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Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Arms on Seal/Stamp?
« on: Saturday 17 November 18 10:25 GMT (UK)  »
Im still on the hunt for origins of the Bent arms and Ive noticed that the Stamp/Seal of the Will of Francis Bent, Gent of Cosby 1623-1686 has a Coat of Arms on it, Not the Bent arms as seen on visitation mind you.
Could anybody make out what the Arms are and attributed to? They may not even be Francis's and could be just used as that was close at hand.

I will attach images below

Ive also attached the Bent arms which are present on the Will of William Bent Esq of Cosby Hall 1677. He is using the Arms which are present on Visitation Pedigree.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / William and Thomas Bent of Cosby
« on: Friday 16 November 18 13:56 GMT (UK)  »

I'm having trouble understanding the worth of 2 inventories as I cant read this script.

One is for Thomas Bent, Gent who was Lord of the Manor of Cosby in the 1550s. He dies 1555, I'm not sure where the sum total of his inventory is wrote. I've attached below.

Secondly, Is the Inventory sum of his father William Bent, Gent. He dies 1539, and as with Thomas I'm not sure where the sum total is or indeed what it says. I've also attached the top part of William's will as he had been transcribed as 'William Bent of Cosby Holl' is this actually 'Cosby Hall' or is it 'William Bent of Cosby Gent'
In Subsidy Rolls, William is appraised as highly as most Squires in the County and is of the rank of 'Gentleman'

I've attached a snippet from the bottom of the Inventories where I think the sum is wrote but I can try and snip other bits as needed. The Wills/Inventories are also on FindMyPast.

Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Worsley of Deeping Gate
« on: Saturday 10 November 18 19:00 GMT (UK)  »
I've been trying to find anymore information particularly the images for the Arms and crest of Worsley of Deeping Gate, Northamptonshire.
Richard Worsley Esq in 1607 is noted as 'Richard Worsley, Armiger' on his burial in 1607.
On his Will he is 'Richard Worsley Esq of Deeping Gate'
So far, Im unable to find any pictures of his arms or let alone the crest which im interested in seeing.
The only Sources Ive been able to see which list the arms is the tenious Burkes Armoury and the Visitation of Northamptonshire.

Worsley of Deeping Gate, Co Northampton.
Arms are a quarterly of 6, as per the visitation of Northamptonshire 1564 & 1618-1619
1. Ar. a chief gu with an annulet or, for difference (Worsley)
2. Azure, three wolves passant argent (Unknown)
3. Argent, four bars and a canton gules (Fairfax)
4. Or, A chief Gules, over all a bend azure (Unknown)
5. Argent, three bird-bolts gules (Bozom?)
6. Argent, three bars gules (Unknown)

Crest - 'A trunk of a tree lying fessways, couped and ragulee ar. at the dexter end an acorn branch all ppr. thereon a pheasant ar. combed and wattled or.'
The Visitation of Northamptonshire gives the last part of the crest as 'Beaked and Legged Or' rather than 'Combed and Wattled Or' which Burkes gives.
Any help appreciated.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Richard Dudley Jr 1623
« on: Saturday 03 November 18 21:10 GMT (UK)  »
Just trying to decipher a Will and see how it fits in with my Dudleys.
This will is for Richard Dudley Jr of Swepstone, Leicestershire 1623. He is listed as Jr on the Burial Register which I assume would mean his father was still alive?
If some one was called for instance 'Richard Dudley the Elder' His son would be 'Richard Dudley the Younger' vice versa and would still be alive whilst using Sr/Jr?

I think the name is Martha? I cant see any record for a Martha relating to the Dudleys but I think this says 'I bequeth to MARTHA my loving wife'
The second part as 'Together with my loving FATHER or Brother? in law HENRY MOUNTFORT'?
Is this correct?

Leicestershire / Jervis of Countesthorpe
« on: Friday 02 November 18 15:43 GMT (UK)  »
Hello bit of a confusing one
Just trying to straighten out my Jervis line but lack of baptisms/Burials are confusing me.
This is what I have so far -
Elizabeth Jervis marries John Hubbard 1 Dec 1776 Countesthorpe.
Elizabeth dies 1826 and gives a birthdate of 1751.
There is an Elizabeth Jervis bapt 1751 Gilmorton dau of Zachary Jervis and Ann but she dies in 1753.
They then baptise another Elizabeth 1756 Gilmorton. This must be my Elizabeth as Gilmorton isn't too far from Countesthorpe and Zachary and Ann move to Countesthorpe were they later die.

