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Family History Beginners Board / Stuck at James Mockler/Jimmy Dee
« on: Thursday 04 February 10 16:54 GMT (UK)  »
I'm really stuck with a member of my husbands family. 

The family story goes that he was brought up as Jimmy Dee and only, when he was about to marry, he looked at his birth certificate and found out that he was actually a James Mockler and used that name from then on. 

This last bit can't be true, my research so far:

    [li]Have spoken to the 3 registry offices that could have dealt with his birth, none have a James Mockler registered as being born in the years around his birth date (approximately 1908).  [/li]
    [li]A family bible was discovered and gave a date of birth of 14th July 1909, a request was made to the registry offices again and one James born on that day was found - the father was listed and WASN'T his father (another James Mockler) so this has been initially dismissed.  The registrar wouldn't give me the name unless I stumped up cash[/li]

      1911 Census
      [li]Listed as 3 years old and living with his Father (James Mockler, a lodger), his Aunt (Catherine Dee nee Mockler) and her husband James Dee[/li]
      [li]We assume that if he did go by the name Jimmy Dee it would have been that his father left him to be brought up by Aunt but this can't be confirmed until the next census so it's just an idea [/li]

        [li]Obtained Marriage Certificate - he is listed as James Mockler, gives no indication as to date of birth[/li]

          [li]Obtained Death Certificate - he is listed as James Mockler, states he was 50 at time of death (3rd Feb 1958)[/li]

          My problem
          I need to determine his birth properly but I've not got anything to go on or have I?  I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction as the next place to look.  He obviously wasn't born a James Mockler so I'm guessing he'd have been registered under the mothers name and then at some point found himself living with his father.
          He could have officially changed his name to James Mockler - can I get hold of deed poll records?

          Please someone help, he's keeping me up at night!

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