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Useful Links / Religion Related Articles
« on: Thursday 14 September 17 11:49 BST (UK)  »
I came across an article on the following site that incuded interesting information on the Huguenot chapels of London. I notice that others on RootsChat have found it useful in the past too.

Completed Census Requests / Bews formerly McGuffie
« on: Friday 01 March 13 22:55 GMT (UK)  »
I would like to find more information on Jane Bews who was born Jane McGuffie in about 1883. By 1916 she was widowed and living in London, but I'm pretty certain that her parents lived in Largs, Ayrshire for some time. Her father's name was Samuel McGuffie. It would be good to know if she was already married at the time of the 1911 census. The family may have lived in Glasgow before moving to Largs.
Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Armed Forces / Which Regiment Please
« on: Saturday 21 April 12 18:27 BST (UK)  »
I hope this is the right section to post this since I don't think it is relevant to a World War.
Could anybody help regarding this gentleman's uniform. He was Henry Edward ROE (ROWE): not a military man, but a shipwright / carpenter. He was born in Gosport in 1855, married in Cardiff in 1878 and was still in Wales in 1881. By 1891 he had moved back to Hampshire, but was found again living in Cardiff in 1901. In all the census returns he is a civilian.
The cap badge looks similar in shape to that of the Welsh Regiment. I was trying to determine when the picture may have been taken and to find out why he was in uniform. Unfortunately, I don't have the original print.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Any Nautical Experts - Dating Required
« on: Tuesday 10 April 12 11:01 BST (UK)  »
This painting has been passed on to me by my father-in-law who is descended from a Master Shipwright working in Guernsey. Subsequent generations worked in the ship-building industry both there and in London. The picture is unsigned and probably not a great work of art, but the rigging appears to have been painted in great detail - possibly by someone who knew something of what they were doing. It would be good to get a date and some idea of what sort of ship this is.

London and Middlesex / Jacob VAUTIER marriage - Bethnal Green area?
« on: Thursday 02 December 10 17:42 GMT (UK)  »
I need inspiration. For a while now I have been trying to get over the brick wall which is my ggg grandfather (Jacob VAUTIER - various spellings, born about 1775).

I was lucky enough to find a fairly precise entry in the Huguenot Society, Quarto Series Vol LIII: 'Inmates of the French Protestant Hospital, Threadneedle St. & Applicants to the Coqueau Charity 1718 - 1901'  which linked him conclusively to his son Jacob VOLTIER, but with the bumper bonus information: "On Father's side.   The Petitioner is the grand son of Alexander Deays [i.e. Pierre Alexandre Dehais, q.v.] that
died in the house in Bath Street in the year 1812 he Was Clerck"

Documents to support his application were:
(1)   Certificate of the admission of an ancestor of the Petitioner John Vautier to the Company of "Ouvriers en Soie" in the year 1722 as a Foreign Master; the rules of the Company & advice
to apprentices in French;

(2)   Marriage Certificate of Jacob Voltier & Sarah Dehaye of the parish of St. Dunstan Stepney on 21st November 1799;

(3)   Marriage Certificate of Jacob Voltier & Hannah Harper at St. Leonard Shoreditch 28 February 1836.

I had thought that item (1) would have led somewhere, but I've been unable to find any such record. Item 2 connects the famiily to a fairly well researched line via GOG(U)LIN to LARCHER. However, I am having trouble tracing Jacob V(the elder b. ~1775).

I have a baptismal record for "Jacob VAUTIER, son of Jacob, weaver and Elizth VAUTIER" - St Matthews, Bethnal Green,  June 1775, which is almost certainly him, but I can find no marriage for this Jacob and Elizabeth in the Huguenot Society records for London. There are quite a few VAUTIERS but no conclusive links. There do seem to be two VAUTIER lines though: the rich and famous one, and the poor one. Guess which I'm descended from.

ps Does anyone out there know any more about "the house in Bath Street" mentioned above?

Armed Forces / Military uniform / cap badges
« on: Tuesday 17 March 09 15:59 GMT (UK)  »
If anyone out there could shed some light on which regiment this gentleman may have served in, I'd be 'well chuffed'. A couple of clues - he was born 1855 and there may be a welsh connection (or not).
Many thanks

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / 1891 census lookup please - LUCAS
« on: Thursday 27 January 05 14:27 GMT (UK)  »
Somebody recently, kindly looked up the following family for me:
James LUCAS 58
Mary LUCAS 60
Edward LUCAS 30
Frederick LUCAS 28
Isabella LUCAS 26
Mary A LUCAS 22
Joseph LUCAS 10
Edward LUCAS 2

Unfortunately, the only indication of the location was "14 Cheswick ?? ??, Bethnal Green"

As far as I know, there is no such street. I've since tried to find where they lived by searching the most likely variations (i.e. Cheshire Street) but without success.
Could SKS please provide the census reference or some other clue to the address.
Many thanks

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