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Northamptonshire / Looking for William Oliver Measam/Measom/Meason
« on: Saturday 21 July 18 11:49 BST (UK)  »
I cant seem to find a baptism for my 6th grt grandfather William Oliver Measom.

On the 41/51/61 census records he is living in Burton Overy, Leicestershire and gives his birthdate as C.1770 and birthplace as Spratton, Northamptonshire.
He marries Sarah Jane Simpson 21 Apr 1794 Burton Overy, Leic.

I can see a Hannah Measom was buried 3 May 1802 Spratton but that's all.

There is a William Masom bapt 1768 16miles away from Spratton in Irthlingborough. Parents John and Mary?

Leicestershire / Sutton Cheney Church Swynfen monument?
« on: Friday 20 July 18 18:48 BST (UK)  »
According to sources, the Swynfen family of Sutton Cheney who were Gentry and Armigers were buried in the Chapel of Sutton Cheney and a Will denotes a Monument to be made dedicated to Richard Swynfen Esq of Sutton Cheney 1560-1633. Richard's wife states this in her will ''a gravestone to be laid in the usual burying place of my husband aforesaid in the chapel of Sutton Cheney aforesaid to remain a monument for my said husband & me with both our names thereon”.
Their son John Swynfen also states this on his will - “my body to be buried in the Chapel of Sutton aforesaid in the upper end of the north isle there it being the burying ground belonging to my house & the place wherein my late dear wife & many of my ancestors have been interred”.

Although I cant seem to find anything much relating to inside the church.
Has anyone been to the Church or knows if there is any monuments or gravestones relating to the Swynfens as listed on the Will?
I know there is an Effigy dedicated to Sir William Roberts but I cant see anything dedicated to the Swynfens.

Leicestershire / Looking for Sarah Bull/Ball?
« on: Wednesday 18 July 18 06:25 BST (UK)  »
I’m trying to find parents for my 5th grt grandmother Sarah Bull.

She marries Edward Hawkins 10 Apr 1803 All Saints Leicester. Listed of the Parish.

In 1841 her birthdate is rounded to 1782 Leicestershire. I believe she is the Sarah Hawkins living in St Margaret’s 1851 with the Philips family and birthdate given is 1785 Hinckley.

Sarah dies 1860 aged 75, which gives her a birthdate of around 1785.

I can’t seem to find a baptism for her fitting Hinckley. I think Bull might also be Ball given the close pronunciation.

I did have her as bapt 1786 Leicester, daughter of Robert and Margaret Bull but I have found a burial shortly after for Sarah daughter of Robert Bull so that rules that out.
The only other one is a Sarah Ball bapt Dec 1786 Leicester all saints. Daughter of John Ball and Catherine Cotes I think.

Leicestershire / James Crossley of Mountsorrel?
« on: Tuesday 10 July 18 16:08 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the parents of James Crossley.
On census records 1841-1851 he is listed as born abt 1810/11 and from Mountsorrel.
Occupation - Blacksmith.
He marries Sophia Holyoak 17 May 1831 Leicester.
I think he dies 1869 aged 59 in Blaby which fits his age but on the 1861 Census he is not present with his wife and family, Sophia's occupation is 'Wife' so I assume he is still alive in 1861? A James Crossley dies 1859 Leicester aged 43.

The only baptism which comes up for a James Crossley is -
James Crossley bapt 23 Sep 1810 Rothley, Leicestershire. Son of John.
Rothley is on 1.1 miles away from Mountsorrel, so this looks to be my James.
Although I'm having trouble identifying his parents.

There is a Jeremiah and Rosamund also baptised in Rothley 1812 & 1814 to a John Crossley then an Elizabeth is baptised in Mountsorrel to a John and Elizabeth Crossley 1817, This time as Wesleyan non conformist so I'm not sure if these are the same parents but seems likely as James says he is from Mountsorrel.

