea where they came from more precisely ?

Ps a topic about the  RATNER/SILK family is on the american forum
"Caroline Silk nee Ratner born 1880'.s "


Denbighshire / Publican Butcher and Farmer in 1851 .
« on: Friday 25 January 19 15:40 GMT (UK)  »
I was extremely surprised to find a relative Enoch Jones on 1851 census
Living at ROSE AND crown
Listed as a publican butcher and  farmer of 100 acres

How could he do all 3 jobs .

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