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I am trying to find information on my 4Th gt grandfather William Malcolm born around 1801-1802 -Died 1852 Manchester UK was Buried in Rusholme Road cemetery (no longer existing).

The information i have is:
According to the 1841 census he was born 1801 and from Ireland (no record of birth) his spouse was a Seprina "Malcolm" past married name Seprina Oldfield (John oldfield deceased husband) birth name Seprina Taylor But (no record of marriage with William) the census says she is from Ireland but she was born in Debingshire wales.
they lived at 49 Hardman street Manchester in 1841

They had 3 children William Henry Malcolm.1835 (my 3 gt grandfather) Sarah Ann Malcolm 1837, George federick Malcolm 1838  All born in Manchester.   
In 1851 Census it shows William is living with his son William Henry in a slum house in Manchester. and stats widowed.
I have no clue where William was born or when baptised any Info or help would be appreciated  :).

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