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I am wondering how Rebecca RUSSELL, was Niece in the DUNHILL Household in 1851, please?

1851 Census - West Riding
William DUNHILL,   Head,        Marr, 54, Ship Owner, born Selby, Yorkshire.
Catharine DUNHILL, Wife,       Marr, 49,                     born Foldingworth, Lincolnshire.
Rebecca RUSSELL,  Niece, Unmarr, 14,                    born Selby, Yorkshire.


Some general research on DUNHILL (spelt Dunnill)

My Selby Transcriptions ...
20th March 1797 William DUNNILL bapt 1st son of William & Mary, Selby, Painter,
Wm son of Wm Dunnill of Thorne, Innkeeper by Winifred his wife dau of Richd Pretious of Carleton, Farmer. Mary dau of Thos Heald of Carcroft, Austen Parish, Butcher by Dorothy his wife.
Born 18th Mch.

1851 Admon record for Richard Russell, record says he was a widower and reference to Wm Dunhill.

8th April 1824
The sloop Wake, Dunhill, from Selby for London, was towed into Harwich with the loss of the boom and mainsail.

Leeds Intelligencer, 11th January 1827
A few days ago, at Selby, aged 58, Mr. Wm. Dunhill, of the Duke of York Inn, in that place.

Also found this:-
Hull Packet, 6 September 1833 ...
On Sunday week, aged 26, Eliza, wife of Mr. D. Mitchell, of the Three Crowns Inn, in this town, and daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Dunhill, of Selby.

Wm Dunhill of Barlby Bank, near Selby.
Newspaper 22nd February 1840

Extract of a paragraph regarding Mr. Gutteridge Ship-builder at Selby:-
 ... another, a large brig for the Messrs. Standering and Co., the extensive ship owners of Selby ; and the other, a fine schooner for Wm. Dunhill, Esq., of Barlby Bank, near Selby. The building of ships is productive of great good in the town of Selby, employing as it does so great a number of men and boys a great wages.

Thank you.



Any information at all please? Census, Masters Certificate / Service information?

Quite a few places surrounding Selby on navigable River Ouse / Selby Canal, some being Brayton, Barlow, Barlby, Wistow, Hemingborough, etc.

Capt. Richard RUSSELL married Mary TURNER at Selby Abbey Church 7th July 1835 by Banns
Witnesses: John Midwood & Hannah Eraser (neither witness seems to be a church official)

Thanks Mark


George Wrayton GRUBB (Mother TURNER, from GRO Index), Birth Registration District of Hull March Qtr 1860
George Railton GRUBB, Death Registration District of Hull March Qtr 1861
the Same Person?

I have a suspicion they might be the same person and very important to prove with any baptism / burial document that they are, please?

Thanks Mark


John Hood & M. Slipper were each occupying a part of a House divided into two Tenements at Mill Gate, Selby in 1786 and John Hood later in 1802 (transcribed below).

The same House at Selby, divided into two Tenements changed owners in 1790. I am wondering if any of those Surnames named in the 1790 property transfer had any links to a HOOD please:-

Thomas EADON of Selby, Gentleman (looked at before).
William RIMINGTON of Pontefract, Yeoman.
Joseph TATE of Wistow, Yeoman.
John TODD of Selby, Tanner.
John TURNER of Selby, Tallow Chandler, Grocer, a Book Keeper a few years later.
John SPENCER of Selby, Grocer. (later a Gent.)
Morley WHARREY of Selby, Gentleman.

Jno Todd
Witnessed by Jno Dodsworth and John Myers.


Fragmenta Genealogica, Volume 12, by Frederick Arthur Crisp, page 93, has information about Morley Wharrey, the Wharrey family of Selby; Gainsborough and a Granddaughter Jane Jowitt of Pheobe Morley dying 13th of 2nd Mo. 1848 and her remains buried at Pontefract on the 18th.

The dating arrangement in the book for this Wharrey family has adopted the Quaker system, where the names of the months are not used.


Later Transfer of Same Property

Spencer to Hembrough Indenture of Lease and Release 8 & 9th Days of October 1802.

Between John Spencer of Selby in the County of York Gentleman of the one part and Thomas Hembrough of the same place Yeoman of the other part ...
Concerning all that Messuage now used as two Dwelling Houses or Tenements with the Garth Garden or Orchard and other the premises thereto belonging situate lying and being Selby aforesaid in a certain Street there called Millgate and now in the Tenures or Occupations of John Hood and Robert Nicholson or their undertenants Together with all and Singular houses outhouses edifices buildings ways waters watercourses walls party walls easements profits advantages hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the said Messuage Dwelling houses or Tenements and premises belonging or in any wise appertaining except the common right belonging to the said Messuage or Dwellinghouses which is now allotted to the said John Spencer and intended to be awarded to him and his Heirs

Very Summary Notes of the Will of John Spencer of Selby, January 1810
(Taken from the Register, rather than the original Will bundle, so also liable to previous copyist errors too)

