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Hi I wonder if anyone is going to the William Brown Library could they please do a look up for me.
I'm looking for the records of Liverpool Borough Prison, Great Howard Street in 1851.
Prisoners name is Cornelius Gibbons born Ireland 1837. he was 14 years old and a Dock Labourer.
I would like to know why he was in there and if he was transported to Tasmania if so when?
Thank you.  ;D

Australia / Mystery man in Tasmania.
« on: Yesterday at 01:02 »
Trying to find where Cornelius Gibbons originated from. He married Jane Pearmain in Port Sorell 25 Oct 1862, Jane arrived from England 10 Mar 1862 on the ship "Solway" from London. I can't find a passenger list for the Solway to see if Cornelius was with her then also I can't find him on a list of convicts so when did he arrive in Tasmania? He was 26 at the time of his marriage so that makes him born around 1836, the witnesses to the marriage were Elizabeth Chatwin and Alfred Chatwin, Elizabeth was Jane's sister and she married Alfred 19 Apr 1858 in Port Sorell. There is a prisoner in Liverpool city gaol in 1851, Cornelius Gibbons age 14 a dock labourer but I have'nt been able to find his crime or conviction to see if he was transported. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / Birth/baptism c1801
« on: Thursday 28 June 18 01:50 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the birth or baptism of Harriett Cooper c1801 maybe in the areas of Combe, Kingsley or Kingsclere. Online sources just give Hampshire but I would like to determine her parents to be able to proceed further.
Thank you.

Surrey Lookup Requests / Court record, Surrey (Newington) Quarter Sessions 1845
« on: Sunday 24 June 18 03:46 BST (UK)  »
Frying to find details of the trial of George Randall, Surrey (Newington) Quarter Sessions, 26 May 1845. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation. Thank you.

Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / Marriage look up please 1825
« on: Friday 22 June 18 08:06 BST (UK)  »
Looking for details of marriage between Charles Janeway,(Jannoway), and Harriett Cooper. 1825 Coombe, Hampshire.
They subsequently emigrated to Australia in 1840 with 4 children.
Thank you.

The Common Room / Merchant seamans records 1845
« on: Friday 01 June 18 11:06 BST (UK)  »
If someone has a sub to FindMyPast please could you look up merchant seamans records for 1845. The names is George Randall b 1828/9 Derbyshire. There are 2 records there. Thank you.

Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Marriage 1827, Saint Mary,Nottingham
« on: Thursday 31 May 18 09:52 BST (UK)  »
Please could someone look up the original PR for the marriage of George Randall and Martha Augusta Mathev, 12 Mar 1827, Saint Mary,Nottingham. I think Martha's family name may have been wrongly transcribed.
Thank you.

Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / George Randall c1788 Southwell, Nottinghamshire
« on: Thursday 31 May 18 09:48 BST (UK)  »
George Randall in 1851 gives his birth place as Southwell, Nottinghamshire c1788. Would be grateful if someone could find this birth.
Also his wife, Martha Augusta Mathev birth place just Nottinghamshire c1796.  Mathev is probably wrongly transcribed.
Thank you.

Berkshire Lookup Requests / 1851 New Windsor With Dedworth
« on: Monday 21 May 18 01:48 BST (UK)  »
Could someone please look at 1851 census for New Windsor With Dedworth, York Place.
Piece/Folio:   1695 / 386. Page Number:   7. to see who the head of household was. Thank you.

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