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England / help me pls with Robert Seymour 1622-24
« on: Thursday 24 May 07 15:19 BST (UK)  »
Hi Helpers Friends

I would like any one of you to help me as I have a puzzle with one of my ancestors as I have a Robert Seymour born in 1622-24 and he was married to Margaret Rose in 1644.    They had 5 children and children names are John Seymour b. 1645,(I am on this line from this John Seymour)
then Robert b. 1646, d. ?, Mary b. 1650, Margaret b. 1654, and Robert b.1655.

On my records Robert and his wife died in 1663

I would like to know more of my Ancestor and his details as I also found that his parents were William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset and Lady Frances Devereux

On-line that shown that Robert Seymour - "Lord Beauchamp" died in 1646 in France

I wondered if he was dis-owned by his parents?

Thats what have learnt that High Class Society family back in those days they use to classified that their son or daughter have died when they don't agree to the marriage etc.

I was told that my ancestors was Jane Seymour (King Henry 8th 's wife) my ggggggg etc aunty... and one of my great aunty was named Jane Seymour Bartlett and ggggrandmother was Jane Seymour b. 1777 married to a Hescroff.

Can anyone help me pls. I am trying to fix up the family tree book, I am doing for my family and I am in Australia unable to research in UK

I hope some kind helper will find the information for me soon. I am proud of my heritage anyway and find it interesting to know.

thanks cheers for now from Deafkat.  :) ??? :)

Europe / CANADA: Cove family from Canada to UK
« on: Saturday 18 November 06 13:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there... can someone find out about this one pls...

I would like to find if there any one to see if there is a passenger list of this family of mine with Alfred Henry Cove and Ann Lucy Cove and Francis Cove and is there one more or not.. they went home to UK from Canada  some time after the Census of Ontario Canada... but I dont know the ship they left for UK and year is approx ... from 1872-75   they had one more son who was born in 1872-3  some where as his birth isnt found on records.

hope to hear from a helper soon cheers  Kathleen. ??? :D :'( ;D

Canada / Cove.
« on: Monday 06 November 06 12:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi helpers

Alfred Henry Cove came to Canada in 1870 and his records on Canada census was in 1871 Ontario  and I would like to know if anyone can find how many people living in his house at the time..

wife Ann Lucy

Children... son Albert?  dau. Annie?  dau. Bessie or not?  son born in Canada or not? 1872 /73 Alfred Henry

the family moved back to UK later and their dau. Emily Rosina Cove born in UK 1875.   

thanks  from Kathleen

Canada / foxton cotton farm/mill.
« on: Monday 06 November 06 12:45 GMT (UK)  »
Hi helpers...

I would like to know if there any one knows of William Foxton who owns Cotton farm or mills early 1800 in Canada... he had some sons and his suppose younger son George Foxton miss out his share of the farm then he left home and came out to Australia and married after 1854...till his death in 1912

I would like to know where about in Canada that he lived and born in 1831... or was it in USA?

cheers from Kathleen.... ;D

New Zealand Completed Requests / Passenger List Lookup 1907-1940
« on: Monday 06 November 06 12:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all helpers can anyone find a passenger list for Emily Rosina (nee Cove) Bartlett  (married surname Jackway)  possible other names for her too Johnson, Barnes, Dobson.  from South Australia to New Zealand... she ran away from home leaving 2 daughters orphaned (grandmother brought the girls up)...

I dont know when she arrive NZ and she was never heard from again till the mother recieved a letter from NZ  real letter or a fake...death...not sure.

thanks from Kathleen...

New Zealand Completed Requests / more help again pls...
« on: Monday 06 November 06 12:24 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all helpers...

2*     Can you see if there is a record of a death and an inquest for George McKinty/ or McKenty as we were told he was murdered in early 1900.... he was my great-great grand uncle from Ireland.. working on a ship that berth in to New Zealand port somewhere?
hope you can see in your library in death  records and if he married in NZ or not as I was told not married but who knows it ? .... please and thanks for you time.. this is a mystery.... thanks from Kathleen.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Emily Rosina Cove...more help?
« on: Monday 06 November 06 12:21 GMT (UK)  »
 Hi all helpers.....

 Is there a possible if anyone can see if she had remarried instead of death at the quake as there no record in Hasting of this woman we assumed she remarried in New Zealand and cut her ties with her Australian families and started a new life there... could you check in the marriage records and see if there any matching to the details of Emily Rosina born  Cove,  may use stepfather's name Bartlett, ( married- Jackway), extras of her mothers names that she could have use in the marriage. as ? ..Johnson, Dobson , Barnes...
can anyone find this information the BDM for marriage records in 1905- 1950

But around Hasting quake time before or after that... cheers from Kathleen.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Emily Rosina Jackway nee Cove/Bartlett
« on: Wednesday 18 October 06 15:07 BST (UK)  »
Hello there ...

I would like some help with my ancestor who went to NZ some time after not sure the year is  ...?  her husband died in Victoria in 1905

but she went to NZ why  I am not sure why? but my father was told that she died in a earth quake when NZ had a big one ...
so I would like some one to look up for Emily Rosina Jackway nee Cove or Bartlett  that if she use it.. She could have remarried or left NZ to go back to UK I look up in UK deaths no luck? can anyone look in the death registered and marriage in NZ pls....

My father grandma had a letter saying she died but Dad wonder if she faked it or not...  can anyone help me pls...

cheers from Kathleen Stanbury nee Bartlett... of Australia... ;D ??? ???

Australia Lookups completed / Mooresfort
« on: Wednesday 18 October 06 00:54 BST (UK)  »
Hi all......Do any one have crews list of the Mooresfort (UK ship ) as I am looking for my merchant navy - great grandfather Robert William Bartlett name on the list as he was the first mate on that suppose ship... in 1854 in Victoria. his name is not on the passenger list as I have tried..

my father was told he had to leave the ship due to all the crews jumped ship and  Robert and the captain stayed on ship till the captain was unable to pay him one month ...then Robert left the ship  later went to gold mines and follow on to South East of South Australia and till 1892 his death...  I wonder how long before the Mooresfort stayed in Australia till it went back to UK then it did came back again at the later years till I see it online 1879

He married to Ann Dobson in 1878 and  I wonder if he was married before Ann as she came out in 1876... can anyone help ??

cheers Kathleen.

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