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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / X chromosome - confusion? False negative?
« on: Sunday 04 February 18 06:14 GMT (UK)  »
I have tested autosomal with FTDNA.  I have recently been contacted by a match, I shall call her MA.  Our extremely well documented paper research confirms our links.  We have a common male ancestor, with a very rare surname, I shall call GC.  Our paper trail confirms she is a third cousin, once removed from GC.  We share 47 centimorgans and long block 16.  So far so good.

MA is descended directly along the female line, from the youngest daughter and only surviving child of GC,  from his first marriage.  I ( a female) am descended from the son of GC 's second marriage.  In other words MA is descended from my ggrandfather's half sister.

MA and her family still live within the vicinity of the small town in Yorkshire.

The problem I have:

MA and I share the X chromosome at 5.51cms.  (So does her daughter but at a smaller level)

According to my charting of relationships and the Xchromosome, MA could get the X from our common ancestor GC through his daughter.  But not me as I am descended from his son, albeit from a second marriage.

My confusion arises from how can this be? or is the 5.51cms too small to worry about? or is there something else going on? or I have misunderstood the whole concept?

I do hope this makes sense to read.  Thank you, Gazania

The Common Room / Old will - 1729 - Easy to decipher?
« on: Sunday 31 December 17 00:12 GMT (UK)  »
I have identified on a will index, a will for a possible ancestor.  The will is dated 1729 and the person is described as a yeoman.   How easy will it be to decipher a will of this date?  (I have poor eyesight)  And will a will of this date have much information?  I have to purchase the will through an Archives office.  Thanks Gazania

The Common Room / GRO Indexes - which to believe?
« on: Thursday 30 November 17 05:25 GMT (UK)  »
At the risk of sounding pedantic:

A christian name  is spelt: "Cattell" on the "old" GRO birth index.

On the digitised "new" index it is spelt "Cattill".
(Reference:  Sep qtr 1875  for Thomas Catte(i)ll Bromwich CLAYTON)

This difference is no big deal in the scheme of things,but may have implications for the research of surnames. I am not likely to buy the certificate which may show the recorded spelling.  How accurate are both indexes anyway?  Gazania

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / First cousin marriage and DNA
« on: Tuesday 07 November 17 10:43 GMT (UK)  »
I am pretty new to understanding my DNA results.  I understand the randomness of inheriting DNA from parents, grandparents etc.  However, according to all documentary proof, my gggrandparents were first cousins.  is it reasonable to expect that a first cousin marriage would affect the degree of inherited DNA?  Has anyone had any experience of interpreting the matches from a first cousin marriage?  Thank you. Gazania

The Common Room / Gentleman - 1790
« on: Sunday 21 May 17 06:53 BST (UK)  »
I am interested in the use of gentleman as a descripture or occupation, particularly, as far as I can find out, for the family that has no "noble" connections.

For example,  an ancestor of mine in 1790 was describes as a gentleman on his marriage licence.  His address was Richmond, Surrey.  All other known records describe him as a grocer.  He did not leave a will, that I can find.  His brother, lived in Fulham.  He left a will where he was described as a gentleman but I have not found any other record of any other occupation.

These two brothers and their sister were mentioned in the will of their maternal uncle, who was a victualler.

Is this a common use of gentleman as  the family's attempt to be recognised as having some status in their society?

Lancashire Lookup Requests / John Lane, did he marry three times?
« on: Thursday 26 January 17 07:03 GMT (UK)  »
I would like opinions,please, on my gggrandfather, John Lane.  Did he marry three times?  I have searched censuses and bought certificates and completed a Timeline.  I am about 85% sure that I have the same man but lack that defining proof.  What is consistent on the records is his occupation as either a scripture reader or nurseryman/gardener.  His age does not vary a great deal.  His address at times is near his eldest son, William , in Everton.  His father's name on his ?last marriage is William, which fits the Irish naming pattern.  This is a brief Timeline:

First Marriage to Catherine Maloney about 1825 in Cork Ireland.  (My branch, well documented)
6 children, 5 survived with 4 bapt RC Glanmire, Co Cork 1830-38. 1 bapt RC Tipperary 1842. No record of death of Catherine nee Maloney.  Scripture reader or nurseryman/gardener given as John's occupation on children's marriage certificates.