Elizabeth's parents -
Zachary Jervis marries Ann Dawson 26 Dec 1748 Saddington by License.
Zach is a Stockinger and of Gilmorton and has a birthdate of c1727.
One of the witnesses is a Robert Jervis of Lutterworth, Yeoman.
Zachary I think dies 1768 Countesthorpe.
I cant find a baptism anywhere for Zachary but a Zachary Jervis dies in Countesthorpe 1743 and mentions a Homestead and Son Zachary in his Will, Which must be my Zachary but this is where confusion happens.
There are multiple marriages between 1692 and 1724 for Zach Jervis's but no baptisms except a Zach bapt 1671 Ashby Magna son of Thomas and Elizabeth.

A Zachary Jervis marries Joan Smith 1692 Tugby. They go onto baptise in Wigston and Countesthorpe and have a son called Robert. (A son Robert is mentioned in the Will of Zach 1743)
Joan Dies 1703 Countesthorpe listed as 'Jane Jervis wife of Zakias'
Then a Zachary marries Ann Noone 1703 Countesthorpe. This Ann dies 1724 Countesthorpe.
I cant see any baptisms for a Zach and Ann.
A Zach Jervis then marries Elizabeth Iliff 1723 by license. Zach is listed as a Widower and of Countesthorpe. Elizabeth is a Widower of Shensby. 2 other locations of Shensby/Shearsby? and Blaby are listed. A John/Johem Jervis is a Witness.

A Zach Jervis marries an Elizabeth Tallis 1719 Gilmorton. I assume the father of Zach born c1727 who is my Zach?

Then a Zach Jervis marries an Elizabeth Whitton/Whittom 1724 Leicester???? Is this Elizabeth's maiden name?

So Is Zach Sr born 1671 married Joan 1692 then married Ann 1703 then his son Zach marries Elizabeth Tallis 1719 then Elizabeth Illif 1724 and dies 1743?
I cant make it out as Zach who dies 1743 lists a wife Elizabeth and sons ZACH, ROBERT and then a son/daughter called Brian??? but lack of records and abundance of marriages is making it hard to figure out.
Is there 2 Zachs or 3 Zachs?
There is only 2 burials for a Zach Jervis and no baptisms after 1671.

Which is the father of Zach c1727 who marries Ann Dawson and is living at Countesthorpe and Gilmorton and dies 1768??  ??? ???

Hopefully someone can make sense out of this line because I cant.

Leicestershire / William Arnold c1750-1788
« on: Wednesday 31 October 18 21:03 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for parents of William Arnold.
William married Elizabeth Curren/Curring/Corren 30 Jan 1776 Somerby, Leicestershire.
William is of Hoby and Elizabeth is of Aylestone.
I cant see a bapt for a William in Hoby or close.
William and Elizabeth baptise their children in Aylestone and William dies 1788 Aylestone.
Any help appreciated

England / Charles Debrooks/Debrox/Debrix
« on: Tuesday 30 October 18 14:16 GMT (UK)  »
Ive posted about my 6th grt grandfather before but is still proving quite slippery in confirming his parentage.

I don't yet know where he was born as I cant seem to find any record of him before his marriage in 1797 but the family settle in Leicester after Charles is discharged.

Charles Debrooks married Judith Watler/Watlen/Wallen 12 Feb 1797 Salisbury, Wiltshire. Charles is listed as a Private in the 1st Dragoon Guards.
Charles and Judith go onto have 6 Children and some are baptised at places he was believed to have been stationed in.
Mary Ann Debrooks bapt as Devoreaux March 1798 Dorking,Surrey.
John Debrooks uses Debrox/Debrex bapt abt 1800 Croydon, Surrey (My 5th grt grandfather)
Sarah Debrooks listed as Daybrooks bapt Jan 1803 Derby, Derbyshire
Thomas Debrooks listed as Daybrooke bapt Jan 1806 Derby, Derbyshire
Ann Debrooks listed as Deborex bapt Oct 1808 Leicester, Leic
Millicent Debrooks listed as Deborex bapt Oct 1811 Leicester, Leic
The family then settle in Leicester.
Me and a distant Cousin through Charles think Charles dies 1825 Leicester listed as Charles Devereux.
Through research we believe the family name isn't a variation of Devereux and is a separate name going by continued spelling by Charles and Children later in life plus pronunciation differences. Only a few records are wrote as Devereux, The rest are Debrooks/Daybrooks/Deborex/Debrox/Debrex/Debrix. But the Family use Debrox/Debrex the most.

