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Northamptonshire / Thomas Billings and Elizabeth Tursell?
« on: Sunday 16 September 18 14:47 BST (UK)  »
A few trees give a marriage license for my 9th grt grandparents in Northamptonshire as 'Thomas Billings, Gent' of Cottingham to an Elizabeth Tursell/Turnell of Cottingham? dated 1688. I cant seem to find a record for this marriage myself anywhere and I'm not sure if Elizabeth's surname is indeed Tursall/Tursell on the photocopy of the license given on some trees.
Any help appreciated.

Warwickshire / George Frearson/Freerstone/Frurstone
« on: Thursday 13 September 18 15:30 BST (UK)  »
Looking for the marriage and baptism of George Freerson/Frearson.
He marries a Jane sometime before 1797 although I cant seem to find one.
As far as I can see they baptise 2 children in Nuneaton -
George Frearson bapt May 1797
Elizabeth Frearson bapt Aug 1810
Son George moves to Leicestershire and dies 1856.

The names have been transcribed as Freerstone/Frurstone but the family name is Frearson.

Jane dies Dec 1827 listed as a Widow living on Abbey Street with a birthdate of 1762.
There is a George 'Freeston' who dies in Blaby Leicestershire in Sep 1827 with a birthdate of 1757, Im not sure if this is my George though.
Any help appreciated.

Leicestershire / Door/Dore family of Leicester.
« on: Tuesday 11 September 18 19:20 BST (UK)  »
Ive posted about this family before but wondered if anyone could perhaps shed some reasoning's on what is going on.

My 3rd grt grandmother is Selena Door/Doors/Dore. She marries James Kirby 8 Mar 1875 Leicester.
She lists her father as DAVID DOORS. Her birthdate is given as 1855.
This is where I'm having the conundrum.
Selena's mother is Caroline Hubbard, she marries David Doors 1842 Leicester and have the following children by 1851 census - 
Charlotte Door born 1842 Leicester
Frederick Door born 1844 Leicester
Jane Door born 1850??? Leicester???
Charlotte and Frederick both have birth GRO records but there is nothing for this Jane.
In 1861 Charlotte and Jane have disappeared but a Selena and Catherine Doors have appeared and both have birthdates of around 1852/1854.
Charlotte marries in 1862.
David Doors dies in 1851 so these 2 children cant be his but Selena lists her father as David Doors on her marriage.
Selena's birth GRO is registered 1853 but could Selena be this Jane from the 1851 census?
Caroline seems to baptise Frederick, Catherine and Selena together in 1854 but Frederick was alredy baptised in 1844 so why baptise children again in St Margarets when one was already bapt in St George? Is this the case of two illegitimate children, Selena and Catherine? or were they born but not baptised and registered till after David died in 1851?

Leicestershire / Elsie Catherine Kirby 1911 census
« on: Tuesday 11 September 18 12:30 BST (UK)  »
Just going through my tree and I noticed I didn't have a 1911 census record for my grt grt nan.
She was born Elsie Catherine Burt 1889 Leicester. Daughter of Christopher Burt and Elizabeth Lavinia Ellis.
She marries William Kirby 1910 Leicester 2nd Quarter.

I have William Kirby as born 1882 Leicester son of James Kirby and Selena Door. On the 1911 census he living with his parents James and Selena but Elsie is not with him nor with her parents? William is listed on census as Married.
Any help appreciated.

Leicestershire / Hearth Tax of Leicestershire.
« on: Sunday 26 August 18 12:15 BST (UK)  »
How would one go about finding the Hearth Tax list for Leicestershire 1663/4?
I'm only able to find the Hearth list for the City of Leicester but I know there is also one for the county including villages/Hamlets/Towns taken in about 1663/1664.

Also looking for land deeds and grants pertaining to the Dudley family owning and purchasing land around Cosby/Odstone/Shackerstone and Swepstone around the 1600s mid 1700s, Ive tried Leicestershire Record office search function but nothing appears. Wills indicate purchasing and conveyance of land to Heirs.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Richard Dudleys Will
« on: Thursday 23 August 18 18:27 BST (UK)  »
I'm in the process of Writing out my 10th grt grandfathers Will, But I cant read some of the handwriting which is making it difficult for me to transcribe it.
I would very much appreciate it if someone with a keener eye and ability to understand the writing more correctly than I can, Could write what it says?
I shall post in snippets.

Leicestershire / Sameul Towers and Mary
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 18:55 BST (UK)  »
Id thought I would revisit my 6th grt grandparents as It appears everybody else's trees regarding these two are different from mine and would like a second opinion.

Im trying to find the maiden name of my 6th grt grandmother and to confirm that I have them correctly as my 6th grt grandparents.

My 5th grt grandfather is Thomas Towers bapt Apr 1795 Aylestone. Son of Sameul and Mary.

Now everybody has Thomas as son of Samuel Towers bapt 1760 Aylestone - Died Hinckley/Stoke Golding 1838 and Mary Valence 1766-1847. Married 1785 Stoke Golding.
I don't believe this is correct. This Couple are baptising in Stoke Golding the same time as a Samuel and Mary are baptising in Aylestone.

I believe Thomas's parents are in fact, Samuel Towers bapt 1738 Aylestone, Died 1825 Aylestone and Mary born abt 1754, Died 1830 Aylestone.

A Samuel Towers marries a Mary Clark in Leicester St Margarets 9 Apr 1787. Both are listed of the Parish and both are Widowers. Witnesses - William Woodhouse, William Stevenson.
This is I believe is the Samuel Towers who married Ann Crofts Oct 1763 Aylestone. They have 9 Children then Wife Ann dies Sep 1785 a few days after a daughter Mary is baptised to the couple, And few days later this child dies. I believe this is possibly why Samuel names his first daughter with Mary as Mary Ann Towers perhaps in honor of his daughter and late wife who possibly died due to issues with childbirth?
I still dont know what Mary's maiden name is but seeing as she is a widower, I assume Clark is her previously married name although there is a Mary Clark bapt 1753 in Leicester.

They go onto have 6 children in Aylestone between 1789-1803 including Thomas. Samuel would have been between 51-63yrs old when his children were born. Mary would be between 39-47 so within Childbearing Age.

Leicestershire / Susannah Bowley of Aylestone
« on: Friday 10 August 18 13:42 BST (UK)  »
I'm currently looking for the parents of Susannah Bowley, My 5th grt grandmother.

She marries William Arnold 31 March 1807 Aylestone. She dies Jan 1841 Blaby aged 55 so a birthdate of around 1785.
I cant seem to find any baptism for her. She isnt the Susannah Bowley bapt in Shepshed 1777 as there is a subsequent marriage for this Susannah.
There is a possible brother called Joseph Bowley who was a Sergeant and born around 1782 Aylestone according to his military record and he is living in Aylestone but I too cannot find a bapt for him in Aylestone. He is also not the Joseph Bowley bapt 1786 Shepshed as there is a infant burial for this one.
Any help would be appreciated.

Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Fowke of Elmsthorpe
« on: Saturday 04 August 18 18:15 BST (UK)  »
I've just come across a blazon of arms for the Fowkes/Fowke family of Elmesthorpe, leic although I cant find any information in noting who there were granted to or a picture of them.
I'm thinking they were granted to Mr Richard Fowke of Elmesthorpe who had a Museum in the village and the son of John Fowkes and Ann Paul, Ann Paul being the Grt granddaughter of Sir Thomas Halford, 2nd Baronet of Wistow Hall.

The arms are listed as such -
'Ar. a chev. gu. on a chief of the last three mullets pierced of the first'

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