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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Ashforth family, Sheffield
« on: Monday 27 August 18 13:51 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

After a long break from research, I've decided to start my search again for the ancestors of Abraham Ashforth, baptised September 1802 at Cathedral St Peter in Sheffield, son of John Ashforth (labourer, later said to be a Mason,  and a fettler) and Hannah. I thought starting afresh would be the best way to do this.

I have never found the marriage of John and Hannah. There is one at Rotherham, John Ashforth and Hannah Heaton, although they baptised their children elsewhere, so it would be strange for them to baptise only one child at Sheffield.

I have been working on the basis that 'Abraham' is a name passed down through the family. It's a rare name in my research, so decided to try this out.
I've found several Abraham Ashforth's in Sheffield, and have been putting little family trees together to see if they are linked to my Abraham.
I've attached two photos to show the family tree I've got so far.

I believe Thomas Ashforth, bap 5 Nov 1743 at Attercliffe (son of Joseph Ashforth), could be the grandfather of my Abraham. Thomas seems to have had a son called John, bap 01/05/1771 at Cathedral St Peter in Sheffield. This John could be the father of Abraham.

But the research is all based on it 'could be'. I could really use some help making links between these people, as all I have at the moment is a family name and some dates that seem to fit.

I've attached the two photos below. The first is the family tree I'm working with. The second is an additional Ashforth family in Sheffield with some Abraham's, who I suspect could be related to the other tree above it.

Thanks for any help or advice you can offer,

Added: I can't seem to add any photos at the moment, but will describe the family trees below until it is possible to add photos.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Finding family of RACHEL HALLALEY/HALLILEY
« on: Thursday 08 June 17 18:35 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

I would really appreciate some help researching Rachel Hallaley/Halliley. I know very little about her, only that she married John Bullosse (1715-1799) on 20 Jul 1743 at Wath Upon Dearne. With John, she had the following children (I believe), all baptised at Wentworth:
- John (1745-1815)
- Thomas (b.1746)
- William (1751-1839)
- Anne (b.1754)
- Joseph (b.1756)
- Richard (1758-1773)
- Sarah (b.1763)
- James (1765-1772)
- Elizabeth (b.1768)

And then there's two other possible children that I haven't found baptism records for:
- Rachel, buried 12 Nov 1771 at Wentworth, said to be the daughter of John Bulloss
- Samuel, said to be the son of John (a butcher) and Rachel Bulloss, according to Samuel's son John's baptism in 1777 at Wentworth.

I think Rachel's husband John Bulloss(e) (sometimes spelled Bullhouse) was a butcher, turned farmer. What would really help me trace Rachel's parents and siblings would be to find her burial record - I found one that looked promising at Wentworth:
- Rachel Bullosse, from Thorpe Hesley (where most of the children were born, but they were baptized up the hill at Wentworth), wife of John (a butcher), buried at Wentworth 08/10/1785, died of jaundice. Despite this, the age given is 44 years, which is much too young for my Rachel (44 yrs old would give a birth date of 1741, which is only 2 years before the marriage to John Bullosse).

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

P.S. The name Halliley/Hallaley is an unusual one, on the Genuki website the name is sometimes transcribed as Halliday. I've found no trace of Halliley's/Halliday's at Wath Upon Dearne, and only two burials featuring the name at Wentworth - John Hallilay/Halliday aged 82 years from Cortwood, buried 14/07/1779, a labourer. And Jane Hallilay/Halliday aged 73 years from Cortwood, wife of John (2nd wife), buried 23/06/1778.

Hello all,

I am currently researching the Fletcher side of my family.
My ancestor is JAMES FLETCHER, an agricultural labourer, born apparently about 1797 in Clarborough in Nottinghamshire, according to the 1851 census. He married Elizabeth Dobb at Cathedral St Peter, Sheffield, on 30 May 1814. James and Elizabeth had the following children; Mary Ann, Vincent, Catherine, James, Martha, Jane, Elizabeth, Fanny and Joseph.

Now I was trying to trace the ancestry of James Fletcher (who married Elizabeth Dobb), and yet I'm struggling to find a baptism for him. Both the 1841 and 1851 censuses suggested the 1797 date and place (the 1841 suggested he wasn't born in Yorkshire, which was where he was living at the time).
Now with his son having the (quite) unusual name of Vincent, I decided to look for possible relatives called Vincent. I found a baptism for a VINCENT FLETCHER, bap 29 Apr 1770 in Clarborough, Notts, the son of Joseph. Could this be a brother of James? I found a sibling to Vincent called James, this James being baptised 11 Nov 1787 at Clarborough, but obviously this is 10 years too early from what I was given in the censuses.
Despite this, I'm thinking this could be the right man - my James had already been widowed when he married Elizabeth Dobb, and I believe his first marriage was to Jane Snidall in Sheffield in 1811 - which would invalidate the date given on the censuses as he would have been only 14.

What do the people of rootschat think? Could this be my James, but he's given the wrong birth date?
Many thanks for any help,


United States of America / James MCWEENY, late 1800's, Massachusetts
« on: Monday 10 April 17 20:44 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

I was originally tracing my MCWEENY line in Bradford (Yorkshire, England), but it seems now my search for more details on the life of James McWeeny (my 4x great grandfather) is taking me to the U.S.A.

James was originally married to Elizabeth Larkin (married at Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, in 1848), where they had most of their children in Rotherham (Yorkshire), with the last child born in Bradford (Yorkshire). The children were born between 1849 and 1876. I believe that Elizabeth died in Bradford in the Jan-Feb-Mar quarter of 1882, leaving behind James and their 11 children.

