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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Brides residence on Marriage cert
« on: Thursday 22 November 18 14:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hello can anyone help?

I'm trying to trace back from the Marriage of Hannah Rigg & Robert Aitchison Carruthers whom were wed on March 13th 1848
image here

My calculations are that she was 13 when she wed! I can't read where here residence is, hoping it will help me find her in 1841.  Thanks

The Common Room / searching for parents of John Manning & Mary Ann Eagle Ufford
« on: Wednesday 07 November 18 14:39 GMT (UK)  »
Afternoon all,
Can anyone cast an eye in the search of either parents for
John Manning b appx 1811 Ufford? Married Mary Ann Eagle b appx 1812 Ufford? The cuple married in Ufford on 30/10/1832. Mary Ann died in 1845 (Woodbridge) John went on to marry a neighbour Emma Bloomfield in 1846.

I can't seem to find any parents for them.


The Common Room / Tracing back wrong info on Ancestry
« on: Monday 22 October 18 17:07 BST (UK)  »
Hello, is there anyway to trace back on ancestry where the original wrong information came from?
I look through other trees & it says they have taken others family trees & added them to theirs.

Hope that makes sense?

The Common Room / 1901/1911 address look up
« on: Sunday 26 August 18 15:05 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help look up an address, i'm struggling on both of those census's. I don't have a name to go with it.
It's 147 Chadderton Rd, Oldham Lancs.
It's listed as an adrdress on the outward & in bound shipping records for a Bartley & Bertram Furey they departed 7/11/1924 returned 28/11/1924 ( Hardly seems long enough?!)

South Africa / Parents of Jessie Alexandria Blackler
« on: Sunday 26 August 18 12:40 BST (UK)  »
Hello all, i wonder if you can help me find any further information regarding Jessie's parents?
Jessie Alexandria Blackler was baptised 30/11/1884 in Cathcart, her parents where John & Maria Blackler. Jessie & the family moved to Bulawayo & here she married into the Huntly family.
From death records i think Maria was born Maria Waiters appx 1848 european Scottish, she died 1905. There is a death record for a Charles John Alexander Blackler at Bulawayo in 1955 but that puts his dob at 1870. So not the dad but not sure if/how he is connected, could be a coincident.

I can see John as a Freemason registered at Lodge 2092 in 1885 previous to that he was at lodge 989.  I am trying to find out when they came to Cathcart & from where, i have a feeling the family originated in Devon England... but have no proof.

Hope you can help.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / stupid question on 2 x great grandparents
« on: Wednesday 22 August 18 17:44 BST (UK)  »
Hello, so sorry to bother you with what is most likely a stupid question, i just can't figure it out!

So i'm trying to find a dna match, to do that i am cataloguing my 2 & 3 x great grandparents on my mother side only, i presume this would half the 16 for 2x gg & 32 for 3xgg??? Next stupid question all my stuff is on ancestry & they don't have a function that brings up all the  2,3 etc great grand parents, can anyone suggest a print out that i can fill in as i keep loosing people when i try!  ;D
Think i'm muddling myself up more than i'm helping. ! lol

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / DNA results in... what now?
« on: Tuesday 07 August 18 08:16 BST (UK)  »
Well what a disappointment!
So my results came in this morning & i have to say it was very quick as i only sent them off on the 26th July!
Any how Ancestry tell me i have:-
 0 Shared Ancestor Hints
 0 Starred matches
 210 4th cousins or closer
of those i recognise no surnames, a good 85% have no trees the rest are either private or i'm just to stupid to see what Ancestry think the connection is!

Also it correctly surmises that my ancestry is from Yorkshire, however that is only on my fathers side, my mothers is Devon & for many generations.... not a single mention of that just Yorkshire & the Penines?

Any tips or advice on moving forward? Do i contact these people? I'm guessing if they have no tree the likelihood is it's doubtful they can go back the 10??? generations to 4th cousins?

What a waste of birthday money! :-(

Wexford / Byrne Family of Enniscorthy
« on: Friday 03 August 18 14:39 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,
Irish genealogy is something i really struggle with so hope you can help? Are there further Enniscorthy resources i can check for the 1820's?

this is my tree

I'm trying to track them down to prove/disprove a relations ship they had.
My ancestor Edward Byrne claims to be born in Liverpool 1823. He's a merchant captain & on one of his certificates December 1851 he lists an liverpool address as 18 Islington, now on the night of the census 1851 at the same address is living a James & Elizabeth Byrne.  Coincidence???
So going back i think i have found James & Elizabeth on the 1841 census with 6 children one called Aiden... coincidentally Edward named his only child Aden.

So the family were born in Wexford Enniscorthy & looking for through the ancestry parish registers i can see baptisms combined with my theory  ::)  i think there could be 8 children, i can find baptisms for 5. Not my Edward typically!
Now are there any other resources i can look at & also looking up the registers i have come across sponser names, are they usually relatives? There seems to be a few names that are connected.
Lawrence Doyle / Mary Bolger
Rev E Doyle ??maybe / Ann Bolger
John Doyle / Catherine Bolger
there are other names i can not make out & it states Elizabeths maiden name as Doyle.
As we are talking around the 1820's it seems to be making it harder for me, putting in the other names gives me nothing.

I have tried on the main board before to find this family. links below

The family children have all vanished from 1841 into thin air!

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