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United States of America / Denver Ray Elliott (1945-2017) of Xenia, Ohio
« on: Tuesday 01 May 18 21:02 BST (UK)  »
Denver Ray Elliott was born March 4 1945 in Barbourville, Kentucky, and died on Dec 29 2017 in Xenia, Ohio. He retired from Anderson foundry and his motto in life was 'Family is everything.' He came from a large family in Kentucky. His wife was Clay Willoughby (1941-2016), also from Kentucky.
Link to Obit at Xenia Daily Gazette:
Link to Clay's Obit:

United States of America / Roland Kulhanek (1936-2016) of Illinois
« on: Sunday 01 April 18 02:18 BST (UK)  »
Roland Kulhanek was born Aug 2 1936 in Germany, and died abt Feb 17 2016 in SW Suburban Chicago in Illinois, USA. He was the son of Willy Assenheimer (d. 1944)  and Berta Freida Kaess (1915-1992). Roland was raised as a child in Nazi Germany. He talked about picking the grapes near Benningen am Neckar, Germany. He took the name Kulhanek from his adoptive Father Vaslav/Vaclav Kulhanek (d. bef 1992).
  Within a few years after the war, Roland and his parents moved to Venezuela for six years.
They then relocated to the Midwest in America, in Illinois and Ohio. Roland settled down in Oak Lawn, Illinois and Orland Park, Illinois. He worked construction for many years. He used to poke fun at people and say, ‘Are you going to get there’?

One Name Studies: H to M / Lang
« on: Saturday 08 July 17 16:36 BST (UK)  »
The Lang's
The Lang’s are ancestors of the Kaess family and hail from mainly around the Neckar Valley,
Germany. Like the Kaess’, the Lang's are one of the ‘older’ families in Benningen. The Lang's are
connected to the Kaess Family via the marriage of Andreas Kaes (1824-1896) to Johanna Karoline
Lang (1850-1932) on Nov 2 1879. This was her 2nd marriage. She had earlier married Jacob Eisenmann (b.1846) on Nov 18 1875, but their marriage did not last. Andreas Kaes had five children with Johanna Karoline (or Caroline) Lang, including Friedrich Emil Kaess (1889-1968).

  The parents of Johanna Caroline (or Karoline) Lang (1850-1932) are Georg Adam Lang Jr. (1819-1880) and Margarethe Knoll (1819-1878), both born and died in Benningen. The Grandparents of Johanna Caroline Lang (b. 1850) are Georg Adam Lang Sr. (1790-1861) and Anna Katharina Schreyer (1786- 1829), both born and died in Benningen. The parents of Georg Adam Lang Sr. (1790-1861) are Johann Conrad Lang (1755-1831) and Anna Catharina Busch (1762-1831), both born and died in Benningen. These are all direct ancestors of Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess (1947-1972).
  The parents of Anna Katharina Schreyer (1786-1829) are Johann Martin Schreyer (1752-1823)
and Anna Maria Zimmer (1755-1836), both born and died in Benningen. The parents of Johann
Martin Schreyer (1752-1823) are Georg Friedrich Schreyer (1726-1799) and Rosina Margarethe
Vogel (1724-1794), both born and died in Benningen. These are all direct ancestors of Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess.
  Family surnames that include direct ancestors to the Kaess/Lang Family found in the Benningen
area include: Knoll, Seyboard, Schreyer, Zimmer, Vogel, Heppler, Edelin, Kloepfer, Hueber, Busch,
Maier, Clock, etc.; Towns dwealt in by these ancestors include Benningen, Kirchberg,
Metterzimmern, Poppenweiler- all not far from the Neckar River.

L. Johann Conrad Lang (1755-1831), m. to Anna Catharina Busch (1762-1831), Res. of Benningen,
Württemberg, Germany. Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess' 4th Great Grandparents
L.1. Georg Adam Lang Sr. (1790-1861), m. to Anna Katharina Schreyer (1786-1829), Res. of
Benningen, Württemberg, Germany , Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess’ 3rd Great Grandparents
L.1.1. George Adam Lang Jr. (1819-1880), m. to Margarethe Knoll (1819-1878), Res. of Benningen,
Wuerttemburg, Germany , Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess' 2nd Great Grandparents
L.1.1.1. Johanna Karoline (or Caroline) Lang (1850-1932), m. to Andrea Kaes (1824-1896), five children. Parents of Friedrich Emil Kaes (1889-1968), Res. of Benningen, Württemberg, Germany.
Looking for any further info on the Lang's in Benningen.

Photo of Hildegard Louise Golz (1924-2004) of West Germany. She was married to Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002). They retired together in Benningen am Neckar, Germany. They lived there during the 1990's and earlier. This photo was taken likely in xmas time 1957 in Heutingsheim, Germany.
  Looking for a touchup on the photo.
  Thanks in advance.

