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Lanarkshire / Why did so many people have to be named William Hunter?
« on: Tuesday 09 January 18 22:08 GMT (UK)  »
*sigh* I'm getting so frustrated trying to help my mother find information on her grandfather.  We don't know much.  He was a pan shifter (coal miner).  As far as I can tell he never married her grandmother Jane Sweeney.  We're pretty sure they had 2 children.  Elizabeth Hunter (my moms mother) who is deceased (was in Canada) and a sister Jean Hunter (also deceased - moved to the US).  These are the only things I know for sure.  In 1933 when Elizabeth was born they listed 4 Meadowbank, Uddingston as their address. I have her birth record.  I contacted the North Lanarkshire records about my great grandmothers hospital record (Bellshill Maternity Hospital) and she was listed as Mrs Hunter.  But maybe they did that just so no one would ask any questions?  I don't know.   I also have a valuation roll from 1935 that has William Hunter (miner) still listed at 4 Meadowbank.  From what my mom remembers her mother told her William died when she was 12 - so around 1945.   And she was always told he died of "black lung" from working in the mine.

I have paid for so many credits already and feel like I've viewed every William Hunter death record with no luck.  I'm just not sure where else to look.  So out of desperation, does anyone have any ideas for me?  I've tried ScotlandsPeople & Ancestry. 

I am going to Scotland in July and plan to visit the Mitchell Library and the National Library of Scotland but I'm just not sure what other record I can be looking for.  I will try newspapers for obits but I'm thinking they didn't have a lot of money and may not have done one?!

Thanks in advance!

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