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Longford / Family of Philip and Thomas McCutchan of Torboy House.
« on: Saturday 02 December 17 03:31 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for direct documentation for the connection between James McCutchan, Philip McCutchan, Thomas McCutchan and James Shaw McCutchan and/or Philip's other children, siblings and parents.
(M'Cutchan and sometimes McCutcheon)

Is James McCutchan Esq., 17871849
BIRTH ABT 1787 Torboy?, Longford, Ireland
DEATH 24 APRIL 1849 Longford, Ireland
(Married Jane Ingham)

the father of (or how is he related to)

Philip McCutchan Esq., 18091880
BIRTH ABT 1809 Torboy, Longford, Ireland
DEATH 9 JUN 1880 Cartrontroy, Westmeath, Ireland
(Married Anne Charters)(Anne's Parents?/Marriage Register?)


Is Philip the father of

(My 2nd great-grandfather)
James Shaw McCutchan, Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel, 18441911
BIRTH 8 OCT 1844 Torboy, Longford, Ireland
DEATH APRIL 18, 1911 5, Middleton [Road] Grove, Camden Road, London, United Kingdom
(Married "Deno" Susan Harriette Head)

and also the father of

Thomas Philip McCutchan Esq., 18431898
BIRTH ABT 1843 Torboy?, Longford, Ireland
DEATH 2 MAR 1898 Torboy?, Longford, Ireland
(Married ?)

I have been exhaustively over the many like these:
(Anne Charters)
but have not conclusively connected Philip (1809) to James (1787) or (James Shaw 1844)

Kind Regards
Leslie Smith

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