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The Common Room / British overseas births
« on: Monday 18 June 18 16:47 BST (UK)  »
The last lists for overseas UK births that i can see on Ancestry only go up to 1968, does anyone know if there are more upto date ones?

Europe / Austrian Birth record 1852
« on: Friday 01 June 18 16:29 BST (UK)  »
Would there be a record of birth for my chap Adolphe Brunner b 1852 Austria to i believe James Brunner b 1821 Austria & Ann Tatham b 1831 Yorkshire? I can not find one in the British overseas birth indexes but that's because he father wasn't British i expect. Though his father did reside in the UK i believe he was a missionary so the family travelled.

Hope you can help. 

The Common Room / Where to look for Thomas Haylett
« on: Thursday 10 May 18 20:14 BST (UK)  »
Good evening all, can i ask for some help or ideas of where to look? I am trying to find out what happened to Thomas Haylett born 1837 in Besthorpe Norfolk to John Howes & Avis Garrard. He married Caroline Perfect in 1862 (children 99% sure not his!) divorced Caroline in 1872 for bigamy. I can find him on the 1841/51/61 census records & then nothing! So i'm trying to look further afield, i found a record for Thos Haylett on the New York passenger lists (New York S.S Idaho 1871) born 1837 travelling with a Ann Haylett b 1864. but thats the only info it gives. looking on the GRO i can see a Ann Maria Haylett b 1864 Downham Union mmn Burrows. Downham Market to Besthorpe is only 38 miles. Coincidence? Any ideas on how/where do i go now?

links to previous posts re Thomas

The Common Room / Is it possible to be baptised twice?
« on: Monday 30 October 17 18:23 GMT (UK)  »
Not sure if i've gone wrong somewhere?
Wondering why he would be baptised twice, & the cloth draper/labourer profession makes me wonder if i have 2 families?

I'm looking at the baptism/s for John Hall Parkin  at St Mark, Woodhouse Leeds
there are 2:  10 Dec 1850 to John Parkin Cloth Dresser & Elizabeth
then 8th June 1851 to John Parkin labourer & the Late Elizabeth
There is a birth for John Hall Parkin 1850 Leeds mmn Hall, this matches a Marriage between Elizabeth Hall & John Parkin Cloth Draper. 25th December 1840
there are 2 other baptisms for John & Elizabeth cloth draper at St Marks, Emma 9/3/1845 Alfred 24/12/1848

Then at St Marks there is a baptism for the John Hall Parkin to John & Elizabeth Parkin labourer & James Parkin 22/5/1843 (died 1843) checking on the gro James mmn is Hall. Alfred & Emma also have Hall as mmn

Gloucestershire / Pilning
« on: Wednesday 16 August 17 16:18 BST (UK)  »
Does any one know if what would be the local paper for Pilning circa 1918? I'm trying to find out the story of why local lad Gilbert Rowland Humphries was awarded a Military Medal for Bravery, all that i can see documented is a mention in the London Gazette 13/9/1918.


Armed Forces / Gilbert Rowland Humphries .. Bravery Medal???
« on: Tuesday 15 August 17 13:53 BST (UK)  »
/Hello all,
A friend has me looking up a relative who they are convinced received a bravery medal during WW1. I am not so good at looking at Military records but i can't see one, wondering if i missed something? I checked the Gazette but again couldn't see anything.
Gilbert Rowland Humphries DOB  29/9/1898, i have him being in the Machine Gun Corps as a Pte serial number 142829 10/Glouc
i can see that he had the star, war & victory medals.
There is another Gilbert R Humphries who has me a little confused He was with the Worcester 40239 after transferring form the Gloucester Yeomanry 3289. He also received the usual medals.. i wondered if this could be the same chap but then he wouldn't receive the same medals again would he???

I am awaiting a picture of the medals, but thought i could get a heads up with your help.


The Common Room / John Dodd, Druggist Chester
« on: Friday 02 June 17 15:21 BST (UK)  »
Hello, i am trying to look for details on John Dodd.
I have 3 baptism records for children of John Dodd & Mary. All the records are for St Oswald in Cheshire & say that John is a Druggist from Northgate Street.
The children are
John 1819
William 1821
George 1822
looking at records, i can see a John Dodd of Northgate St in 1841 who is a School Master, news paper records 1806 John Dodd Northgate St flour dealer, 1851 Johnn Dodd  Northgate St confectionery manufacturer, I can't find any mention of a druggist though. Can anyone see if they can find him?

I have another link on the Dodd's here regarding William Dodd & his family missing in census returns.
but it won't apply to this.

Armed Forces / mothers death cert in WW1 records
« on: Wednesday 31 May 17 20:02 BST (UK)  »
Just curious, any idea why a mothers death certificate would be in the son's WW1 records? He enlisted 1915 & she passed 1916.  There is also a memo asking for reimbursement of the certificate as well.

The Common Room / it's not a doddle finding the Dodd's in 1871!
« on: Friday 26 May 17 09:43 BST (UK)  »
Morning all, i am googly eyed trying to find this family in 1871, can you help?

 In 1861 they are living in Great Boughton, 10 Foxbrook Street, William is a Shoemaker & local preacher.

William Dodd b Cheshire 1821
Elizabeth Dodd b Hoole 1824
Elizah Dodd - (Elijah) b1857 Cheshire
Kezia Dodd b 1848 Cheshire
Matthew H Dodd b Cheshire 1851
Alexander W Dodd b wolverhampton 1852
John Dodd b wolverhampton 1856

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