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Armed Forces / Remission of Estate Duty - Killed on Active Service 1940
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 21:49 GMT (UK)  »

The MoD (after proving from the surviving Solicitors Out Letters Book) released the full copies of the Solicitors letter sent to the Air Ministry regarding a 1940 Service death on Air Operations and of the Air Ministry copy reply sent to the Solicitors (trimmed for privacy reasons) acting for my Widowed Grandmother as Administratrix regarding the Remission of Estate Duty.

Obviously there was some Remission of Estate Duty ...

RAF Remission of Death Duties (seen)

The Affidavit made, is not with the two Registered Probate Admin sheets I went to Court in person many years ago for them.

However, I discovered last week on Discovery these appear to be all withheld under extended closure at TNA, Kew, under a Lord Chancellor's Instrument, so I will follow that document up.

I am interested to find out about certain matters for family history purposes.

However, does anyone know anything please, about the Remission of Estate Duty or associated documents?

Thanks Mark

Hello All

Firstly thank you Rootschatters and Claire who attempted to take eight of the Turner Children from Charles & Maudland Turner (the Daughter of John Hood the Mariner buried Selby 1819), forward two generations.

Despite no local Baptism for George Hood (married Selby 1815), I have long held the view that there may have been some link between the two local Hoods around that time.

I have proven I feel earlier today, that the same GRUBB family (at the top) have married into these two HOOD family lines.

I know the chart is more of a Flow Chart, than perhaps a properly drawn Family History Chart. But it fits together remarkably well with actual event records and Census and perhaps you might also see something more?

Earlier I felt this was a major breakthrough, but learnt never to get too excited!

Ignore the newspaper clip first, but what are your feelings please?

Thank you, Mark

ADDED: I have cut the bottom off accidentally, about a one sentence comment that also George Hood of Selby purchased his Selby, Malt Kiln from John Clarkson of Newport, Eastrington.


I am looking for a Birth record please, for Thomas Hood born Hull 19th June 1826, for parentage?

On Seaman's No. 12,069 Register Ticket, Issued at London 28th January 1845, he stated his Abode was:-
1 John Street, Drypool, Hull.

Check of John Street, Parish of Drypool in the 1841 Census for Hood reveals the following:-
Andrew Hood, 60*, Grocer, Birth Country S
Agness Hood, 40, Ind., Birth Country S
Cathrine Hood, 28, Birth Country S
Constance Reckitt, 5, Born in same County No

Cathrine Hood, Marriage
Believed the above Cathrine Hood, full age, Spinster married John Shennan, Draper, at Hull H.T. Church, 12th July 1846, by Licence, abode same as his 12 Prince Street. [amended]
Witnesses:- Tho's Hewson and Emma Hufton.

Cathrine Hood's Father Late ?Thoma Hood, Gardener

Hood & Reckitt deaths (ordered), Index as follows:-
Andrew Hood, September Qtr 1844, District Sculcoates, aged 73*.
Agnes Hood, March Qtr 1854, District Sculcoates, aged 59.

Constance Reckitt, death December Qtr 1847, District Pontefract, aged 12. [possibly away at the Quaker School Ackworth, but precise location unknown until confirmed]

Constance born 18th of 11th Month 1835  in the Quaker Meeting Records of the Counties of Derby & Nottingham covering Balby, Tickhill & Blyth, born in the Parish called St Mary's Nottingham. Parents Isaac Reckitt and Ann Reckitt (born Coleby). Residence Nottingham, Cornfactor.

Isaac Reckitt's Mother was Katherine Reckitt born Massey.


I am particularly interested in this chap Thomas Hood as I believe him to be a possible relation to my Brickwall ancestor George Hood of Selby (marr. Selby 1815).



Marriage on 23rd December 1851 in the Register Office Scarborough County of York
William Hood, 35 years, Bachelor, Common Brewer, of Selby, Yorkshire, Father George Hood, Brewer.
Jane Casson, 34 years, Spinster, of The Friarage, Scarborough, Father Curtis Casson, Miller.

In the presence of us, Mary Ann Wood and Robert Goodwill

A thought came into my mind today, that these witnesses are most unlikely to be Quakers or her Quaker family and might even be Hood relations somehow?

