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Australia / Drummond Brick Wall
« on: Thursday 30 August 18 22:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi All
I have a Arthur James Drummond that married a Clara Jane Donnelly in Adelaide in 1898.
Their children all born in Adelaide are:
Leslie 1898-1970
Arthur Albert - 1899-1960
Alice Pretoria - 1900-1986
Violet Linda - 1903-1972
Frances Gladys - 1906-1986
Arnold Lawrence - 1907-1982.

Clara died in 1944 and is buried in west terrace cemetery in the same plot as her mother Julia.
Clara was a nurse.
From Arthur James Drummond and Clara Donnelly's marriage certificate I can conclude that Arthur was born abt 1872 (he was 26 when he married in Dec 1898) and his father was James.
But that is all I can find on Arthur James Drummond.  I can't find his birth, or his death.  I can't find any mention of him in any papers, electrical rolls etc.
Any ideas??
there are trees on Ancestry connecting him to a James Drummond from Scotland and died in Victoria, but this James is not correct, I have followed that James right through and have his death certificate as well, he is Not Arthur James Drummonds father.
hoping someone can help.

Lancashire / help finding someone please
« on: Friday 08 July 16 22:54 BST (UK)  »
I have a ann c  moore who married george barton in Bolton in 1864
Anns parents were Daniel and Martha
Anns birth place is at sea in 1851 and 1861 census  born 1844
George divorced ann in 1876 for a affair that she was having with john harris - this all happened in lancashire
In the newspaper report of the divorce it said thar ann and john were living as men and wife with twins at the time of the divorce   
I cant find ann in 1881 or 1891 i think i have her death in bolton in 1893 - Ann Columbia barton aged 49 
Possibly she could be in prision in 1881 as there is a annie Barton born 1844 at sea on the british ship Colombus
But where are the twins they are not with john as he went on to marry and there is no sign of children 
If this is her in the 1881 census how do i find out what she did and how long did she stay in prison 
And why would she of been born at sea???? Her family for generations were from lancashire 

Sorry so many questions.....
Cheers meggles

Armed Forces / Furlough
« on: Wednesday 06 July 16 22:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi - i have noticed that my GG grandfather had Furlough quite a bit while with the coldstream guards and the 2nd battalion 7th Regiment royal fusiliers
was this normal?, it was a month at a time and sometimes 6 months a part.
I am guessing that they were not paid for this time off - is that correct?

Armed Forces / Cant find marriage - spent most of life in the army
« on: Wednesday 06 July 16 22:16 BST (UK)  »
Hi John Petherick harris was born 1830 in Denbury Devon.
In the 1841 and 1851 census he was a laborer in Drewsteignton in Devon,
in late 1852 in joined the coldstream guards as a private and the first few years until the Crimean war he was based in London.
He went to Crimea  just after the  start of the war and was their until the end (1854-1856)
In Jan 1857 he paid 20 pound to leave and was discharged one month later in Feb 1857, I don't know where he went or what he did for the next 9 months.
on the 2nd Nov 1857 he joined the 2nd battalion 7th regiment of the royal fusiliers  where he went directly to Wolverhampton as a recruiting officer.
Between 1858-1863 he was in gibraltor
between 1863 - 1865 in was in Malta
between 1865-1867 he was in canada
then in late 1867 in was in Lancashire england
he married his 2nd Wife in Lancashire early 1869

(sorry if too much info before getting to my questions :()

1. how do i find his first marriage??
family story from many different lines  was that he married a Spanish lady - so this would be Gibraltor? is there away to search Gibraltar marriages

2. if he married while in the army why would it not be recorded in the listings that are in the internet with British overseas marriages.

I have his military records as well as all his pay sheets and roll calls from the national archives, but cant seem to get a idea of when he married for the first time. (he married 3 times)

any ideas would be great - thank you


Sussex / my sussex brickwall
« on: Tuesday 04 March 14 06:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi  - I have a Harry James Roberts born 28th Feb 1875 in Brighton Sussex according to his ww1 Australian military records.  He was a barman and musician.
According to his war records he served 12 years with the 3rd Hussers
I have Harry James Roberts again when he married in Jan 1914 to Violet Chamberlain who died in 1916 and on this certificate it has his parents as James Henry Roberts (publican) and Elizabeth Hanan both deceased.
the last I have of Harry is in 1923 when he is applying for a war pension.
But I can't find any info on Harry besides this -
I can't see his birth, I can't find his parents, I cant see them in any census, I can't see when Harry come to Australia and I can't find his death so far in Australia.
any help would be fantastic

New Zealand Completed Requests / On Holidays in New Zealand
« on: Sunday 02 March 14 23:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I have come across some old postcards that have my relative - Violet Emma Chamberlain in New Zealand in 1893 (at the age of 16) and in 1910.
What I know about Violet
Born 1877 - NSW, Australia (parents Richard and Charlotte0
Had a baby in 1897 in NSW, Australia (Roy)
Baby Died in Nsw Australia in 1904
Married in 1914 Nsw Australia (Harry James Roberts)
Died in 1916, Nsw Australia.
I am hoping to find some passenger lists with her on them in hope to see if she went to New Zealand by herself or with someone else
Could someone tell me if there are passenger lists that cover these dates.

