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Dumfriesshire / Sneddon/Snedden Ancestors
« on: Friday 09 February 18 23:18 GMT (UK)  »

I'm currently researching my paternal side of family tree. I've come stuck on my 3x Great Grandfather - George Sneddon who's the father of Janet Sneddon who was married to my 2x Great Grandfather John Stewart.

According to the records, George married Agnes Moffat in 1847 in Dumfries and Galloway. In the censuses from 1851 to 1901, his birth year kept changing which makes it impossible to track him down, which isn't unusual for that time as I see this a lot with the other members in my tree.) He stated that he was born in Dumfries-shire on every one of these censuses. However, on his death record, it was stated that he died in Dalbeattie in 1902 at the age of 75 and that his father was a Robert Sneddon.

I tried to find a birth record for George but it's been difficult with vague information and lack of mother names. Also I'm aware that his name might not be his "Christian name" as George could be his middle name and his surname will have been spelt differently back then. So any advice on how to search for someone with their middle names and no known Christian name?

Thanks in advance.

Dumfriesshire / Parkhouse in Dumfries-shire?
« on: Thursday 01 February 18 22:32 GMT (UK)  »

I'm currently researching my paternal side of family tree. I've found my 5x Great Grandparents- John Richardson and Agnes Dinwoodie. They got married in Tyron, Dumfries-shire in 1780. I got a copy of the marriage record and I'm unsure about one thing. It was recorded that John was from 'Parkhouse'? While Agnes was noted to be from the parish of Johnstone. I'm just unsure what 'Parkhouse could be and was it an old name for somewhere in Dumfries and Galloway? John was born in estimated 1753 but I cannot find his birth record anywhere.

Although I'm from Dumfries-shire but I still got a lot to learn about Dumfries and Galloway and it's history!


Ireland / Irish Ancestry struggles
« on: Wednesday 17 January 18 21:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

I'm struggling to trace some of my Irish Ancestry as I'm stuck at some of my great grandparents. I know there is a slim chance of being able to trace them because of loss of some records and poor record keeping but this is worth a try anyway.

Basically, my paternal grandmother was born in County Longford, in a township called Creenagh, in 1924. She was named Muriel Violet Wright. Her parents were William Wright and Sarah Jane Twaddle. William was born in Co. Longford too, in 1871 to Robert Wright and Margaret Leslie. Sarah was born in Longford too (I think) in 1892 to John Twaddle and Margaret McCord. But beyond that, I'm stuck as there is not much information to go on.

Is there any other sites that specialise in irish genealogy that I can use to help or any other ways of finding info?


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Cause of death from 1740s
« on: Tuesday 09 January 18 22:57 GMT (UK)  »

I was wondering if anyone can help me to decipher the cause of death on this death record from 1745 for William Gilmour who died on 10th October 1745 aged 3? I think it may say "Closing"? But I've never heard of this cause of death being used before, unless i deciphered it wrong??

Have attached a copy of the said record too...


Dumfriesshire / Stewart family of Moffat.
« on: Thursday 28 December 17 23:57 GMT (UK)  »

I'm from Moffat and I've been tracing my ancestors from the Stewart Family tree as I'm a Stewart. I've gone as far back as to James Stewart who was born in Moffat in 1842 to Agnes Jackson and a John Stewart. As far as I know that Agnes and John were not married as the censuses and death record for Agnes show her as a spinster/single. But I'm really stuck at John Stewart as I have NO IDEA who he is. All I know about him is from James's Baptism record. Can anyone help me as I'm a relative beginner at genealogy and I'm not sure what to do next? I've attached a copy of the said baptism record for your interest.


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