A John Crossley is buried in Rothley 1835 aged 70 which gives him a birthdate of 1765 and an Elizabeth Crossley is also buried in Rothley 1830 aged 53 which gives her a birthdate of 1777.

I couldn't see any marriage for a John to Elizabeth on FindMyPast except this one -
John Crossley marries Elizabeth Lockwood 17 Jan 1796 Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire.
Although one record gives this marriage as John Crossland not Crossley.
Kinoulton is 17 miles from Rothley.
Co-Incidentally an Elizabeth Lockwood is baptised in 1777 Kinoulton. Although that would make Elizabeth 18 and John 31 at the time of wedding if these are the same pair?
I havent had much luck on John Crossley c.1765 though.
Could these pair be James's parents?

Warwickshire / William Taylor of Nuneaton.
« on: Friday 06 July 18 21:07 BST (UK)  »
I'm researching my 6th grt grandfather and trying to determine who his parents are, It seems he also has a previous marriage but I'm not quite sure if it is my William of 2 William Taylors.

William Taylor marries Joanna Large 25 May 1797 Nuneaton.
William is a Soldier and Batchelor aged 40 born around 1757 and Joanna is a Spinster and is 40 born around 1757.
On William's military record he says his occupation was a Ribbon Weaver and he is from Nuneaton.

I have his baptism as Jun 1756 Nuneaton son of William Taylor and Ann Walker.

But there seems to be a previous marriage which looks to be my William aswell but he is listed as a Batchelor on his marriage to Joanna?

William Taylor marries Sarah Jellife 10 Dec 1775 Nuneaton.
William is listed as a Ribbon Weaver.
This William and Sarah seem to have the Following children -
Ann Taylor bapt 1778 Nuneaton
William Taylor bapt 1783 Nuneaton
There a no more children to William and Sarah after 1783.
According to Williams military record he served 30 Years which means he must have enlisted aged 16.
Did my William marry Sarah and have this 2 Children whilst away on leave then went away for over 10 years and came back and marry Joanna?
Sarah doesnt seem to die before 1798?

He only has one Child with Joanna, My 5th grt grandfather John Large Taylor bapt Aug 1798 Nuneaton.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Sarah Sutton Witness name?
« on: Friday 29 June 18 17:29 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the parents of my 5th grt grandmother Sarah Sutton.
She marries Henry Ellis 24 Oct 1837 Ratby.
Sarah lists her father as 'John Sutton, Labourer'.
And on all census records her birthplace is given as Barlestone and a birthdate of 1813-1816, I cant seem to find a baptism relating to a Sarah in Barlestone and the only Suttons baptising in Barlestone is a John Sutton and an Elizabeth. I cant see any Sarah baptised to these parents though.

One lead I may have is a witness on Sarahs marriage but I cant make out the first name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Leicestershire / 3rd grt grandmother on 1881 Census
« on: Friday 29 June 18 11:49 BST (UK)  »
I'm just going back over my tree to confirm lines and I cant seem to see my 3rd grt grandmother on the 1881 census.

Her name is Elizabeth Lavinia/Larina Ellis
She is born 1867 Leicester daughter of John Ellis and Ann Crossley.
She is on the 1871 census as Elizabeth L Ellis aged 7 living on Charlotte Street, Leicester.
In 1881 the family is living at Cavendish Rd Hope Cottages, Aylestone but No sign of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth marries Christopher Burt 25 Dec 1887 Aylestone. Father given as Johh Ellis 'Stoker' and residence as 'Aylestone Park'.

On all further Census records she is listed as born 1867/68 Leicester and her name varies between just Elizabeth Burt or Elizabeth Larina Burt so I'm fairly confident she is the Elizabeth Lavinia Ellis born 1867 Leicester.

Armed Forces / More info on Henry and Richard Dudley Civil War.
« on: Sunday 24 June 18 09:57 BST (UK)  »
I’m looking for more info on these two Gentlemen.