Because, when we saw those York Quaker Minutes at Leeds Brotherton Library, Jane Hood (nee Casson) had got into big trouble, due to marrying William Hood outside of the Quaker Meeting and Quaker proceedings were issued against her (which looking at others) would usually end in a 'Testimony of Denial' (seems a bit like excommunication).

Therefore, the Witnesses at the Scarborough Register Office 23rd December 1851 are unlikely to be her Quaker family and unlikely to be Quakers. The witnesses could even be distant Hood relations?

I'm wondering who were the marriage witnesses Mary Ann Wood and Robert Goodwill and could they help me with my George Hood of Selby (married Sarah Russel 1815) brick-wall?

Thank you, Mark

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Jurisdiction of the Archbishop York
« on: Wednesday 17 October 18 17:24 BST (UK)  »

Although the York jurisdiction does not seem to extend to Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Jurisdiction of the Archbishop of York extended to an area greater than Yorkshire at Varying Dates - click on each Parish for Details.

Included a few Parishes in the following Counties of ...
See link for places

Ainsty of York
Yorkshire Ridings
Northumberland (8 Parishes)
Cumberland (I see Millom in the 17th Century, which is in South-west Cumbria, on the West Coast of England!)

Full list of Parishes in England and Wales (but seems to be England) where control of some Parishes listed, extended well into the 18th and early 19th Century ...

I suppose a Yorkshire Household in 1841 (wishing to be slightly awkward on their Householder's sheet) could write yes to born in same county, if born in one of those places (still under York at their Birth) and if accused of dishonesty on their Householder's Sheet, they could say ... well the place came under the jurisdiction of York at my Birth? Although I feel that would be stretching the Law.



Amazing what is buried, in the archives ...

HO 45/9417/57540 (TNA, Kew)
Date 1876
EXHUMATION (See separate heading for Burials.): Licence granted to open vault and leaden coffin of Reverend John Frederic Dawson (buried in 1870) to discover any will and other legal papers following request from Mrs Alice Eliza Fuller and her brother William Henry Dawson against wishes of Mrs Alice Dawson the widow

Genetic Chimerism

After DNA testing in Benefit and other challanges in the United States, 30 cases in the US have uncovered Chimerism.

It seemed to begin when Lydia Fairchild tried to claim her child benefit for her three children and she was refused. In the US when claiming benefit for children it was necessary for the Claimant and Children to have a DNA Test.

A second DNA test of Lydia and her children also confirmed her three children were not her children, according to DNA testing.

The Case was Appealed.

It has been discovered that when the fetus was in the womb, the development process had begun with twins early on, but the twin's DNA had been absorbed into the other surviving fetus.

The Mother having a DNA test, has the different DNA of her fetus twin (the twin which never developed).

Her children she gave birth to, have other DNA!!

Other cases have been appealed and also made the subject of scientific analysis and investigation and 30 cases in the US have been found of Chimera.


The Common Room / George Turner who Buried 4 Wives & Reputed Father of 47 Children!
« on: Saturday 15 September 18 18:10 BST (UK)  »

Found this in the Stamford Mercury, 28th January 1785

A few days since died, near Maidstone, in the 74th year of his age, Mr George Turner: He had buried four wives, by all of whom he had issue, and was the reputed father of 47 children.

Couldn't have been much of a life for his poor Wives!

He must either have been wealthy or needed several jobs too.


Hello All

1841 Census Onward - Official Specimen Form Instructions - Downloads

This is not posted to discuss the inaccuracy of a particular Census you may have discovered and you have documentary evidence to the contrary.

Official Specimen Instructions exist, regarding the Completion of the England and Wales Census from 1841 onward.

Each Householders Schedule Form
According to these Specimen Instructions, every Householder had their own "Schedule" form in 1841 (Specimen extract attached 1841) which he / she had to complete [or get completed], Sign and also get Witnessed.

Link to Specimen Forms / Instructions
See the link which goes to the various pdf Form downloads and also gives you the 1841 Specimen in full (with Abbreviations and calculation of ages and from the age this applied) and the 1851 specimen Instructions onwards.

1841 Census
"Some 35,000 enumerators (all men) armed with pencils delivered a separate form to each household, recording almost 16 million people in England and Wales. People completed the forms themselves, a real challenge for some since at this time many people could not read or write."

1861 Census
"For the first time, the census in Scotland was conducted under separate legislation by the newly created Registrar General for Scotland."

Kind regards, Mark

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