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The letter dated 1945 from the U.S. written by Mr Chapman of Scarborough and Blackpool, England, G.B., has some pencil notes added by the recipient that my Hoods of Selby were Shipbuilders.

Thomas Gouldsbrough (related to my Sarah Russell) had a Ship Yard at Selby by 1823 rented from Lord Petre (which he later purchased).
Also Geo Gouldsbrough had a House at the Selby Shipyard 1823.

William Burton (also a Burton related to my Sarah Russell) had a Butchers Shop at Ship Yard, Selby in 1823.

At Thomas Gouldsbrough's Selby Ship Yard in 1823 it mentions cottages called Pearson & Littlewood's cottages, so I thought I'd have a good go at these two surnames PEARSON (Pearson, is of interest) and LITTLEWOOD :-

A William Littlewood, Ship's Carpenter was claimed to be struck by an anchor at Selby and died 20 August 1834.

Did he marry?

Researching into Pearson Ship Builders, I find a Richard Pearson of Thorne (a very familiar place) and also find in the London Gazette of 1816 two businesses at Thorne:-

Gilderdale, Pearson and Company, Ship Builders.

Collinson, Pearson and Company, Timber Merchants.
Various names Richard Pearson; Samuel Staniland and William Mitthorp Maude, Executors

Executors in Trust for the late Thomas Ellison Collinson, late of the Lordship of Myton, Kingston upon Hull deceased.
(a Staniland with Audas also at Selby Shipyard Wharf in 1823)

1816 London Gazette notice,+Collinson+%26+Co+ship&source=bl&ots=78CWNtwett&sig=WJPgjOSIFUWkML94tqahaO4T96g&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi59Pni0dfXAhUMIMAKHZM2AykQ6AEIMjAI

Unconfirmed - Richard was the Son of James Pearson, Keelman and Shipbuilder, born Fishlake 9 January 1754 and dying Thorne 1 November 1829.

Might be a link to the same Richard Pearson, in the Selby Register 21 Feb 1806 , Hannah 1st Dau of James & Mary Pearson, Selby, Mariner. James was the Son of Richard Pearson of Thorne, Seaman (odd as they are Shipbuilders) and his Wife is the Dau of James Whareham of Gainsborough.

There must be a marriage for the above couple and I wondered who the witnesses were please?

1812 Marriage (online Magazine)
Mr Richard Pearson of Thorne, to Miss Howarth, of Syke House.

Any HOOD or familiar surname witnesses lurking in the Marriages and Banns and docs and also any Wills available online for these Pearson & Collinson and directly associated Littlewood characters, please?

Thank you.

Kind regards, Mark

Please can you assist with an exact Latin translation to English? Marriage Bond of George Hood & Maudlin Spencer of Scarborough in the County of York 1731.

At the bottom, both George Hood and then John Hood underneath put their marks on the front

Thank you, Mark

Because of the unexplained delay between the Marriage Allegation & Bond 16th May 1815 and the Wedding by Licence about two months later and George Hood's identity being unconfirmed, we decided to have another further image taken.

Originally the Marriage Allegation appeared to say Parish of[?] y and if the words do say "Parish of" then I don't see room for Selby and I am not sure if I see Selby anyway?

Afterward, it says "Parish Church of Selby"

I wondered what you make please of the original word (partly erased) overwritten by the word "Church", and if it was another possible place, or chapel name?



Looking for a Family Link from John HOOD (buried Selby 4 April 1819), likely the Mariner of Selby, to Samuel NICHOLSON AND the Ousegate properties George HOOD of Selby purchased (partly for James Collinson) in 1838 from Bridget NICHOLSON and others, Widow of Samuel NICHOLSON, Innkeeper of Rawcliffe, deceased.

We know George Hood's Sons of Selby helped a relative on the RUSSELL side to clear a Mortgage on Byefield, Selby.

However, it looks as though George HOOD has also helped a descendant of John HOOD (John Hood now deceased 1819).

Brief Summary
John HOOD's Daughter was MAUDLAND HOOD, who married Charles TURNER, Blacksmith at Selby in November 1794 by Banns.

Elizabeth Turner was Charles and Maudland Turner's - First Daughter baptised Selby 1795.


Sarah MAUDLAND NICHOLSON bapt Selby 2 April 1832, parents Samuel Nicholson and Elizabeth


But looked on Family Search for a marriage and can't get the marriage ages to work with Elizabeth Turner's 1795 Selby baptism?

Samuel Nicholson, aged 26 (born about 1806) = Elizabeth Turner, aged 28 (born about 1804), 4th February 1832, Selby [Licence].
Samuel Nicholson = Elizabeth Turner, 5th February 1832, Selby [Marriage].

Other Notes
a) Two of Charles & Maudline / Magdalin Turner's children were born Sculcoates 1797 & 1799.
b) Looking at Charles & Maudland Turner (nee HOOD) children numbering in the Selby Register there was another child baptism missing.

Any help please with the TURNER & NICHOLSON families?

Thank you



I have some selected (but not all), very brief summary notes of old Yorkshire HOOD Wills and intend to add to these (on this thread) over the coming months and wish to keep them altogether (one after the other) in one place, hopefully to assist other family researchers.