Lieutenant Henry Dudley
Of Swepstone, Leic
Served in Lord Loughborough (Henry Hastings) Regiment
Listed as such such on one publication
‘1s of Thomas the Vintner’
Captured in a fight near Melton Mowbray 1643
Described as ‘That great robber of the country’

I’m trying to find his baptism, I assume he is the Henry Dudley baptising children in Twycross, Leic and Swepstone, Leic in the 1640s listed as a Gentleman and who dies 1686 Odstone, Leic as Henry Dudley Esq.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Dudley
Of Swepstone?
Serving in John Barnards Regiment
‘Ex Captain of Hastings Horse’
‘Prisoner of War 1644 at Upton Warren, Worcestershire and was exchanged’
‘Fined 1/10th £106 in 1649’

England / Parents and Children of Henry Dudley Esq of Odstone, Leicestershire.
« on: Wednesday 20 June 18 19:53 BST (UK)  »
I'm having difficulties in finding baptisms and marriages for a few children for Henry Dudley Esq and his wife Frances and his Parentage.

These are the baptisms I have so far from records on FindMyPast -
Henry Dudley bapt 1641 Twycross, Leic son of Henry and Frances
Mary Dudley bapt 1644 Swepstone, Leic dau of Henry and Frances
Hannah Dudley bapt 1646 Swepstone, Leic dau of Henry and Frances
There is then an 18 yr gap and this baptism appears -
Honor Dudley bapt 1664 Twycross, leic dau of Henry and Frances.

The will of Henry Dudley Esq of Odstone, Leic states the following Children, Firstly -
'I give and bequeath the sum £50 to the children of my son Henry'
'I give unto my son John the sum of £50' (I can find no baptism for a John to a Henry but must have been baptised within the 18yr gap)
'I give unto my daughter Smart and my daughter Bill 20 shillings a Piece'
(I can find No marriages for Dudleys with the names Honor/Mary/Hannah marrying into the Bill or Smart families)
'Appoints Daughter Honor to be sole Executrix'
(Doesnt say Bill or Smart so maybe these refer to the 2 older daughters married names and Honor isnt married yet?)
'I nominate and appoint my son Richard to be overseer of this will and give 20 shillings'
(No baptism for a Richard to a Henry found but evidence points to this Richard being the Richard Dudley Gentleman of Cosby, Leic c.1650-1710)
So in the 18yr gap John and Richard must have been born but I can find no record of their births or baptisms.

He mentions a sister in Law Jane Shaw which seems to be the Jane Trowell who married Thomas Shaw in Ashby de la Zouch. (This Jane Trowell comes from Yorkshire it seems and has a Sister Called Frances Trowell who must be the Frances who marries Henry Dudley but I can find No marriage between the pair)

He lastly mentions a brother called William Dudley, This is the only reference to other family members to help with Henrys parents.

There are no baptisms in Leicestershire for a Henry fitting the age. But there is one baptism in Uttoxeter, Staff for a Henry Dudley son of Edward and Frances. There is also a William baptised to Edward and Frances so this could be them but not sure as Uttoxeter is 27 Miles away walking distance from Twycross. Although If Frances is the Frances Trowell from Yorkshire, Travelling obviously isnt an Issue. There are other Dudley families in Swepstone but no baptisms with the name Henry apart from one in 1639.

The Edward who marries a Frances and baptises in Uttoxeter could be the Edward baptised in 1589 in Kinver, Staff son of The Honourable John Dudley of Compton Hallows MP son of Edward Sutton-Dudley 4th Baron Dudley of Dudley Castle and Jane Stanley Dau of Edward Stanley 3rd Earl of Derby. (Kinver is 38 miles away from Uttoxeter but this could be the Connection Which enables 3 generations including Henry and his son Richard and grandson Richard to have the Social Standing and Occupation as Gentlemen and Esquires until 1748)

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