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The Common Room / Such is fame
« on: Monday 03 December 18 22:31 GMT (UK)  »
It is 180 years ago, this week, that my convict ancestor was a patient in the convict hospital at Moreton Bay. The surviving hospital records reveal the usual intimate details as well as the reason he was admitted.  He had been hit on the head by a beam. I assume it was while he was working as a sawyer. Sadly subsequent records show he then suffered from epilepsy.

The Supreme Court now stands on the original hospital site in Brisbane.

Links to the past are there, somewhere - and a lot of luck.


I have just discovered that that there is a probate for Annie lodged in the State of Victoria in Australia.
The notice of probate and letters of Administration gives the information she died on the 30 April 1927, late of Lowell, Co Middlesex, Massachusetts.  From this record, I have surmised her maiden name is Wall.  She has likely inherited some property in the State of Victoria ( hence the Probate in Victoria) from a relative called Patrick Joseph Wall who was born in Ireland but migrated to Australia, but died in Victoria unmarried in 1923.

Could some kind soul please direct me to any records in the USA - death certificate, obituary, census etc would be so helpful.  Thank you. Gazania

Dumfriesshire / Paternity order: Armstrong v Jardine: making of payments: 1851
« on: Monday 06 August 18 01:48 BST (UK)  »
The Paternity order is dated 1851 in the parish of Canonbie and outlines the regular payments to be made until the illegitimate child reaches 7 years of age.

My question is how would the payments be made.  Would the father make the payments to the parish and then the mother have to front up to the parish officials?

In other words, would the father have any further contact with the mother in order to hand over the money?  Thank you, Gazania

The Common Room / Ancestry... Public tree contact
« on: Thursday 21 June 18 07:27 BST (UK)  »
I am thinking of taking out a month's subs to Anc. as I found a public tree of interest to me and I am wondering if it is worth making contact.

The Tree shows very little knowledge of my family which after 25 years of searching, I have just managed to crack.  So I can certainly pass on a lot to the tree owner.  My question is does the tree owner have to be a current subscriber to respond to my contact ? ( that is of course if they able or willing to do so.)  I am just asking whether it is worth while.  (I do not have a tree on AnC)

Thanks Gazania

Sussex Lookup Requests / prison records - 1882
« on: Saturday 26 May 18 07:56 BST (UK)  »
I found a news item in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer dated Sat 12 Aug 1882 which indicated that at the Hastings Borough Bench on the previous Thurs (ie   10 Aug 1882) that James LANE was sentenced to 2 months hard labour for common assault.

I am asking if there are any prison records available (or any other records) which would give the age/ description of the prisoner.  I am interested to see if this James Lane is a relative.

I have searched the Catalogue for the East Sussex Archives with no success.

Thank you, Gazania

Armed Forces / Invalided out of Navy - "Penelope"
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 07:25 BST (UK)  »
My request may sound a bit picky.....

My relative had signed up for 10 years with the Royal Navy. Some dates:

11-13 Jul 1882: on board the "Penelope" at the battle of Alexandria (confirms family story)
Jul 1882:    Not on Newspaper casualty lists of wounded/killed on the "Penelope"
6 Oct 1882:   Naval record shows invalided out of Navy (confirms family story)
7 Nov 1882:  "Penelope" returns to Home Port in UK

My question is are there any records which tell me whether he was discharged while on the "Penelope" and remained on board until the ship docked in Nov.  Or could he have been taken off the ship and brought home earlier?  What was the usual practice?

On a 1890 record, his father said he had suffered sunstroke in the past.

Thanks, Gazania

The Common Room / Mistaken Identity - possible effects
« on: Tuesday 24 April 18 00:29 BST (UK)  »
In this our technological age, mistaken or stolen identity is a very serious matter.  Has this happened to any of our ancestors? And what were the repercussions?

My great aunt was a teacher in Queensland in the era when teachers were subject to compulsory transfers around the State.  I obtained her employment record but did not at first check closely the dates of events as most of the places she served were known to me.  However, a closer inspection of the earlier dates, clearly showed appointments well before my great aunt had migrated, and when she was clearly living with her family in the UK on the 1881 census.

It is now obvious that some clerk has confused my great aunt's record with someone of the same name and just tacked it on which made some sense chronologically.  I now wonder if this bureaucratic error affected her career and her standing in the teaching service.  A book has been published about local teachers and my great aunt was named as a bit of a rebel for objecting to some transfers.

I have yet to research the other teacher with the same name and see why her file was not closed off. 

Any thoughts?

I think I have broken down a brick wall, which in turn has thrown up more questions.

I have found from FreeReg and Familysearch the following could be my ancestors:

William Skevington, widower of St Mary, Bedford, married Sarah Richardson, spinster, by licence at Clophill, St Mary, on 10 Aug 1767.

As far as I can be sure, they had at least two daughters, baptised at St Mary. Bedford. namely

Mary bapt 31 May 1769  (my ancestor and who married Joseph Rock at Clophill on 10 Apr 1803)
Martha bapt 5 Feb 1772.

I would appreciate any information on Wm Skevington, his previous marriage, any other children.  I have not found a PCC will for him or anything that would connect him to the Skevington families of Bedford or Turvey.  Similarly, I have drawn a blank on Sarah Richardson.

Thank you, Gazania

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / X chromosome - confusion? False negative?
« on: Sunday 04 February 18 06:14 GMT (UK)  »
I have tested autosomal with FTDNA.  I have recently been contacted by a match, I shall call her MA.  Our extremely well documented paper research confirms our links.  We have a common male ancestor, with a very rare surname, I shall call GC.  Our paper trail confirms she is a third cousin, once removed from GC.  We share 47 centimorgans and long block 16.  So far so good.

MA is descended directly along the female line, from the youngest daughter and only surviving child of GC,  from his first marriage.  I ( a female) am descended from the son of GC 's second marriage.  In other words MA is descended from my ggrandfather's half sister.

MA and her family still live within the vicinity of the small town in Yorkshire.

The problem I have:

MA and I share the X chromosome at 5.51cms.  (So does her daughter but at a smaller level)

According to my charting of relationships and the Xchromosome, MA could get the X from our common ancestor GC through his daughter.  But not me as I am descended from his son, albeit from a second marriage.

My confusion arises from how can this be? or is the 5.51cms too small to worry about? or is there something else going on? or I have misunderstood the whole concept?

I do hope this makes sense to read.  Thank you, Gazania

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