This thread is not for posting questions.

Because these are from the filmed Registers which are unreadable in places and also Wills copied into a Register are also liable to copyist spelling and other errors and some are, I would always recommend obtaining your own scan of the Will Bundle or checking the Will or any Document yourself.

These were only quick brief summary notes and not the full Will.

Not posted for Commercial or Legal Use.

Not in date or alphabetical order.


Prerogative Court of York Admin.

Stephen HOOD, June 1857, Great Edstone

Prerogative June 1857
Hood under 20 l
The Same day [Sixteenth day] Administration of the goods chattels and credits of Stephen Hood late of Great Edston in the County of York Yeoman a Widower (having &e[?] ) deceased intestate was granted to John Fisher one of the maternal Grandsons and one of the next of Kin (Jane Welburn the wife of Robert Welburn and Mary Fisher the wife of Robert Fisher the Daughters and only then next of Kin of the said deceased having survived him but since died without taking administration to his effects) having been first sworn duly to administer.

Altrincham Directory (Worrall's) c.1871/1872
HOOD Mr. George, Peel Crescent, off Ashley Road, Hale. Also at this address ...
ORMSHAW Mrs. Mary, Peel Cescent, off Ashley Road, Hale.

The reason for my question is, the two same characters appeared to live next door to each other at Peel Causeway, Hale, in the 1871 Census and shortly after seem to have both moved to Peel Crescent and I have been stuck with my Hood of Selby (2 generations back from the above George Hood) lineage, for about 20 years.

1871 Census, Peel Causeway, Hale (Microfim copy in Cheshire Archives).
George HOOD, Head, Marr, 24 [born 1847], Commercial Traveller in the Leather Trade, born Selby, Yorkshire.
Charlotte HOOD, Wife, 23, Marr, born Manchester [nee Middleton, I have her 1871 Death Certificate]
Emma BOARDMAN, Serv. Unm, 21, General Serv. (Domestic), born Salford, Lancashire.

Mary ORMESHER, Head, W, 57 yrs, Annuitant, born Bowdon, Cheshire.
Sarah A. ORMESHER, Daur, Unm, 28 yrs, Annuitant, born -ditto- [can't get this *birthplace to tally on GRO *]
Charles WALKER, Grandson, 5, Blackley, Lancs.
John S. MARRIOT, Lodger.

Can't find ORMESHERs in earlier Census on Family Search, despite having Mother & Daughter.

Various, researched
Mary ORMESHER appears to be buried Bowdon 1887 aged 73 yrs, Registered Altrincham (GRO Index), which fits with an estimated Birth of about 1814 at Bowdon, Cheshire and a ...

Marriage Mary HALL to Henry ORMESHER 12th November 1835, Bowdon, Cheshire (not seen).

*Sarah Ann ORMESHER Birth 1842 District Manchester, nee HALL (GRO Index)
This seems to fit with ...
Sarah Ann ORMERSHER baptised 7 June 1842, Manchester, Lancashire, Parents Henry & Mary ORMERSHER (Birth 15 May 1842, St. John, Deansgate, Manchester, Lancs).

*Incidentally, there is a second listing for a Sarah Ann ORMESHER in 1838 District Chorlton, on GRO Index, again with nee HALL.
Possibly Sarah Ann ORMESHER, baptism 10 June 1838, Heaton Norris, Lancashire, Parents Henry and Mary ORMESHER.

1) Any ORMSHAW / ORMESHER / ORMERSHER / HALL etc., relationship / Marriage to HOOD?
2) Any HOOD witnesses on any documents please?

Other surnames of interest from a known HOOD ancestor childrens middle names (all surnames) are COOK; PEARSON; ELLEN and ALFRED. Also COOKIN (COCKIN and aliases).

Thanks Mark


John and Thomas Hood, Tailors and Drapers of 3 Savile Street, Sculcoates, Hull, were Brothers according to a Notice of 31st December 1927.

Thomas Hood (at least) has had previous experience in London.

A George Hood was a witness.

Also listed as:-
J. and T. Hood, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, Drapers - Partnership Dissolved (in Bells Weekly Mar 1828)
Thomas Hood, Tailor, 3 Saville St, Hull (Pigot's Commercial 1828)

Any family, Birth, Marriage & Death/Burial information, or anything on these Hoods, please?

Did any survive to the 1841 Census, or move, etc?

Watson & Co who had taken over by 1833, seem to be from Storry's & Co, New Bond Street, London.
Any Hood link?

Thank you, Mark

The Common Room / What! A 1642 Census of Protestants - Parliamentary Archives
« on: Wednesday 27 September 17 10:48 BST (UK)  »
Just found this on the Parliamentary Archives ...

Protestation Returns

The Protestation Returns are the closest record we have to a census from 1642. If you can trace your ancestors back to 1642, and you know which county and parish they lived in, it may be worth looking to see if their names are in the Protestation Returns.



Isabella Atkinson of the City of York had been a Quaker, then suddenly she is recorded Isabella Cook, late Isabella Atkinson ...

Testimony of Denial ... Against Isabella Cook, late Atkinson of York 5th July 1787.

Has she recently married in a church, or become Mother to a Child, or something else?

Thanks Mark

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