Australia / is this too much of a stretch
« on: Wednesday 29 January 14 20:01 GMT (UK)  »
I have a couple of threads going at the moment:
1. is about Jessie May Chamberlain marring twice as a spinster - my theory
2. the other is help with a NSW birth

Basically I was looking for the birth of a Roy Elliott. He was given to a aunt to raise and he never knew who his real parents were. (he was raised by Matthew Elliott and Charlotte nee Chamberlain)
In Notes that my Grandmother had written many years before her death was that Roy was Jessie May Chamberlain's son (older sister of Charlotte Chamberlain)
So I went in search of how this could be.
I found out that Jessie married in 1907 which I never knew - George Henry Davis - and George Henry Davis was I think already married (all in the Spinster thread)
So now I have found a birth for R.D. in 1911, The information on this birth is half right and half wrong for my Roy Elliott.
1. he said on his ww2 record he was born 29th July 1912 - the birth I have is 29th July 1911.
2. parents are: George Davis born Shoalhaven and May Chambers born Shoalhaven - I am saying that parents were George Davis and Jessie May Chamberlain both born Shoalhaven
3. the marriage date of these 2 is 1908 instead of 1907 - but same day and month  - different marriage spot though - my couple married in Berry - this couple say Moruya, nsw
the rest of the info matches my George and Jessie May.
The baby was born in the asylum for women and children Thomas street Sydney.

So what I am thinking is that this is my R. - and this is probably about the time that Jessie has found out that George has another family.  There is a lot of embarrassment surrounding this situation and also I think that she is trying to hide the fact that she did marry a already married man.  There is no record so far that I can find of a annulment ( I have emailed the church of Jessie's second marriage in hope that they might have some info)

Is this too far fetch??

Australia Lookups completed / Married as a Spinster twice - How? my theory
« on: Tuesday 28 January 14 04:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hi I have a Jessie May Chamberlain who married George Henry Davis in Berry, NSW 1907.  The information from the marriage certificate confirms that this is my Jessie and it also gives George's parents as George Henry Davis and Mary Carmody. Jessie is a spinster and George is a Bachelor.
Both living at Harley Hill Berry. (George was 28 at the time of the wedding making him born in 1878ish)

Then Jessie May Chamberlain (she is using her maiden name - not married name of Davis) gets married again in 1919 in Berry to a Samual Mogler - Jessie again as a Spinster and Samual as a Bachelor - information on the certificate confirms that it is my Jessie again.  Jessie living in Berry and Samuel in Sydney

So what happened to George Henry Davis?

There is a George Davis dying in 1907 with parents of George and Mary - I thought that maybe he died straight after they got married (honeymoon)  - but the guy dying in 1907 was very old and had a wife and daughter.

So my theory is:
George Henry Davis married in 1907 twice:
once to Minnie Croft and then to Jessie May Chamberlain
eventually Jessie has found out and the marriage is then null and void - therefore she is a spinster again and she has gone back to her maiden name because she was never really married.

why i think this - 1. George is mentioned in his mother's death notice in 1922 (although the deceased older son is not)
2. there is only one George Henry Davis being born in 1878 in the shoalhaven area
3. I can't find any other deaths that would match my George henry davis besides the one in 1944 who was the husband of Minnie.

So does anyone have any thoughts here?  is there any records I could find to prove or disprove this theory?
or could anyone else find another Geroge Henry Davis that could be mine and explain why Jessie married as a spinster and her maiden name twice??

Australia / Mission House - Bridge Rd Glebe
« on: Friday 24 January 14 08:20 GMT (UK)  »
Hi - I have a few relatives living at Mission House Bridge Rd Glebe between about 1890 and 1907.
I would like to find more info on this 'Mission House' but my research skills  seem to be lacking- I can't find anything about this home at all on the internet.
I am thinking that it is a house for single pregnant women  - as the two women I am following  lived there before and after their pregnancy.
Does anyone out there have any info on this house....................

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