... John Spencer of Selby Gentleman ...
... brother Joseph Spencer ...
My Farm at Thorp Willoughby in the Parish of Brayton ... in the occupation of John Robinson as Tenant ... during the life of Joseph Spencer ...
... I also give and bequeath unto my relation Mary WEBSTER who lives with me twenty pounds a year ...
... I also give and bequeath unto the three daughters of my late brother Joseph SPENCER Mary Ann and Sarah One hundred pounds each I also give and bequeath unto the three children of my late sister Elisabeth COLLET John Sarah and Mary Fifty pounds each I also give and bequeath unto the three children of my late sister Sarah DEPLEDGE Fifty pounds each and I also give and bequeath unto the two children of my late sister Franscois ENGLAND and WARD Fifty pounds each I also give and bequeath unto the six children of my late sister Henrietta RISHWORTH Fifty pounds each I also give to William RABY of Manchester Merchant and Elizabeth his Wife Ten pounds each to buy morning and rings with.
Lastly I give and devise and bequeath unto my Nephew John SPENCER of Conisbrough Parks County of York his heirs executors and assigns forever he paying my just debts legacies and funeral expenses and chargeable with the annuities as above all my real and personal estate at Selby and my Freehold and Copyhold estates at Thorp Willoughby in the Parish of Brayton and County of York (having put a Surrender into the Court at Thorpwillowhby to the use of my Will) with my Leasehold estate at Selby so long as John HALLIDAY and Robt HALLIDAY lives or the longer liver of them Also the money with the interest I advance under the Drainage Act of Parliament for the Mill Dam with all my shares and dividends in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal ...
... Nephew John SPENCER Sole Executor ... Seal 12th Day of April 1808 in the presence of Edw'd Taylor - Thos Castell Jeremiah Shaw. pas. 18th January 1810


Selby Parish Transcriptions

8th December 1796, Jane SPENCER, Widow, Selby, buried. Jane was the Daughter of Thos WEBSTER, Woolcomber. Died aged 74 of Decay of Nature & buried in the body of the church.

31st March 1800, Mary SPENCER, Wife of John SPENCER, Selby, Grocer. Died of Dropsy aged 67 & buried in the body of the church.

28th November 1809 John SPENCER, Selby, Gentleman, Died of Decay of Nature, aged 75 & buried in the body of the church.

Some RABY, MIDDLETON Summary Notes, at Selby (of interest to me)

1743 Robt RABY married Jane MIDDLETON.
1777 Christopher OBEE married Mary RABY, ages given, (a Mary OBEE died 1779).
1794 William ARMSTRONG married Margaret RABY (one wit. was Hannah PEARSON).
1794 William RABY married Eliz GARTHWAIT (Wm was of Manchester), Grocer, (one wit. was Jno SPENCER), ages given.

1779 & 1781 RABY baptisms give descent to MIDDLETON.


One Deed Memorial Registration (Reference)

The property of John Spencer of Selby Gentleman at Millgate, Selby, changed hands in 1802/1803 from John Spencer, Gent., to the new owner Thomas Hembrough of Selby, Yeoman, still had John HOOD as occupier. (Registered Wakefield 1803, Vol. EN, page 314, No.423).

[This property occupied by John HOOD & Mr HOOD appears to have been owned by John Turner, prior to John Spencer, Gent., per Selby Land Tax]



Found the following on a Google capture, whilst searching for the QUAKER place called SUMMERCROFT (alias Summercroft Farm) at Drax, another source says Summercroft was at Long Drax, near Selby.

"Francis Cook was born in the pub in Asselby in 1801 He left Asselby to become a farmer at Drax The information I have is quite vague. I know that in the 1501 census he lived at Summercroft where he" ...

Looking at where the Grandson, aged 0 years was born "Long Drax".

However, is the Census residence SUMMERCROFT please?

Family Search only gave me the Registration District of Selby
1851 Census
Francis COOK, Head, Marr, 50, Agricultural Lab., born Asselby [abt 1801]
Elizabeth COOK, Wife, Marr, 48,                               born LONG DRAX, Yorkshire [abt 1803]
Ann EASTWOOD, Dau, Marr, 24, Visitor Waterman's Wife, born Asselby.
John COOK, Son, 23, Unmarr, Agricultural Labourer, born Asselby.
Mary COOK, Dau, 21, Daur, Daughter on a Visit, born Asselby.
James Eastwood, Grandson, 0 yrs, born LONG DRAX.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the residence will be SUMMERCROFT, or they will be living in a tied property on the Summercroft Farm?

SUMMERCROFT FARM about 123 acres (when offered for sale early 20th Century), also had a Quaker Burial Ground (according to newspapers) and in 1835 Thos Marshall lived there.

A Borthwick (York University) online pdf, says the burials at Summercroft have had to be made up from the Quaker Meeting Minutes (sounds like the original Registers of the Quaker Farm were lost?)


Durham / Whickham 1827 Marriage COMPLETED
« on: Tuesday 30 January 18 08:53 GMT (UK)  »

I am interested in the witness names and any additional information please from the B.T., to the Marriage?

Found the link to the Whickham images, but could only find Baptisms and burials in 1827.

Henry COOK & Sarah LISTER 1st April 1827 Whickham, Durham (From FamilySearch)

Thank you.


Leicestershire / Anyone recognise this 1959 Leicester address please? COMPLETED
« on: Friday 26 January 18 11:51 GMT (UK)  »

Anyone recognise this 1959 Leicester address "16 ... Avenue, Leicester", please?

Thank you, Mark


I have discovered a mystery Mrs Hood (Scarborough) arrival to 1 Clarendon Place, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Arrival date not given, but published in the Leamington Spa newspaper 3rd August 1872.

Mary Ann Hood, Widow, who died 2nd August 1872 at Leamington Priors
George Bell Rothera of Nottingham, Solicitor.
Willoughby Willey of Leamington Warwickshire, Grocer.

HOOD.-On the 2nd ult., at her residence, Clarendon Place, Leamington, Mary Ann, widow of the late James Hood, Esq., formerly of Berston, near Nottingham, aged 70 years.

According to the Deaths notice and Sale of Household Furnishings, Mary Ann Hood's address was 1 Clarendon Place, Clarendon Square, Leamington Spa.

Hoping with the late Mrs Hood's address, her late husband's name James Hood formerly of Beeston, Nottingham, it might be possible to discover the Scarborough connection, please?


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