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Hertfordshire / Old Hall Green
« on: Wednesday 21 November 18 13:04 GMT (UK)  »

In Hertfordshire near Standon there is a small settlement(?) called Old Hall Green.
It has a school called St Edmunds as its main attraction.

I have a Richardson family, the parents of which were Reuben and Emma nee Eldred. Most of their children were baptized at the Roman Catholic Church/Chapel at Old Hall Green and one was also buried there. The PRs are on FindMyPast and are a little interesting to find.

Does anyone know where the church is/was (is it the one in St Edmunds College which did appear to exist in the 1850s)? And, does anyone have any idea where the graveyard is/was?

Any help much appreciated. Keith Jeffery

Essex / Harlow registers
« on: Sunday 21 October 18 02:04 BST (UK)  »

I may have posted about this, but I can't find it so....

According to several trees on Ancestry, a James Patmore married an Elizabeth Chipperfield in Harlow in 1746. However, there's a problem.... no supporting register printouts.

According to the ERO, the parish chest was stolen in 1814 and the PRs were never recovered. A partial rebuild was done from parish records and other information taking them partially back from 1814 to 1770. These records are on seax.

Does anyone know if there are existent records that may cover the year 1746 and if there was, in fact a marriage between James Patmore and Elizabeth Chipperfield? It is likely that there was a marriage between James Patmore and an Elizabeth as the children's baptism entries have James and Elizabeth. Just to compound the issue, the same trees say that Elizabeth was baptized in Birchanger in 1725. I can't find an entry for Elizabeth in the Birchanger PRs.

Thank you all kindly, Keith Jeffery

Devon / Melhuish of Washfield and brick walls
« on: Wednesday 01 August 18 00:49 BST (UK)  »
Greetings and thanks for reading,
A brief history. I may have asked this previously, but can't find it in a search....
A Robert Melhuish was born in Washfield in 1618. He was buried in Washfield in May 1673.
He was a son of Robert Melhuish (no birth located - 1654) and Joan Hagleigh (1566-1645).

There is, in Washfield, the burial of a Margaret Melhuish, wife of Robert Melhuish buried 1687.
I think we can assume that Margaret was the wife of the Robert who died in 1654.

I'm trying to find the name, birth/baptism and marriage of the Margaret, buried 1687.

I have looked for her in several places, FindMyPast, DFHS, Ancestry, Familysearch, Devon OPC.
I've also looked at parishes in Somerset along and close to the Devon border.

If anyone has any information that may help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Keith Jeffery

Australia / Ann Walker born about 1830 died 1859
« on: Wednesday 27 June 18 07:13 BST (UK)  »
We're trying to track down the ancestry of one Ann Walker in Tasmania born about 1830, died 1859. We have no idea at this point where she came from. As far as we can tell, she was not a convict.

In about 1850 odd, she started cohabiting with one Joseph Lawless, a convict (there is no marriage and, in her inquest, she is still Ann Walker). They had 3 children Mary Ann, Thomas and Annie, all born Lawless. She died in 1859 from complications in the childbirth of Mary Ann. From Thomas, most of the Lawlesses in Tasmania are descended, while from Annie most of the Seabournes (lots of spelling variants) in Tassie and NZ are descended.

Also as far as we can tell, she was not a child of James Walker and Esther Tucker who came to Tassie in 1826 on the John Barry as a member of the Veterans Company with two children, James and John. There is a child Ann from this pairing, however she married Joseph Beamer, had 3 children and later cohabited with George Harwood (both Joseph and George were convicts) and had about 12 children according to LINC and the Colebrook church records.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Keith

Australia / Veteran Corps
« on: Wednesday 13 June 18 01:05 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the members of the Veteran Corps who were recruited from Chelsea Pensioners in the UK in about 1825. More particularly, for one James Walker who was recruited as a private and, with the 3rd Company, arrived in Tasmania on the John Barry in 1826. I have articles from Tasmanian newspapers via Trove that have the ship's arrival in Hobart, but not much other information.
Thanks in advance, Keith Jeffery

Devon / Little Silver near Cadeleigh
« on: Sunday 17 December 17 00:16 GMT (UK)  »
Just north of Cadeleigh in Devon is the small hamlet of Little Silver. In that hamlet was a Congregational Chapel which was built about 1840 by the local landholder Hugh Roberts. It is now a private house.

It has a small graveyard attached which still exists.

I'm trying to find the baptisms/marriages/burials for that chapel. I have sent emails to the South West Heritage Trust and to the National Archives.

Thanks to all, Keith Jeffery

New Zealand Completed Requests / Ken JEFFERY
« on: Saturday 28 October 17 07:16 BST (UK)  »

I'm looking for the death of one Ken (Kenneth) Jeffery, only son of Gladys Mary Uru Jeffery (nee Brown) and Robert Melhuish Jeffery. He was supposed to have had a pulmonary embolism while engaged in the Round the Mountain (Mt Taranaki/Egmont) cycle race in 1965. He was born in Christchurch on 24 Sep 1939 according to an article in the Chch Press. There is no burial in Christchurch Council cemeteries or in Taranaki that I can find around the year concerned, nor is there a bdm entry for a death in 1965.

There is the cremation of a Kenneth Robert Jeffery at the WoodLawn Crematorium in 1983.

PapersPast doesn't go past about 1920, so that's not a lot of use.

Confusingly, according to family members he never married. However the biography of Phil O'Shea (a famous NZ bike coach) has a line "Pam Jeffery wife of champion 1960s racer Ken Jeffery recalls....."

I am now completely confused, so if anyone can point me in the general direction of something, I would be extremely grateful.

Best, Keith Jeffery

Somerset / Parish of Ikon
« on: Sunday 27 August 17 05:07 BST (UK)  »

I have a sort of relation who, in the PRs for Ilton, says that he was the Vicar of Ikon. Later on, it also says that he was buried at Ikon.

So my question... Where, what or who is Ikon?

Thanks most kindly, Keith Jeffery, Brisbane

Essex / Little Hallinbgury Parish Registers.
« on: Sunday 16 July 17 00:58 BST (UK)  »
I'm still hunting.....

SEAX has the Little Hallingbury PRs from about 1711 for births and baptisms and 1690 for burials. Does anyone know where the earlier registers are and if they're accessible? They are to be commended for the job that they're doing with these. It's just a pity that brute force searches are required. However these searches do often turn up little gems....

According to a note in the available PRs, the early registers are on parchment, while the registers after 1711 were on paper. The congregation approved replacement of the paper with parchment and for the transcribing of the PRs to that parchment.

Also, under Hertfordshire in FindMyPast, for a lot of Essex registers there are transcriptions for the years of 1629 and 1630. I found them by accident, so I haven't the foggiest idea how to get them back and which parish they're under.

Kind regards, Keith

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