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United States of America / Obediah Ralph
« on: Saturday 01 December 18 17:43 GMT (UK)  »
I have a relative, born 29 September 1841 in Suffolk who sailed to New York from London on the ship named Christiana and arrived there on 7th September, aged 14. He travelled with Charles & Sarah Chase who were his mothers family, Charles & Sharah were his Aunt & Uncle. I can find him on the US 1870 census in Mitchigan but after that nothing.

 My great uncle thinks maybe he went to Canada but we can find no more records. Is anyone able to find anything please?

Thank you.

Europe / Searching for any info or descendants of Furringtons & Ralphs in Germany
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 14:45 GMT (UK)  »
I have posted on here under this username and under my old login name about my ancestors moving from Suffolk in around 1865 to Magdeburg in Germany. I have found about the ones that came back to England in the early 1900s (my direct ancestor came back in 1898 with a brother, then another brother & sister in about 1903, and at least one more brother & their mum, Gertrude Ralph, nee Furrington, after 1911). I've researched as much as I can on the family that remained there but it's not really easy with records seeming to cut off after about 1900 for them.

I'd really like to find any ancestors of the Furrington & Ralph families that stayed in Germany. Below are all I can find for the family who stayed:

These went over in around 1865 with Garrett's of Leiston Co.:
Moses Ralph: born 1837, died 1901 in Magdeburg.
Lazarus & Maria Furrington: born 1819, died 1867 in Magdeburg.
Gertrude Furrington: born 1845, died 1929 in Leeds. Married Moses in 1865 in Magdeburg. Lazarus & Maria's daughter.
William Thomas Furrington: born 1843. No death details known. Married an Emma Laura Louise Ehrlich first, and had at least one daughter, Gertrude Alice, who married an August Adolf Paul Grosse. I can find any more info on Gertrude Alice. William married secondly to Wilhelmine Antonie Bertha Kranz.
Ellen Jane Furrington, born 1854. No death details known. Married a Georg Harve˙ and had at least two girls. Rosa, who married a Karl David Ernst Klooss and had at least one boy, Ernst Helmut Klooss who died in 1942. I can't find any more info on Rosa or her descendants. Ellen and Georg also had Ann˙ who married Arthur Otto Illinger. I can't find any info on these.
Geroge Herbert Furrington: born 1848. Died 1899 in Magdeburg. Married Clara Ernestine Märtens. They had the following children who lived to adulthood and all stayed in Germany I believe:
Herbert Thomas Paul, born 1872, died 1943. He married Emma Ida Auguste Iffland and had at least one son, Herbert Feodor Karl who married Erna Wally Anna Knoblauch. I can find no more info on this line.
Fedor Ernst, born 1876. Married Marie Elise Pohle. I can find no more info on this line.
Elise Clara. born 1879 & died 1922. She married twice that I can see. To Friedrich Paul Taggesell & also to Arthur Robert Gustav Böttcher. She had one son that I can find. Karl Herbert Paul Taggesell who was born 1901. I can't find any more info on him.
Nall˙ Gertrud born 1884. She married Wilhelm Friedrich Thomalla. Again, that's all I can find on this line.
Max Arthur, born 1884. No death known. He married Frieda Paula Spormann and had three children, all died in infancy. No other info known.
Klara Lucie , born 1886. She married Ernst Friedrich Schulze and I can find one son, who died in infancy. Once again, this is all I can find on these.

Moses & Gertrude had the following children (excluding ones who died in infancy and the ones who returned to England):
Alfred Hermann Moses: born 1868. Married Marie Louise Emma Wilke and had Erna Gertrud Marie, Anna Alice, Harr˙ Alfred Hermann (who married Elizabeth Grune. No offspring found) & Hermann Willi Ernst (who married Emma Knopf. No offspring found). No death info for any of these.
Helene Maria Clara, born 1870. She married Matthew Hawkins and had Alfred & Gertrude Ellen Nell˙ Hawkins. I've found nothing else on these.
Alfred John, born 1870. I can find no info at all on him.
Alice Gertrud, born 1871. She married Hermann Claus and had a daughter, Annie. I've found no info on this family, but I got photos from someone I was in contact with who was descended from a Ralph who returned to England.
Robert Wilhelm Thomas: born 1873. Married Anna Luise Schwarzkopf and had 5 children, 3 dying in infancy & two who I can find no info on: Alice Emm˙ & Hildegard Luise.
John Maurice, born 1889 & married Else Helene Ida Banse. Maurice died during WWI and the family story is that he had only been a soldier 2 days and that he had two sons. I can't find anything else on these.

