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Staffordshire / Ann price
« on: Sunday 19 August 18 10:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi I am looking for a marriage for a Ann price who martied we think my great great grandad Thomas wall  in 1864 st james  Staffordshire.
As a previous post mentioned on here  thomad was born in 1841 in tethnall staffs to daniel wall and since  obtaining Thomas  birth certificate it states that daniel was a mouldrer which ties into the wedding certificate.
Now Ann price is listed as a widow and that her father name was William Higginbotham.
Could you please see if you could find Ann first marriage ?

Also I have obtained Thomas wall mother Sarah wall ne hill death certificate  1849 which states her husband to be daniel wall molder  . The informant is Mary holder . Looking Mary up there is a Mary Ann price holder  born in 1811 ! Could this be the  Mary holder or Ann price . My head hurts !!!
Would be greatful if you could look

Warwickshire / Celia phillips
« on: Tuesday 17 July 18 19:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi I'm wondering if you could help us.
My nan Celia grace was born in 1895 to a Sarah and Albert Phillips . They lived in allcock street in birmingham in 1901 . On December the 15th Celia found her mom in the courtyard having passed away and because Albert was in the Boer war we presumed that Sarah sister Jane looked after Celia and her brother Albert. In 1911 they are on a census in Belmont passage with Jane listed as alberts wife along with the children and John phillips who was Jane and alberts son
.we went to the library today to see if Celia went to allcock school   which she did but it says that her previous school was kings Norton pershore road. She was enrolled in 1907. Because of the 100 year rule we could not actually look at it ourselves because it is a year by year book .
The library of Birmingham does not have records of king Norton school . Could this school be under another region and if so where could I go to see  register

Warwickshire / Elizabeth guy
« on: Wednesday 20 June 18 21:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi wondering if you could help me.
My great great great grandmother Elizabeth guy was born roughly 1789 in Warwickshire.  She married a Stephen ainsworth in 1810  in Birmingham and had quite a few children. Ann 1813, Thomas 1818 , christening records say Lionel street, Joseph 1821 , Elizabeth down as ensor 1826 , Charles 1833 William  and Stephen James 1835 . Her husband Stephen ainsworth/ hainsworth died 1835 also. These christening record's/  death records have them living in slaney street.
The 1841 census  says that a Stephen ardsoff  1835 is living at moland street  with a thomas benbow and Ann benbow, along with Elizabeth Palmer 1785 and William Palmer . Two of tge otger children Joseph and either Charles or William are with there aunt Charlotte potter which is Elizabeth sister. They were living in slaney street.
My query is is Elizabeth Palmer in fact Elizabeth ainsworth who got married or did Elizabeth ainsworth pass away before the census and also are the benbows related in any way?
There was a Elizabeth ainsworth who passed 1871 but buying certificate has proved wrong .
Nb they have been down as hainsworth, ainsworth and ensor

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Collins
« on: Thursday 29 March 18 20:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi I'm trying to find a connection between two sets of Collins in DNA.
We know mary Ann collins was the mother of a Sarah wall born 1868 and tgat the father was a thomas wall born tetthall staff 1842 . A previous post on her couldn't find a marriage but did find census with Mary Ann living with a John Collins 1806  from Warwickshire.  In later census we found her and her sister in same street under married names.
I have a DNA match with a roger Collins and my cousin with celia collins and their Collins are in staffs in late 1700. One  kater being a Francis Collins birn 1823 in tetthall staffs
Could anybody help please

Wales / 54 grange street Swansea 1939
« on: Tuesday 17 October 17 19:36 BST (UK)  »
Hi i am trying to find  who lived in 54 grange street Swansea  in  1939 .  I have been in contact with Southampton county council who have given me a Mrs Morgan living there
 In 1936.  she was a either a friend or relative to the admission of Albert ensor to  botley road .im just wondering what Mrs Morgan first name is In case it another relative

Warwickshire / charles yarwood and sarah ann yarwood
« on: Wednesday 30 August 17 20:09 BST (UK)  »
hi i am trying to find a marriage for a charles yarwood and sarah ann ???? ,
the reason being that this couple played quite a  role in my ancestor emily phillips and albert phillips lives.
firstly  sarah ann was a witness in coroner court in the inquest of emily  in 1892
secondly charles was a witness to albert phillips and sarah wall wedding in 1893 .

on the coroner report it states that  sarah lived at 150  emily street dertiend   birmigham which i have looked up and both charles and sarah are living as husband and wife  in both 1891 and 1901
any help much appreciated

Warwickshire / mary ann wood
« on: Monday 28 August 17 18:47 BST (UK)  »
hi im trying to find the death date of mary ann kent born gloucester  1831.
she  married a christopher wood .....
14 Jan 1852
Age   Full Age
Event Type   Marriage
Parish   Gloucester, St Mark, Gloucestershire
Parish as it Appears   St Mark
Register Type   Parish Registers
then was on census in birmingham  in 1871

Piece   3110
Folio   20
Page number   34
along with her children christopher has gone by then
then in 1881 in alison street

Piece:   2987
Folio:   49
Page Number:   39
then i thought she was in the workhouse in 1891 and 1901 down as being born in gloucester and also being a charwoman . i obtained the death certificate of her in 1903 i think imagine my surprise her spouse was a alfred wood  and she died in the workhouse so think the workhouse one is a red herring . any info greatly received



Worcestershire / john cattell
« on: Friday 18 August 17 19:32 BST (UK)  »
hi i am trying to find the resting place of john cattell / kettle born 1785 died 1842.
on ancestry it states
john Kettle
Birth Year:   abt 1785
Death Year:   abt 1842
Death Age:   57
Burial Date:   29 May 1842
Parish:   Quinton, Gloucestershire, England
Register Type:   Bishop's Transcripts
any ideas which church he would be in .

Warwickshire / abraham groutage
« on: Monday 17 July 17 20:48 BST (UK)  »
hi i am trying to find census for abraham and his family on the  1851 and 1861 census. this is him as a young boy 1841

HO107/1143/ Book 9 /40 p 4

this is him in 1871 with his wife sarah tranter
RG10/   3117/   98 p 28

this is his marriage to sarah tranter in 1858
Abraham Groutage Dec  qtr 1858 Birmingham RD

Volume   6d Page   195.

another thing was that i had to purchase marriage certificate as not on birmingham marriage and banns .
all help gratefully  received
thanks kath

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