Now I was looking long and hard for a death for James McWeeny, and couldn't find one anywhere. I couldn't find any more censuses for him, or his youngest three children Joseph (b.1870, Rotherham), Annie (b. 1872, Rotherham) and Agnes (b.1876 Bradford) either.
But it looks as though James McWeeny emigrated to the USA about 1882-1884, where he married Amelia Haslam in 1884 in the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts. I have then traced him with her - they had a daughter called Edith, born 1885 in Massachusetts. He then died in 1898.

However, I cannot find any trace of Joseph, Annie or Agnes (James and Elizabeth's youngest three children). I thought that maybe they stayed in England with their older siblings, but I can't find them anywhere. Nor can I find any deaths. So that takes me to America - could they have emigrated with their father? Or did James leave all 11 of his children behind in England?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as it's taken me months just to trace James in the USA. And so far I can't find the three children in the USA.
Many thanks,

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Thomas Cullon death certificate 1882
« on: Friday 07 April 17 01:11 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,
I've attached a photo of 'cause of death' on a death certificate of my ancestor Thomas Cullon, who was 31 years old when he died in 1882.

I can make out the words spinal sclerosis and paraplegia, but I'm struggling to read the other words.
Help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Shropshire / LEWIS AND TISDALE, early 1800s - finding their families
« on: Sunday 19 February 17 23:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

As the subject title suggests, I'm currently trying to research two people; THOMAS LEWIS and SARAH TISDALE. They married on 7 Jun 1827 at St Chads in Shrewsbury, and had the following children;
- Emily Lewis (my ancestor) b.1828 Shrewsbury
- Edward Philip Lewis b. 1830 Shrewsbury
- John Lewis b. abt 1833
- William Lewis b. abt 1836
- Eliza Lewis b. abt 1842 in Wolverhampton

Now, I am wanting to find the families (e.g. parents and siblings) of Thomas Lewis and Sarah Tisdale. It's proving quite hard though. This is what I know about each of them:

a carpenter and joiner, born about 1806-1809 according to 1841 and 1851 censuses. Birthplace is said to be Marton in Shropshire on 1851 census.

a bonnet maker in 1851, born 1809-1811 according to 1841 and 1851 censuses. Birthplace is unclear, but looks something like 'Weebatch' in Shropshire, according to 1851 census. 1841 census just says that she wasn't born in Staffordshire.

Any help tracing these two would be great. I can't find them alive on a census in 1861, they were living in Staffordshire in 1851. There are so many choices for deaths between 1851-1861 that I have no idea which one it could be, if indeed they did die in this time frame.

Thank you for any help and/or advice offered,
Much appreciated,

Shropshire / Davies and Hill families, Wellington in Shropshire, 1700's
« on: Saturday 18 February 17 17:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

I would really appreciate some help tracing these two lines in Shropshire.
Thomas DAVIES married Ann HILL at Wellington in Shropshire on 23rd August 1784.
They had many children, all baptized at Wellington.
- Martha bap 1785
- Thomas bap 1786
- Levi bap 1788
- Elisabeth bap 1792
- Evan bap 1796
- Richard bap 1798
- Robert bap 1801
- William bap 1802
- Henry bap 1803
- Sarah bap 1805
- Sarah bap 1806
- James bap 1807
- John bap 1808

I'm having a struggle however tracing Thomas Davies and Ann Hill's families - especially since they're such common names.
I hoped that the unusual names of some of their children (especially Evan and Levi) would help me finding their families (e.g. if relations had the same names), but I've had no luck so far.

Many thanks for any help and/or advice,

Hello all,
First of all I hope I'm on the right forum as I wasn't sure whether to just post this on the Shropshire page.

I have an Emily Lewis, who was the daughter of Thomas Lewis and Sarah Tisdale. I looked for a 1841 census of them together (Emily was born in 1828 in Shrewsbury), and found one - only of Emily Lewis - she is living with some other people, listed at the bottom of their household. I do not know if her parents had passed away or were still living, and I don't know if Emily was related to this family she was living with in 1841.
The main thing I wanted to ask here was about an 'F.S' in the occupation part of the 1841 census next to her name. She is only 13 years old at this point. It lists the head of the family in this entry, with his wife and presumably his children, then Emily at the bottom.

Is this 'F.S' a reference to her relation? I was wondering if it could be a regular reference for something, like referring to her being a fostered child?

Many thanks for any help,

Yorkshire (West Riding) / PIGOT/PIGGOT family of Conisbrough/Doncaster, 1700's
« on: Monday 13 February 17 17:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

I would really appreciate some help with tracing the family of CHARLOTTE PIGOT (sometimes spelled Piggot), who married William Watson.

I believe I have the right baptism for her - Charlotte daughter of William Pygot, bap April 6th 1763 at Conisbrough. She seems to have (at least) two siblings - William (bap 1756, Conisbrough) and Sarah (bap 1760, Conisbrough). I then found a marriage for William Piggot (senior) to Ann Boulton/Bolton on 13 Jul 1755 at Wadworth by Doncaster, which seemed to fit with the two burial records I have found for them - William buried 1802 at Conisbrough, and Ann buried 1817 at Conisbrough as widow of William.

Based on this burial record, William was 76 years old at death, which places his birth about 1726. And I've found a baptism record at Tickhill (St Mary) on 5 Sep 1725, but here (on the transcript, no image, on FindMyPast) it says that he is the son of William, and a woman called Sarah Jefferson, with a note saying that he was illegitimate - so how do I go about tracing his mother and father? I cannot find a marriage record for William and Sarah, so it seems like they may never have married. But I don't even know if Sarah was a widow at this point, a spinster or married to someone else.

Help and advice would be really appreciated with this.
Thank you,

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