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Leicestershire / Visitation of Leicestershire 1682/1683?
« on: Saturday 13 April 19 11:35 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to trace this elusive visitation, that being the one of 1682/1683 Leicestershrie. The only visitation I have found and have known of is the Leicestershire Visitation of 1619.
I have seen various mentions of another visitation taken at Market Bosworth in 1682/1683 but have not found this anywhere.

I have seen it mentioned in the private publishing 'The Mounteney Family, A Miscellany compiled by R.H.Mounteney' where discussing the Leicestershire branch of the family and listing the pedigree cites 'From the visitations of 1619 and 1682 (the latter entered by William Mountney, at Market Bosworth, Sept 18th 1682)'
Ive seen Nichols Antiquities mention this visitation when refering to the pedigrees of the Bent family of Cosby and the Cotton family of Dadlington. I cannot find it anywhere, has anyone else seen or have knowledge of this visitation?

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / John Dudley 1528
« on: Sunday 07 April 19 12:59 BST (UK)  »
Hoping for a transcription on this piece as ell. I've recently come across this and assume it to be the will of John Dudley of Swepstone, Leicestershire 1528.
Once again, I can catch and assume some parts but id like to have a better set of eyes and understanding of the script take a look.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Inventory 1587
« on: Sunday 07 April 19 12:52 BST (UK)  »
If anyone has the time, could they please transcribe this inventory and the respective amounts, Id be very grateful.
I can get a few bits but Id rather have someone who can read it better than I can, give me more a more accurate reading  :)
Inventory is of Richard Dudley of Swepstone, Leicestershire 1587.

Leicestershire / John Wood of Hinckley?
« on: Saturday 16 March 19 19:35 GMT (UK)  »
I'm having trouble pinpointing a set of parents for a John Wood.
He marries Martha Bilson 24 Jan 1793 St Mary de Castro, Leicester
They have the following children -
William Wood 1793
John Wood 1795
Thomas Wood 1797
Ann Wood 1800
James Wood 1802
Mary Wood 1804
Timothy Wood 1810
All are baptised at St Mary de Castro.

Martha dies 1827 St Nicholas, Leicester aged 63 with a birthdate of 1764 but I think she is the Martha Bilson bapt 1768 Whetstone.

I cant find John on the 1841 census but in 1851 he is living with his son James and is listed as -
John Wood aged 82 born 1769 a Framework Knitter born Hinckley, Leic.
I have his burial as 1852 Leicester aged 85, so a birthdate of 1767.

So I have a rough birth date of 1767-1769 but I cant find a John Wood of Hinckley.
A John Wood is bapt 1773 Hinckley son of John and Mary but I think this is the 'John Wood, Infant' who is buried 1779 Hinckley?
There is a John Wood bapt in Sapcote 1767 but there is a subsequent marriage and death for this John.
There is a John Wood bapt 1765 Stole Golding to a Thoams and Mary but once again a subsequent infant burial is found.
A John Wood is bapt 1764 in Nuneaton, Warw 4.4 miles from Hinckley but there appears to be a marriage for this John.

There is a John Wood bapt 1767 Bulkington, Warw 7 miles from Hinckley baseborn son of Catherine Wood?

A William Wood marries an Ann Haddon in Hinckley 1768. There are no baptisms for this pair as far as I cound see but this William dies in 1784 and leaves a Will listing his wife Ann and gives her property for the use of her and her Heirs. Would this imply there is children? In the Will of Anns father Joseph Haddon 1781 he mentions money and interest to be paid to the child or children of his daughter Ann Wood after her decease for their maintenance and education. Is this implying that there is indeed children?
I can see that William Wood was baptised a non conformist in the 1740s so maybe the they baptised as such?

Any help appreciated

Cambridgeshire / Jerson or Isaacson?
« on: Sunday 24 February 19 11:17 GMT (UK)  »
I have a brickwall here -
Elizabeth Jerson marries Robert Webb 1776 Fulbourn, Cambs. I have not been able to find a baptism for her or any other Jerson family baptisms or burials.
The only other person is a Stephen Jerson who marries Martha Fordham in 1773 Great Wilbraham which is only 3 miles away from Fulbourn, Cambs. He has been transcribed on marriage as 'Stephen Jerson or Isaacson'
This Stephen then uses the name of Isaacson to baptise his children.
Could Stephen and Elizabeth be illegitimate? I know there is an Isaacson family 8 miles away at Burwell and another 7.5 miles away at Dullingham.
Any help appreciated.

Leicestershire / Parents of Sarah Brewin/Bruin/Bryan?
« on: Thursday 14 February 19 18:20 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for the parents of Sarah Brewin/Bruin.
She married John Tookey/Tooke 14 May 1785 Kibworth Beauchamp, Leic. On the license she is stated to be 25 years old with a birth date of 1760. She dies 1792 and buried Leicester St Margarets.
All of the baptisms for a Sarah Brewin/Bruin/Bryan appear around 1760 appear to have subsequent marriages or infant burials.
There is however a baptism for a Sarah Bryan in 1768 Kibworth Beauchamp. Daughter of George Bryan and Sarah. Their children appear to be transcribed with the name Brian/Bryan. I cant see an infant burial or marriage for a Sarah Bryan of Kibworth.
Any help appreciated

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / House or Land name?
« on: Friday 08 February 19 10:54 GMT (UK)  »
I have a name for a piece of land or a house but I'm not 100% sure what its called.
I think it could be 'Colelanebancks'? It appears to be wrote as one word. It is mentioned in the Will of George Bent, Gent of Cosby, Leic in 1693.
Its firstly listed to be given to his grandson Richard Dudley after the decease of Thomas and Ann Howers (Georges Son in Law) then further down George bequeaths 'Colelanebancks'? to Thomas and Ann Howers until they both die then for it to be reverted to Richard Dudley.
Its in Georges possession so I assume its in the vicinity of Cosby and Littlethorpe'
I'll attach a snippet to see what other people can decipher.

Leicestershire / Ireland House, Croft?
« on: Thursday 07 February 19 23:23 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to find any information on a house either in Croft or Broughton Astley.
The will of John Tibballs in 1717 lists him as 'John Tibballs of Ireland House, Croft, Leicestershire' he seems to be a Yeoman and has a sizable inventory of 328.
Johns widow appears to marry a Francis Cutt/Curt and when he dies in 1730 he is listed as 'Francis Cutt of Ireland House in the Parish of Broughton Astley'

Was or is this a farm or just a house?

When John Tibbals marries Mary Ratt by license 1713, He is of Croft and she is of Manton, Rutland. John is also a widower but I cant find his previous marriage but I think he was married to an Anne who died 1711 Croft. His will in 1717 mentions 2 daughters a Mary and Anne. He also has a daughter Jane baptised 1717, Perhaps he didn't mention as he didn't know whether the child was a boy or girl?

Leicestershire / Henry Taylors parents?
« on: Thursday 31 January 19 15:24 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to find the correct parents for Henry Taylor born Aug 1786, bapt 3 Sep 1786 St Margarets, Leicester.
The parents on the baptism are a Thomas and Ann Taylor.
There appears to be 2 possible marriages/Banns for a Thomas Taylor to an Ann prior to Aug 1786.
A Thomas Taylor marries an Ann Brooks in 1777 Frisby on the Wreak. Thomas is listed of Frisby and Ann is listed as late of St Margarets.
A Taylor child was baptised in St Margarets 1779 to Thomas and Ann so this could be them.
But There are also banns for a Thomas Taylor and an Ann Sidey for Jan 1786 St Margarets?
Any help appreciated

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