Europe / Hildegard Golz (1924-2004) of Germany
« on: Monday 24 April 17 19:01 BST (UK)  »
Hildegard Louise (?) Golz (1924-2004) was born Nov 10 1924 near Ludwigsdorf, East Prussia, d. abt Apr 2004 in SW Germany (?);  She was the 2nd wife of Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002). She married Paul on Dec 22 1953 in Kamp-Lintfort, North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany.  She met Paul in Kamp-Lintfort while he was on business trips. She worked as a Maid and Seamstress and at a Salamander shoe factory. She was a German Citizen during WWII. After their marriage, Paul & Hildegard lived in Heutingsheim, West Germany, and later Benningen am Neckar, West Germany. She was a step-mother to Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess (1947-1972) and they lived in the same household until 1965.
  Looking for any additional details/records about her.

US Lookup Requests / Joseph Godfrey Swartz (1847-1887) newspaper article
« on: Monday 27 March 17 15:37 BST (UK)  »
Looking for a newspaper article on Joseph Godfrey Swartz (1847-1887), native of Rockbridge County; Virginia, and Professor at VMI. The article appears to have been printed in the 19th century and headline reads something to the effect, 'Joseph Swartz, Popular teacher.' In the article is a photo of Joseph and an Indian roomate of his at Roanoke College. Joseph was also a res. of Fredericksburg, Virginia, as an educator.
 Joseph was also a Confederate Veteran and is a traceable ancestor to SCV.

Image of Evalin 'Evie' Haller Gibboney (1858-1937) of Virginia. Evie was married to John Edward Major (1848-1913) and had many descendants. Looking for a brushup. Thanks in advance.

Photo of Margaret Jean Ochiltree (1847-1928) and her Swartz Grandchildren. Photo was likely taken in Rockbridge County, Virginia, near the Natural Bridge. Margaret Jean Ochiltree is mentioned by her married name 'Margaret Swartz' in this photo. This photo was likely taken in the early 1920's.

Let me identify the individuals in this photo:
1. Joseph Gibboney Swartz (1910-1975)
2.? Ruth Elizabeth Swartz? (1912-1971), she is at the top of the photo, center left.
3. Newell Major Swartz (1913-1947)
4. Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997)
5. Eloise Haller Swartz  (1915- bef 1940), died young
6. Carlyle Ochiltree Swartz (1918-1996)
7. Kathleen Wilson Swartz (1916-1972)
8. Paul Rudolph Swartz (1919-1943)
9. Grandma Margaret Swartz, maiden name Margaret Jean Ochiltree (1847-1928), wife to Joseph Godfrey Swartz (1847-1887).

Looking for a brushup.

World War Two / Sgt. Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002) German Army in WWII
« on: Saturday 11 February 17 17:51 GMT (UK)  »
Sgt. Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002) saw extensive combat in WWII as a soldier in the German Army. Per  sources, he saw service in France, Yugoslavia, Greece, Rumania, Russia, Lithuania, and perhaps Poland. He served in the European Theater of Operations (ETO). It is known he was wounded in 1944. He hailed from Benningen am Neckar, in SW Germany.

  Paul Ernst Kaess military record from the German Army in WWII was obtained from Deutsche Dienststelle Berlin on Feb 6 2017 by  in Mexico.
  Paul’s entry date for the German Army  was  June 17 1940. He served until at least Feb 24 1944. He attended Field Artillery training in Batterie schwere Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung 61 in Pilsen (June 1940) and Schwabish Gmund (Sept 1940). He also trained with Batterie Artillerie-Lehr-Regiment Juteborg in Sept 1940. He was assigned to Batterie Sturm-Artillerie-Abteilung 190 from Oct 1 1940 to Feb 4 1944. This was his main unit. He also served in Sturmgeschutz-Brigade 190 from Jan 14 1944. From Feb 24 1944 to his discharge (his discharge date is unknown), he served in Genesendenbatterie Sturmgeschutz-Erzatz- und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 200 in Schweinfurt.It appears he served in Army Group South (11th Army) before being transferred to Army Group Center. It seems clear that he survived the destruction of Army Group Center.

  Paul was in the hospital three times:

1) June 22 1942 in Kreigslazarett 2/610 Simferopol
2) Jan 30 1944 to Feb 9 1944  in Reservelazarett I Warschau (Warsaw), C1, Salzstrasse. He appears to have been transferred to Hannover.
3) Feb 2 1944  in Reservelazarett III Hannover, Abteilung Clementinenhaus. He was translferred to a unit in Schweinfurt.

Paul Ernst Kaess was promoted to Gefreiter (Corporal) in June 22 1942 and promoted to Unteroffizier (Seargent) on Jan 30 1944. His final Discharge date is unknown but is believed to be around late 1944-45.

Sgt. Paul Ernst Kaess was believed to have earned the following medals: EK2, Wounds Badge, PAB, Crimea Shield, and perhaps the War Merit Cross.

What I am looking for is an address for a federal office in Germany that can handle requests for information about a particular service person's medals/awards.

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