On a few muster rolls Charles is listed as Charles Debrix. This could be the Original spelling and this name has been found in France/Belgium.
This is what was found by a cousin in the national archives -
WO 12/84
Charles DEBRIX is on a number of muster lists as a private in this regiment
1st Dragoon Guards
It seems the troop was in East Anglia when he first appears on Muster so he could have enlisted here.
Dec 1791-June 1792 not found
June 1793-Dec 1793 "F service"
June 1794-Dec 1794 "F service"
June 1795-Dec 1795 "F service"
Dec 1795-June 1796 found
June 1796-Dec 1796 found
Dec 1796-June 1797 found
June 1797-Dec 1797 "at Dorking"

between Dec 1797-Dec 1798 in King's Troop

Dec 1800-Jan 1801 in Captain H Graham's Troop, at Peterborough
by Sep 1801 to Dec 1801 in same troop, at Derby

Mar-May 1801 in same troop at Derby
Discharged in month 25 April -24 May 1802 along with a number of other men.
Apparently only discharge papers were given to men with pensions and I cant seem to find Charles anywhere.

We believe one of the possibilities is that the name is actually an Anglicization of the French/Walloon/Flemish name Debreucq/Debriques/Debrouck/Debrouckes and that Charles's family were either Huguenots/Calvinists and came to England or Charles himself was the First to come to England.

A Charles Devreux is bapt 1769 Wolverhampton son of William and Mary. This is a possibility as some of the children's baptisms to these parents are also spelt Debrex/Deborex/Debroux.
Although There is a baptism of 2 children in Burton upon Trent 1798 to a Charles and Ann Devroux. This could be the same Charles bapt 1769 as Wolverhampton is under 30 miles away.
I cant see a marriage for a Charles to an Ann yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Leicestershire / John Bent of Leicester Forest?
« on: Sunday 07 October 18 19:25 BST (UK)  »
I've been researching another line of my Bent family but I'm not 100% certain I have the correct parents for my 7th grt grandfather.

John Bent marries Susannah Chaner/Chauner by license 6 May 1753 Leicester.
John is listed as John Bent of Leicester Forest in the parish of Desford. Aged above 40 and given a birthdate of 1713. Susannah is of the same but aged above 22 with a birthdate given of 1731.
But I don't think John is actually born 1713 and I think he is actually about 50 but gave himself a younger age.

John and Susanna go onto baptise 3 daughters in Cosby, Leic
Mary Bent 1755
Ann Bent 1758
Susannah 1762

John dies 1763 Cosby.
A William Bent, Yeoman, dies in Cosby 1760 and in his Will he lists his brother John Bent (The only John Bent in Cosby at this time is my John)
A William Bent was baptised in Cosby 1690 who also had a brother John who was bapt 1701.
Could this be my John? My John and Susannah move to Cosby and baptise their Children there and the only John Bent who is in Cosby at the time in relation to the Will of William and who seems to have a connection to cosby is my John.
When John dies Susannah moves back to Desford and remarries so Perhaps she comes from this area and John was from Cosby, hence why they moved there to baptise?
If so John would have been about 53 when he married Susannah who was apparently in her 20s. Did he perhaps lower his age so the age gap didnt appear as much?

Leicestershire / Christian Garners parents?
« on: Sunday 30 September 18 14:53 BST (UK)  »
I've been trying to find the correct set of parents for my 6th grt grandmother but I'm not sure if I have the right ones.

Christian Garner marries Thomas Coleman 22 Oct 1804 Newton Harcourt.
One of the Witnesses is a Garner but I cant make out the first name on the record, possibly Joneas?, I shall link a snippet of the record.

In 1841 she is living in Wistow as a Widow and wrote as Christiana Coleman and occupation is Grocer.
In 1851 she is living in Newton Harcourt and wrote as Christain Coleman and Occupation is Grocer.
Her birthplace is given as Hoton, Leicestershire.
She dies 1858 Wistow with a birthdate of 1778.

The baptism I have which looks to be her is -
Christian Garner bapt Oct 1779 Hoton, Leic daughter of William Garner and Wife Ann.

This is where my problem is as she seems to be the Only Garner bapt to William and Ann in Hoton.
A William and Ann are baptising children in Wymeswold in the 1750s.
This couple seems to be William Garner a Grocer of Wymeswold and Ann Dexter who married by license in 1755 although William seems to be 41 and Ann was 17 so im not sure if this is correct as that would make him 65 when Christian was born and Ann would be in her 40s. William was also a Widower and seems to have married a Elizabeth Whitby in 1734 as she dies I believe in 1753 so William was born around 1714 but I cant find a bapt for certain.

If I could find out who Christian's witness was it may help in securing her parents and a baptism for father William if he is her father.

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