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Oxfordshire / Mary Hants born 1772-1776 in Oxfordshire
« on: Friday 18 May 18 01:07 BST (UK)  »
Hello, Does anyone know any details of this female relative of mine's birth, baptism, & father+mother's names. She married William Gould [1769-1841] in 1802 in Drayton St Leonard, Oxfordshire. She lived in Watlington, Oxfordshire when married until her death there in 1849. Her year of birth estimate is from 1841 English Census data & her death certificate. If anyone has any info about this please let me know, I would be very grateful. Michael

Somerset / Benjamin Holliday born about 1797 in Frome Somerset
« on: Friday 18 May 18 00:27 BST (UK)  »
Hello, Does anyone know anything about the birth of this relative of mine who was born in or near to Frome in about 1797. He married Caroline Carter in Shoreditch & died in 1861 in Stepney, East London. It would be great to have his birth date, baptism date & at which Church, & names of father + mother. I have lots of details of his life in London, but none of his birth & family in Frome. If anyone can help me with info I would be very grateful, Michael


This person who was born about 1762-1766 [according to the 1841 English Census for St George in the East in Middlesex], whose death details I am trying to find out about, & whose maiden name & birth details I am very unsure of, had her children [according to Surrey parish birth & death details] between 1801 & 1807, & married Samuel Lucket[t] who was the master of Abinger Workhouse in 1802-3 [according to the baptism details of daughter Sarah in 1802 & burial details of son Samuel in 1803]. I am also not at all sure where & when they were married. The upper limit of death year is solely based on her date of birth & likely life expectancy

If anyone knows anything about when & where she might have died, I would be very grateful to know



Can anyone help me find out the details of his death [date & place]. He married Mary Ann Burdall in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire on 28 Oct 1830, & probably died between 1851 [he is recorded in the English Census in Spalding with his mother & daughter Jemima] & 28 May 1855 when his 2nd wife [Mary Ann Burdall] married Isaac Gill [presuming John Dolby died before this]. He was consistently
in all the documents I have seen working as a Hairdresser [except in the 1851 English Census]

If anyone knows anything that can help I would be very grateful



Is anyone able to help me find out when & where this person died. He probably died between 23 Nov 1834 [when his daughter Ann Amelia was baptised in Marylebone London] & his wife Sarah's 2nd marriage to George Phillips on 21 Oct 1842 [at St George Hanover Sq London], in the Marylebone area. He was a Saddler by trade. I also have no idea where he was born, but thought it best to find his death details first. Sarah, his wife, was born on 21 Jun 1808 in New Hythe, Kent & died on 9 Jul 1884 in Thame, Oxon

If anybody is able to help with this problem with my direct pedigree, I would be very grateful


I cannot find any details of this member of my direct pedigree of her death [or remarriage]. She was born in Attleborough, Norfolk in 1840. She married George Hawes in Tibenham on 17 Sep 1861 & had her third known child [Edgar Francis] on 17 Mar 1865 in Tibenham. George Hawes married Sarah Anne Sivell/Civil/Sivel [probably Margaret's sister] on 23 Feb 1870 in South Hackney, Middlesex. George & Sarah Anne then lived in Shoreditch & later on in Hackney. Between 17 Mar 1865 & 23 Feb 1870 Margaret most probably died [or unlikely remarried] & I cannot find any records relating either of these possibilities - if anyone is able to HELP ME I would be very, very grateful!

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