1849 Son & my ancestor, James bpt 1831 Glanmire Cork,left Askeaton, LIM for nurseryman apprenticeship in Clifton, Bristol.  Two sisters followed to Clifton and married there.

1850 John, scripture reader of Askeaton, LIM marries Honora Madigan nee Sheehan CofI in Nantinan, LIM.  Possible children: 2 Children, 1 survives, both bapt CofE 1853, 1856, Everton, Liverpool.  Father, scripture reader.  ?Second marriage?

1856 William, eldest son of first marriage, marries Everton, Liverpool. Also a scripture reader like father, John.  Stays in Everton, Liverpool

1869, ? second wife, Hannah/Honora, dies, John, scripture reader, Everton

1870, John marries ? third time, gardener, widower, Ellen Madigan (relation of previous wife not found but b LIM)  subsequent censuses shows him about 25 years older then Ellen. Marries Everton. Liverpool

Has 6 children with Ellen only 1 survives.  Occupation sometimes given as scripture reader at bapt. Everton.

Dec qtr 1891 John aged 87 dies, West Derby district.

Can I claim this John Lane as my ancestor who marries twice more and moves to Liverpool about 1853?  Thank you for reading. Gazania


Technical Help / Reconnecting to sites using Chrome after Windows 10 install.
« on: Sunday 02 October 16 02:00 BST (UK)  »
I am feeling pretty proud of myself and I wish to advise how I sorted out my problems.  (I usually rely on my IT engineer son, as I grew up in the pen nib and inkwell era)

My problems started after uploading the free Windows 10.  I soon found I could not login to Rootschat. This was very frustrating as I began to suffer from not having my daily fix.  As I had been a member  for a long time (?2005), I had lost my original login details and I could not work out how else to rejoin.  In desperation, I joined as a new member.

However, I found I also could not login into the newly upgraded ScotlandsPeople, although, this time, I had a record of username and pass word. So I searched on Rootschat as a new member, and found a post where a person solved his login problems with his Safari to ScotlandsPeople by using Chrome.

So using Chrome, I had no problems sorting out my login connection with both Scotlandspeople and Rootschat on my desktop. I can now happily sign my name again as Gazania.

PS I now have all my login details for sites, carefully recorded in my tatty index notebook (paper).


 I am seeking the baptism of Charlotte Manley.  This is what I know from baptisms of her children, censuses and marriage certificate:

1812-1816  birth Chesham Bucks, father, Richard Manley, grainer, dec. at marriage in 1856.
1835-1848  had 5 children (3 survived) with James LINE, butcher, living St Sepulchre, London. (Deaths of two children buried non-conformist)
1856           married James LINE at Lambeth, one week before the marriage of their daughter.

I have considered she could have been previously married ( but very young).   Common name in a number of related families is Charles Reuben.  Thank you, Gazania

World War One / Arthur George Wareham (1874-1939) Cheshire Regiment Pte No 315739
« on: Sunday 23 August 15 07:35 BST (UK)  »
I would appreciate any suggestions in searching for any military record for my great uncle.  It appears that his service record and pension record were destroyed during WW2.  Only his Victory medal details have survived.  In fact his life has been unknown after the 1891 census where he was living with his family in Edinburgh aged 17 and a scholar.  He would have been 40 at the outbreak of WW1.

I have just come across his obituary in the Hertford Mercury & Reformer dated 20 Jan 1939. The obituary mentions he was in the Cheshire Regiment and was a POW during WW1.  Members of the Hitchin British Legion attended his funeral.  He appears not to have married.

Would it be appropriate to write to the Hitchin branch of the British Legion?  Any other suggestions welcomed.

Thank you, Gazania.

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