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Armed Forces / Help needed with Grandfather's Merchant Navy record
« on: Monday 12 November 18 13:33 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone decipher the details on this document, I've avoided posting any personal details about Robert Bonallie (who died in 1926) so hopefully there isn't any copyright issues, any help would be appreciated

World War Two / Identify a cap badge
« on: Wednesday 03 January 18 17:22 GMT (UK)  »

Could anyone identify the regiment of the man on the right of this photo please?



Norfolk / Mary Anne Warren c1806 Old Buckenham
« on: Friday 25 August 17 20:04 BST (UK)  »

I have Samuel Perfect marrying Mary Anne Warren 8 Dec 1823 Besthorpe, census returns for 1841 Mary born 1806 no birth town stated, 1851 Mary born 1806, 1861 Mary born 1805, 1871 Mary born 1806, every census after 1841 born Old Buckenham, she died in 1879 aged 74 which puts her birth around 1805 again.  Years ago when I first started the family tree there was only one Mary Anne Warren born around that time to Thomas Warren in Old Buckenham 1807 but things started to unravel as you can see from this earlier post

Today I came across an  unusual bapt Maria Quantrell Warren base child of Ann Warren Old Buckenham 11 Aug 1805 fits perfect with year and location, I can't see her in the 1841 census unmarried, there was a marriage in 1829 for a Maria Warren to Henry Woodrow New Buckenham but looking at the 1841 census they were both born around 1792-1796 so definitely not that Maria Warren.  Have I missed any bapts for another Mary Ann around that time/location any help would be most appreciated.


Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Elizabeth Whipp c1749 Hackness
« on: Monday 21 August 17 19:56 BST (UK)  »

Has anyone come across a family called Whipp living around Hackness?  I have Elizabeth Whipp who married Richard Adamson 1772 in Hackness, it should be Richard Edmondson as all their childrens bapts from 1783 onwards both parents are mentioned,
before then just Richard of Suffield/Silpho is mentioned just to confuse things there is also a second family in Hackness Richard Emmerson and Mary Sedman, whose children were born around the same time as Richard and Elizabeth's children, but the second Richard was a farmer from Whisper Dale and my Richard was a lab from Suffield/Silpho.  I can't find Elizabeth's family anywhere around North Yorks, it says of this parish on their wedding details, and as Elizabeth died aged 58 in 1807 this would make her birth around 1749 if that helps.

Any ideas very much appreciated.


Leicestershire / Watchorn families Waltham on the Wold and Buckminster 16/1700s
« on: Monday 21 August 17 17:40 BST (UK)  »

I came across a topic on another website relating to a sibling of my ancestor John Watchorn, the reply was from Barry Watchorn many years ago, unfortunately I've not been able to find anything to corroborate the following Watchorns if anyone has come across this family I would be grateful for any help.

Timothy Watchorn 1702 and Mary Atton Waltham on the Wold (John's parents)
Richard Watchorn c1659 & Margaret Moore of Eaton married at Buckminster 1693 (Timothys parents)

Richard earlier marriage to Jane Reddish 1 May 1684 Buckminster

Thanks Julie

On this will dated 1688 it looks like Edmund is referring to son John/Johis  I have an Edmund/Edmon bapt to John Tinson 1685 Chipping Norton but not birth for John, if this Edmund is referring to his son it would seem likely that he is my Edmunds grandfather

Oxfordshire / Edmund Tinson of Chipping Norton
« on: Sunday 30 July 17 20:30 BST (UK)  »
One of my ancestors was Edmund Tinson who married Mary Davis in Chipping Norton 1710 and had a son Will in 1725.  I have seen wills for 2 other Edmund Tinson's  1688 and 1692  in Chipping Norton very likely his father and grandfather, I can make out an Alice mentioned in one of the wills and there is a marriage 1620s for an Edmund Tinson to Alice but there doesn't seem to be any other mention of any of the Edmunds until the wills and the youngest Edmunds burial in 1787 I've tried various spellings of Tinson and looked further afield but no success, any help would be appreciated


Armed Forces / Merchant seaman details 1841 help needed
« on: Saturday 29 July 17 18:58 BST (UK)  »
My ancestor Alexander left Kirkcaldy around 1839-41, not sure if this record relates to Scotland or England, his later records are Sunderland based. I wondered if anyone could fill in the details for his 1841 record, I wasn't sure if Adam Clark was the master or the ship, I know in his early days Alexander worked on colliers and travelled all over the world more so when he became a master mariner but this is the earliest record I have found for him and would appreciate any help relating to it.


My family descends from Marys illegitimate son William born 1809, census returns point to her birth being around 1777-1781 Thornton, there is a birth for Mary to Thomas Crosby 28 Feb 1780 he had an earlier daughter Mary 1772 who must have died before Marys birth, a Mary Crosby married Henry Hodgson in Thornton but as William was born to Mary Crosby in 1809 my Mary wasn't a widow before marrying William Boddy a year later.  Some people have William marrying this Mary others marrying a later Mary Crosby born in Nunnington whose birth date and location don't match census returns or Marys death in 1861 the problem is both Mary's appear to have Thomas as their father and on various family trees descending from the Otterburn/Duchman families several generations earlier, I know from experience not to rely on family trees so I don't want to add Thomas Crosbys earlier ancestors to my family tree until I have the correct details if applicable, so any help sorting through this family would be appreciated


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