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Armed Forces / 1911 census of ancestor in the Army
« on: Saturday 30 June 12 00:29 BST (UK)  »
Hello,  I have just come across my Gr Grandfather in the 1911 census, his name was Arthur Bernard Roberts born 1890 Deptford London,  in the Rank column he's down as a Driver, he's single and under Unit or Army Service, its got ASignal CoRE, and his Trade or Occupation was, Care of Houses, he was stationed at, Gibraltar Barracks, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot.  Ive no knowledge of Military history and not sure what care of houses is and what does ASignal CoRE mean ? could it be  Army Signal Corp ?  Thank you for any advice/help given.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Bleamoor Tunnel
« on: Saturday 09 June 12 21:19 BST (UK)  »
Hello,  Could someone please help me with some information please.  My ancestor came up from Dorset to work as a Miner and a railway worker in and around Settle,  he married Elizabeth Ellison in 1873 at Chapel le Dale and was living at Blea moor Tunnel at the time of marriage, I've roughly read up on this place on wikipedia and it describes a tunnel that was built there, was Blea Moor Tunnel also a village or just the Tunnel ? My ancestors name at the time of marriage was Arthur Needham, but thats not his surname, he was born Arthur William Bridle but along his life his surname changed and also the spellings, the family is now going by Maiden but it was also known as Maden too. Thank you for any help or advice given.

Devon Lookup Requests / Richard THORNE & Mary GILL Abt 1762 Marriage look up please.
« on: Saturday 02 January 10 17:36 GMT (UK)  »

Could someone be so kind to do me a look up if you happen to be popping into Highbray,  please.  My ancestors were born about 1740 and married about 1762,  Richard may have been a farmer as his son John use to be a Farmer at East & West Yard Highbray.    Richard & Gill had at least 6 children,  Joan, Mary, John, Richard, Jacob and William.  I've searched what I can on the internet but with no luck.   Thank you for any assistance with this branch.  Happy New Year.

Isle of Man Lookup Requests / Hannah Robinson 1834 Douglas
« on: Saturday 03 October 09 17:00 BST (UK)  »
Hello,  Please can someone do a look up for me please,    I have a Hannah Robinson who states in the 1861 and 1871 census that she came from Douglas in the Isle of Man,  but I have been unable to find a Bap entry,  there is a possibility that she wasn't Baptized,  she states that her father was an Alexander Robinson on her marriage certificate,  in 1861 she was living in Liverpool and was married to a Robert Naylor.

Any help in finding my missing ancestor will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


I have access to ancestry and I have found my ancestors Bap date  but there is only information regarding the entry and not an actual photo of the original entry,  like so many others have,  I am trying to find his mothers maiden name as it only lists her first name,  I did look for an entry for his fathers marriage to an Elizabeth and one came up  but unless I have his mothers surname on his Bap then I have no way off knowing if this Elizabeth Hughes  is his mother.  In those days did they put the mothers surname down or was it left empty ?  if it was left empty how do we go on from here, how can we go back any further ?  and help or advice given will be great.  Thank you in advance.

Dorset Lookup Requests / Birth look up plz for James Bridle abt 1781 Milton Abbot
« on: Thursday 10 September 09 14:56 BST (UK)  »
Hello,  I am trying to find 2 look ups, one  for a James Bridle born abt 1781 in Milton Abbot or some where near by,  ( I've taken a look at the Dorset page but he's not there, ) and   I am also trying to find his wife's birth, again no joy,  she was called Israel Roberts Runyard born abt 1787  in Affpuddle or somewhere quite near.  If anyone have the registers for these places or surrounding places  I would be ever so grateful for a look up please.   Thank you so much for what ever help is given.


Can anybody please help me,  I would like if possible a   look up for two Baptisms in Lower Coity Bridgend please,  my ancestors names were Arthur James Maiden and Florence/Florrie Maiden.

Arthur James was born 1891 Bridgend and Florence Mar 1893.

In 1891 the family was living at Coychurch Road and it states that the Parish was Coity Lower,  so I am not sure what Church they would have been Baptized in, the parents names were Arthur and Elizabeth possible Ellison but then again it could be Thompson.

I am going to send of for the birth certificates but it will be a while before they get t me.

Thank you for your help.

Hello,  I am trying to find the Baptism date  for my ancestor Robert Bridle, I think he was born about 1823, possible in Shillingstone or in the surrounding areas.

His fathers name was James and was a Miller at the time of his marriage to a Caroline Barfoot 5 Mar 1844 Wimbourne.

I'm also looking for James Bridle born abt 1790 and I can't find him in Shillingstone either even though there is a James listed in 1786 but surname is not mentioned.

Maybe someone with better knowledge of Dorset could help me please.

Thank you in advance.

Glamorganshire / 1926 Inquest held at Merthyr
« on: Friday 03 April 09 14:21 BST (UK)  »
Hello,  I am trying to find where I can look for my ancestors death inquest,  he commited suicide while living  in Quarkers Yard and the inquest was held  Oct 1926 Merthyr,  could anyone please provide me details of where I can find this information about him.   Thank you in advance.

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