I'm sorry for the very long post but I've been desperately trying to find more on these family, and I'm also hoping to make a trip to Magdeburg next year so would like to know if there are still relatives in the area. Any info I'd love to hear.

Thank you

The Common Room / Dulwich Railway Convalescent 1956
« on: Monday 24 September 18 08:34 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know where I could find information on this please as I've a group photo of men with this sign in front of them and I've no idea what it's about or who's in the photo in relation to my family.

I've always been very interested in this photo since I was a child. It was in a box of old photos of my great grandma's and I can't recall (if I was ever told any) any details of it.

It's not a regular photo. It's more of a negative type print which is about 2mm thick.

I'd love to know more info to hopefully be able to narrow down who it could be. Sorry that it's low quality. The photo is quite damaged.

The Common Room / One-name studies
« on: Wednesday 15 August 18 16:56 BST (UK)  »
Has anyone done a one name study of their family name or one connected to their family?

For a while I've been thinking of doing one for my family as I'd like to see how the name evolved, changed, where it originated etc..

The Common Room / Who was Maria Saville/Savage's dad?
« on: Friday 10 August 18 19:33 BST (UK)  »
My 3x great gandmother's father is a mystery (I don't like to say brick wall). She was born in 1846 & died in 1907, both in Leeds. She married twice - once to Benjamin Gaunt (using the name Maria Saville) in 1866 with no father listed. They had four children. She was listed as Saville on three birth certs, but on the second child her maiden name is Savage. Her fist husband died in 1874 and she remarried the following year to Thomas Clark (my 3x great granddad). She's married as Maria Gaunt, widow, father Thomas Fanon.

Thomas (Clark) & Maria had 6 children together. 5 of them had mother's maiden name as Savage (including my 2x great grandma), but their forth child she was back to using Saville.

I have her on every census and she always states she was born in Farnley. In 1861 she's in as Maria Savage, with her mother, Betty Savage. She's also with two siblings, Mary & John Savage. John, I later found, is buried in the same plot as Maria, her husband and daughter. She's also a Savage (mistranscribed as Farage) in 1851 with the same people but also another sibling, Thomas.

Her mother's maiden name on Maria's birth cert in Fowler.  Elizabeth is on the 1841 census with her children from later censuses, and another, George (who was born George Fowler but the baptism states his father is James Savage) but their surname here is Saville. Elizabeth married James Savage in Leeds in 1827. I can find no death/burial for Elizabeth under any of the names she used.

Can someone please try to find what the whole situation was with this family please? I've looked for quite a few years to resolve this with nothing at all helping.

Thank you.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Burials in Roecliffe area
« on: Saturday 14 July 18 18:46 BST (UK)  »
I've got a big bunch of relatives who died in the Roecliffe and Bondgate areas near Ripon. Their deaths are all in the BTs of the Cathedral but none are buried in the ground of it. Does anyone have any ideas of where they'd have been buried? They date from 1700s to about 1850.

Armed Forces / Headstones for soldiers
« on: Saturday 14 July 18 08:39 BST (UK)  »

A relative is buried on a battlefield  (ie lost) but his wife and children are buried in my local Cemetery. Is it possible to get a white soldiers gravestone for him on the plot?

I have a German document of a burial for a great grandparent that I cannot understand hardly any of the handwriting of, after trying for most of the day. I don't know how it'd work to upload full pages of a document on the forum but is it allowed? If not, could I PM it to someone who;s willing to help please?

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