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Offaly (Kings) / Decipher possible enumerator error
« on: Thursday 06 September 18 12:29 BST (UK)  »
Im trying to find Birthplace for my 5x grandmother Catherine Doorly born abt 1798 (i have found her name spelt with a C and K for Katherine and her surname varies  Doorly, Doorely, Doody)
I know she was from Ireland but she moved to England with her husband who was a soldier in British Army in early 1800s
The only clue i have is the 1861 England Census gives her  Place of birth is recorded as
 'Ireland Baluawak Kow'
I think that the enumerator problem wrote this phonetically but i it clearly isn't a place in Ireland!

Can anyone suggest where this could be?

She married Bernard Irons from Aweston/Birr Kings County. Im thinking that she is could be from somewhere nearby but as he was in the Army they travelled a lot.
He joined the Army at the age of 13yrs so would have been a soldier when they meet.
I have found the birth record of a daughter Mary born in 1835 in Dublin and twins (Katherine and Bernard) born in Scotland in 1821
Her husband was posted in Dublin 1816/17, Nass 1817, Londonderry 1820.
Katherine could be from any of these places or surrounding areas.

Any ideas where  'Baluawak Kow' is would be welcome. My thoughts are it probably starts with 'Bally..' but i could be wrong. My Irish geography knowledge isnt that good!

Im hoping if I can find where she was born I might be able to find her birth or marriage

Thanks for any help

Ireland / Irish Wills
« on: Thursday 06 September 18 11:53 BST (UK)  »
I have found record for my 4x great grandfather in Public Records of Ireland Index of Prevocative Wills 1811-1858
Entry reads 'Bernard Irons Sgt In His Majesty's 41st Reg of Foot  1830'
 Does any one know if 1830 is the date the  Will was registered or date of his death?
Also can the original will be viewed and if so how?
Many thanks for any help.

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Marriage of Thomas Hodkinson
« on: Sunday 17 August 14 10:18 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone find the marriage for Thomas Hodkinson (Hogdkinson, Hodgekinson) to Mary. I dont have her surname
Thomas was bpt May 1809 St Chads Over and died in Whitegate in 1866, so he doesnt seem to have moved far. He worked in the Salt works all his live.
All but one of his children where born in Over/Wharton. Only odd one was Sarah b1846/6 in Salford.
His wife Mary was born in Eaton Abt 1818 (From 1851 Census) The local church is St Marys Eccleston
I have tried all derivatives of Hodkinson I can think of and checked Cheshire and Lancashire.
They probably married between 1828 and 1837 (First child i can find b 1837)
I cant find a marriage that fit
Can any one find te marriage or Marys birth? Im well truly stuck

Australia / 1904 building site - where is this?
« on: Friday 02 August 13 18:13 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone identify the place in this photo?
My Great grandad sent this photo back to the UK. He left to go and work on this project. We don't know what his name was but we know he was a building contractor. I am hoping that if I can identify where he was it might help me find his name.

Where is this place? The photo is dated 30.4.1904 and has 44 written underneath the date

Australia / Search for long lost great grandfather
« on: Friday 02 August 13 17:46 BST (UK)  »
My Grandfather was born 7th Feb 1904 at Crewe Cheshire. His mother was Florence Maud Downes. she was a domestic servant. There is no father named on this birth cert. He also went by the name Ernest Alfred Christopher Gibson Downes. (Alfred was his mothers father) The other names may or may not relate to his father. His marriage cert gives his father as Thomas Gibson Downes, Building Contractor.
This or a variation of it may be his father name, but names were often given for marriages to keep a air of respectability.
The family believe that his father emigrated to Austrialia. He kept in touch with Florence and sent photos back. The attached photo of a young man I think is of his father. I also have a photo of a contruction site,dated 30.4.1904. which I believe is where he was working and why he went to Austrialia.
He would have gone to Austrialia between June 1903 and April 1904.
His secret of an illegitimate son may have gone to his grave with him but does any one recognise the man in the photo, his story or have any immigration or employment records that would help identify my Great grandfather?

Northamptonshire Lookup Requests / Northampton Asylum
« on: Friday 24 August 12 19:09 BST (UK)  »
Thomas Walters age 26 and Mary King age 23 married 3 Nov 1867 at the church in the parish of St Giles Northampton.
 Their residence at the time of marriage was cited as Asylum!
I know St Crispins wasn't opened until 1876, but I think it could be at St Andrews Northampton Asylum.
Does anyone know which asylum would fall in the parish of St Giles and/or would be able to look up any asylum records to try and find one or the other of them. Thomas's profession on the marriage secret is attendant I think this my mean he worked there.
Thank you for any help.

Armed Forces / Boer War 1899 -1902
« on: Saturday 02 June 12 14:12 BST (UK)  »
Can any one help find my G grandads war records. He served in the Boer war and he has an inscription on the war memorial in Winsford Cheshire stating he was in the regular army and survived the war. I cant find him on Find my Past or National Archives. is name ins John Moores and was born in 1874 in Over (Winsford) Cheshire. The family think the served in the Cheshire Reg. I can only find a John Moores serving in Lancs Reg wounded at Ladysmith. I dont think this his him.
He had a few medals but they were stolen in a burglary .(IF anyone knows where the medals are we would like them back!)

Any help finding out more about his army service would be very much appreciated.

Cheshire / find a 1866 pub?
« on: Thursday 03 May 12 11:19 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find a 1866 public house in Pillory St Nantwich Cheshire.
my grandfather was a publican in Pillory street nantwich between 1869 to 1871
from my uncles birth certifcate - he was born in pillory st Nantwich Jan 1869 - father publican. (Robert Wadkins)
on 1871 census Robert Wadkins occupation is 'Publican out of buiness' and he is living with his in laws.
I have been to Cheshire Archives in Chester but they cant help. Robert isnt in Kellys Directory. He didnt need a licence at this time so I am stuck. Does any one have any ideas how I might find out the name of the pub in pillory st he was in?

Australia / unknown father emigrated to Oz
« on: Monday 23 May 11 00:47 BST (UK)  »
My grandfather was illegitimate. His marriage certificate states his fathers name as Thomas Downes.

His father supposedly emigrated to Australia. It is unlikely that his father's family in Oz know anything about his existence, his mothers family are still in the UK and didn't know about him (He was adopted as a baby)'

My grandfather was born in Cheshire UK in Feb 1904 therefore his father could have emigrated any time from July 1903

His mothers family lived in Crewe Cheshire at the time of his birth but were originally from Diddlesbury in Shropshire. She was in service. The family myth was that his father was her employer but this is probably untrue.

His mothers name was Florence Downes - I don't know if it is just coincidence that both his father and mother were called Downes. They were definitely not married. I don't know if they were related.

Any help in finding the long lost father would be much appreciated. Not sure where to start as don't know when and where in OZ to look!

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