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The Common Room / how to request a look up
« on: Saturday 05 April 08 03:13 BST (UK)  »

Could anyone help by telling me the best way to request a look up in Scotland? I have already found and ordered a certificate on Scotlands People, However, this is not only for personal interest but for completing essay for History course. Scotlands people are running behind schedule for deliveries so this will hold up my research. If anyone is in a position to check out the details of said certificate/record before this time I would be very grateful. I have all serial numbers etcetera to make this task easier for anybody close to records office.

Thanks in advance


Ayrshire / Need Archibald Johnstone "1955" details.
« on: Saturday 29 March 08 00:46 GMT (UK)  »
Where would I post a look up request on Scotland board?
 I have ordered a birth certificate from Scotlands People Site for Archibald Johnstone b. 1955 in Irvine Ayshire.  I need this cert. or details on it pretty quickly as I have an essay to complete for my History degree/ module in genealogy. Unfortunateley Scotlands people are behind schedule and I may have to wait a month to see it.
I wondered if anyone might be going to Edinburgh records office who could possibly find out details on the certificate for me?

Regards Joanne

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Can't find a birth record; Jane Harland
« on: Friday 14 September 07 20:55 BST (UK)  »
Have tried in vain to find a birth record for Jane Harland apparently born 1845/6 in Knaresborough.
She first appears in Bradford on 1851 census, aged 5, living with her parents Michael Harland, occupation Wheelright,b. 1804 and Jane b. 1807.
Have exhausted b.m.d's on Ancestry, there is nothing on the IGI and am now at a loss as to where to look next.

Technical Help / picture too big to post
« on: Tuesday 05 June 07 00:06 BST (UK)  »
Can anybody tell me how to reduce the size of a picture so I can post it? My image is 570kb and taken on a digital camera.


The Common Room / Ancestry
« on: Sunday 20 May 07 22:28 BST (UK)  »
does anybody know when "Ancestry" first started up ?


The Lighter Side / What Brought you to Genealogy?
« on: Thursday 01 March 07 18:23 GMT (UK)  »
I am doing a foundation degree in History and Heritage and have to write an essay accounting for the recent rise in popularity of Genealogy.
What better way to research the subject than to ask my fellow Rootschat members what inspired them to delve into the past?
How long have you been interested?
Were you doing research long before the Internet?
Were you inspired by TV programmes?
Or like me stumble accross it accidentally on the internet?
Has it lead to an interest in social history?
Why are some people so addicted whilst others have absolutely no interest at all?
What do you think we get out of it?
All replies will be gratefully recieved and all opinions, thoughts, reasons will bear weight.

many thanks

The Common Room / Do I need Family Tree Maker v 16 ?
« on: Wednesday 11 October 06 18:10 BST (UK)  »
Had a special offer from Ancestry to buy Family Tree Maker version 16.
Question is, do I need this?
At present I don't use any software at all but I have my tree on Ancestry and on Genes Reunited. I do of course have everything I have found in files too.
What can I gain from having this software and how do other rootschatters store their information?

Please advise,

Technical Help / Problems staying on Rootschat
« on: Tuesday 08 August 06 21:47 BST (UK)  »
Does anybody else have freeze out problems with this site? Sometimes I can browse Rootschat quite happily for ages before it happens other times I am only here for a few minutes and then "freeze", none of the links will work and I have to reboot and try again. Sometimes I can't even get back in.
I have to point out that this does not happen on any other site bar this one so there is nothing wrong with my connection.
Can anybody explain?


Lancashire / Oakhill Home, institution, Salford
« on: Tuesday 01 August 06 23:51 BST (UK)  »
Not sure where to post this question but does anyone know what kind of institution "OAKHILL HOME" GEORGE STREET, BROUGHTON, SALFORD, LANCASHIRE. was ?
I have a relly in there in 1901 and with the exception of a couple of six month old babies, all the inmates are women, of all ages, I might add. All the attendants or officers are also women. There are Captains and Leiutenents, which makes it sound very much like a Prison but I did wonder about the Savation Army too, any guidance here much appreciated.


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