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The Lighter Side / Beware of (some) heir hunters
« on: Tuesday 13 November 18 12:36 GMT (UK)  »
Just to show not all heir hunters have your best interests at heart.

The Judge's comments are particularly damning

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / DNA painter opinions
« on: Sunday 28 October 18 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
I am about to embark on using "DNA painter"

to create a coloured chart of which parts of various chromosomes I inherit from which ancestors.

I have watched the youtube video and explored the site and found a few potential problems and questions (although not insurmountable IMO).

Therefore I was wondering if anyone has already used this product and if so if they had any observations, frustrations or hints they would like to share.

Thank you.

(I do not have many ancestors that I can "paint" onto the chart at the moment but I thought it was a good time to learn to use the system before hopefully I have more information that I can add. Personally I am just doing this as a bit of fun and to sate my curiosity).

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / More differeing DNA results
« on: Wednesday 24 October 18 11:07 BST (UK)  »
As several of you know you can get different DNA estimates from different companies. Having just got my "My Heritage " results back I thought I would post my results from three companies so people can see the wide variations you can get.

Living DNA

100% Great Britain and Ireland (also gives a breakdown into 10 UK regions)


84% West and Central Europe
16% Scandinavian

My Heritage

43.5% Scandinavian
28.6% Ireland Scotland and Wales
15.2% East Europe
11.8% Iberian
0.9% Italian

The FTDNA and My Heritage results come from the same sample. The Living DNA results come from a new sample

I guess the "moral" of the story is if you don't like the DNA results from one company try another who knows you may get an ethnicity prediction more to your liking  ;D   ;)

Northumberland / Where in Berwick? Baldersburry
« on: Friday 19 October 18 19:10 BST (UK)  »
This extract comes from an 1811 Baptism and refers to a place that looks like Baldersburry in the parish of Berwick. Does anyone know what the name actually is and where it is?

The word is at the end of the second line

Thank you

Northumberland / Thomas Landreth & Jane Mole (Moll) marriage
« on: Friday 19 October 18 17:04 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for a marriage of a Thomas Landreth to a Jane Mole (sometimes transcribed as Moll)   around 1825. I thought I had found it a month or so ago but cannot seem to place it at the moment, so maybe not!

So if anyone fancies having a look the details are

Jane Mole (Moll) 1802-1890 born Norham, Northumberland (a detached parish of Durham)
Thomas Landreth c1803-1864 born Tweedmouth, Northumberland according to censuses but some online trees say Roxburghshire Scotland but without any source.

The coupleís first son is born 1825/6 at Gallowhill Bolam, Northumberland according to the 1851 census (I did not find him in the parish register) so the marriage should be before then. Most of the coupleís children are actually born in the Chester Le Street, Durham registration district where the couple settled and looking at the GRO index of the children born post 1837 confirms the motherís maiden name of Mole (Moll).

I am aware that there is a marriage at Welbury, Yorks on 13/9/1829 of a Thomas Landreth to a Jane Byers and several online trees cite this marriage incorrectly. That is a separate couple who live in Yorkshire all their lives and raise their family there as confirmed by the censuses and parish register records.

Any help looking for the marriage would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Northumberland / John Robson and Elizabeth Pears
« on: Friday 12 October 18 19:24 BST (UK)  »
John Robson and Elizabeth Pears married on 22 July 1810 at Allendale, Northumberland. They had at least four children, Thomas, Elizabeth, John and Mary.

John was born c1785 and died September 1824 aged 39. He was a lead ore miner. Elizabeth was born 1782.

1.   Does anyone know what happened to Elizabeth after Johnís death e.g. possible remarriage and death.
2.   Does anyone have a proven line of descent from this couple ?

Thank you

Census and Resource Discussion / GRO lookup (MMN at birth) help please
« on: Tuesday 10 July 18 15:47 BST (UK)  »
If someone fancies a challenge could they see if they can use the GRO lookup facility to find the mother's maiden name for any or all of the three people listed below. The problem is the unusual surname and despite using the soundex's I have not been able to find it and unfortunately using a surname is compulsory

Births Dec 1838
Margaret LANDERS (I believe this is Margaret Landreth)
Chester le Street 24 23
Births Dec 1840
Cecilia Landreth
Chester le Street 24 32
Births Dec 1842   
James Thomas LANDRETH
Chester le Street 24 33

(I know there is a marriage in 1829 in Welbury, York between a Thomas Landreth and a Jane Byers but I think, at this stage, that that is a red herring and they are not the parents of these three people.

Thank you.

Northumberland / Marriage 31 July 1837 St John, Newcastle
« on: Friday 06 July 18 14:11 BST (UK)  »
There is a transcript of a marriage between Hannah Ranson and Joseph Smith on 31 July 1837 at St John, Newcastle on findmypast. I really want to see the original. Does anyone know where this may be possible online.

(The marriage is not on freereg, durhamrecordsonline or familysearch. In the case of the latter the browsable pages for 1837 marriages appear to end on 30 June as far as I can ascertain).

Thank you

Census and Resource Discussion / 1871 Census Thomas W Nevin (1848)
« on: Sunday 24 June 18 15:23 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone find Thomas W Nevin born 1848 Allendale, Northumberland on the 1871 census?

I have him on all censuses apart from the 1871. In 1861 he is at Wedger House, Allendale with the rest of the family. In 1881 he is in Allendale Town with new wife Hannah. In 1871 his father Matthew is visiting the Robsons' at Plenmeller, Allendale (although the age is way out this is the correct Matthew) and his mother Mary and siblings are at Hunstonworth, Durham.

Thank you

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