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Armed Forces / Army uniform identification
« on: Saturday 12 May 18 16:43 BST (UK)  »
Another photo found who we don't know.

Believe the uniform to be army, but any information on this uniform would be greatly appreciated



Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / help with clothes/uniform
« on: Saturday 12 May 18 16:34 BST (UK)  »

This is a long shot due to the quality of the photo. We found this photo in the loft of my grandparents and have no idea who any of these people are. I was wondering whether anybody recognised the clothes or uniforms that the people are wearing?


Lanarkshire / Foulsykes Farm Cambusnethan
« on: Monday 09 April 18 18:22 BST (UK)  »

Has anybody ever heard of a Foulsykes farm in Cambusnethan. I have family living there in the 1851 Census. Seems like it doesnt exist now and I can find now information about it. Ive only found 1 mention of it in a book where it describes a sewer pipe leaking onto one of its fields.

Id love to find out more information about it.

One Name Studies: A to G / Gardiner name, From Scotland to Kent.
« on: Monday 09 April 18 13:59 BST (UK)  »

I live in Kent and am tracing my name Gardiner back. I have managed to find that my Great Great Grandfather James Gardiner (b. 1843 in Glasgow) was from Scotland, and was the first of my family to make the move from Scotland to Kent where we have remained ever since.

I know the Gardiner name ( or variants of it ) are huge in Scotland, but was wondering if anybody knew of some general history or event around that time that might have made people from Scotland move South.

The reason I ask this is because I read somewhere that there was some Agricultural disease at some point in Scotland that caused alot of farmers to either move abroad or further south because their crops were being ruined.

James lived on a farm with his parent in Cambusnethan in the 1851 census, so I know he comes from a farming background. in 1861 he's a lodger, and is listed as a general labourer.

Then in 1871 census he is in Kent and is listed as an Agricultural labourer.

I would really love to try and learn why he made the move to Kent, and any general history knowledge people may have would be great. I know its quite broad, but I know how incredibally knowledgeable people are on this website.



Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help with WW1 photo
« on: Thursday 07 December 17 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
This is a photo of my great grandfather. He served in the Royal West Kent Regiment where he joined as a Private in 1898.he was promoted to Sergeant in 1902. I was just wondered whether anybody could help me out with any other information in this photograph, such as what the differences is in the uniforms that you can see here. what is it that they are all sitting on? Is there any clues as to the rank of my grandfather from his uniform (front row, far right).



Kent / The Lattices, Sandy Lane, Addington, West Malling
« on: Wednesday 26 April 17 17:17 BST (UK)  »

I was wondering if anybody could help me out with any information about this property in Addington. It was an old family home which my Paternal Grandmother Mary Ellen Gardiner (formerly Colyer) grew up in. And I believe a couple of generations of Colyer's may have lived there before that.

I have some memories of going here as a child and remember being in love with the style of the house. Therefore was wondering if somebody could help me maybe identify the style/design/date of the property etc. I know very little about it. I think maybe it was renovated since my grandmother died by new people who bought it.



The Common Room / Greenhithe High Street, Kent
« on: Monday 27 March 17 17:49 BST (UK)  »
Does anybody here have any knowledge of Greenhithe High Street in Kent.

I live here at the moment and have just  found a 1911 Census of my Great Grandmother who resided here too. The census list their address as 1 Austin Cottage, Austin Square,High Street, Greenhithe kent. Although I am struggling to find anywhere along the high street that may be called or have been called this.

Any help will be great


Family History Beginners Board / Help Finding Birth record Charles Edward Bundock.
« on: Thursday 23 March 17 13:56 GMT (UK)  »

Would anybody be able to help tracking down a birth record for a Charles Edward Bundock.

He was Married twice:

To Sarah Ann Smith in 1898
and then to Agnes Lily Kate Ingram in 1921

He lived in Northfleet Kent. and According to Census Return 1911 He was Born Abt 1875 in Lea Bridge, London.

Name   Charles Bundock
Age in 1911   36
Estimated Birth Year   abt 1875
Relation to Head   Head
Gender   Male
Birth Place   Lee Bridge, Clapton, London, England
Civil parish   Northfleet
County/Island   Kent
Country   England
Street Address   4 College Road, Northfleet, Kent
Marital Status   Married
Occupation   Cement Laborer
Registration district   Strood
Registration District Number   45
Sub-registration district   Northfleet

Household Members   
Name   Age
Charles Bundock   36
Sarah Bundock   36
Charles Bundock   13
Hubert Bundock   11
Frederick Bundock   9
Albert Bundock   7
George Bundock   4

I have however Manually trawled through the UK Birth Indexes between 1874 - 1876 and could only find 1 Charles Bundock who was born in Chelmsford Essex. So that won't be him.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Old Parish Birth record
« on: Monday 20 March 17 14:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, I need help reading 2 words in this Parish birth record. It is the second entry from the bottom of the page; name: Gardner.

I can read the rest which I believe is

'Andrew Gardner BLANK BLANK & Margaret Ford had a lawful son, their 3rd child born 20th May 1843 named James. James Ford & William Gardner Witnesses.'

The two words I have left blank I cannot read. From looking at the other entries on the page, I have made the guess the words could be an occupation and a location. The record is from the Parish of Barony in Scotland so the location would relate to that.

thanks in advance


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