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Suffolk / Hannah Francis/Frances 1792
« on: Friday 23 October 15 13:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi All

Please can anyone help with a baptism for Hannah Francis/Frances ( both spellings have been used on the baptism of her children) according to 1851 census she was born 1792 in Cratfield, Suffolk,

She married Edward Sharman in 1812 at Brampton, Suffolk, England, her surname on marriage was Francis

Any help very much appreciated


Oxfordshire / John Cross
« on: Wednesday 07 October 15 10:52 BST (UK)  »

Please can anyone shed any light on the marriage of John Cross to Lucy Unknown.

Lucy was born 1781 Cowley,Oxford,England
her husband John Cross I have no information on as he died prior to the 1841 census.

So a marriage around 1799/ 1800 ????

They had 5 Children the first I can see is  ( May well be more)

Elizabeth Cross born 1800 Baptised at Saint James,Cowley,Oxford,England
Thomas Cross 1803  Baptised at Saint James,Cowley,Oxford,England
William Cross 1805  Baptised at Saint James,Cowley,Oxford,England
George Cross 1809 Baptised at Saint James,Cowley,Oxford,England
Henry Cross 1817 Baptised at Saint James,Cowley,Oxford,England

Any help much appreciated Judi

Oxfordshire / Looking for the Yates/Yeates family in Newington parish records
« on: Sunday 09 August 15 13:59 BST (UK)  »
Please has anyone got access to the Newington Parish records, and could do me a look up for the Yates/ Yeates family

I believe there are at least 3 Baptisms
Henry Yates 1812c
Elizabeth Yates 1818c
Charles Yates 1821c

Any mention of Yates mentioned on the records, I would be very interested in please

Kind Regards Judi

The Common Room / Rosamond Judith Yates .....Marriage's????
« on: Sunday 26 July 15 12:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Looking for a Marriage or two!

Rosamond Judith Yates born 1853 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

she appears on the
1861 census and 1871 census in oxfordshire with her parents Charles Yates (Police Constable) and Ann Yates nee Moyser
0ccupation worries so far ...then the next time I find her is in

1881 Where is she now and with whom

1891..Living in Islington London
George Louch 60  Head ( Note his age)Boot maker... oxfordshire
Rosamond Louch 34 Wife  Oxfordshire
Catherine Louch   12 Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Louch   8 Holloway London
Henrietta Louch   6  Holloway London

Looking at the children this is what I can see
I think Catherine might have been born out of wedlock

Catherine Emily L Yates born Q1 1879 Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Maria A Louch born Q3 1883 Islington London
Henrietta Rosemond Louch born Q4 1885 Islington London
1901 This looks to be the family under a different surname
Rosomond Gibbons   42 born  widow Charwoman Oxfordshire, England
Catherine Gibbons   22 born Unmarried Confectionery Baker Oxfordshire, England
Henrietta Gibbons   13 born Islington, London, England
George H Gibbons   9 born Islington, London, England
Rosamond Judith Gibbons 58 Widow Orton, Oxford, England (claiming to have had 10 children 6 dead and 4 living )
George Henry Gibbons 19 Son born Islington he died 21 Aug 1916 France ( Effects returned to his mother)
So Questions ( There are many lol)
1. please can anyone see ANY marriage for Rosamond Judith Yates to either George Louch

2. Or a marriage for Rosamond Judith Louch to Unknown Gibbons?

3. Where are the family in 1881 ?
Marriage for Elizabeth Louch
birth abt 1884
Age 23
Spouse George Albert Skelton Age 22
marriage at St Martin, Kentish Town Camden on the 19 May 1907
Father Name George Louch (Dec Boot Maker)
Spouse Father James Skelton Occ  Tailors Cutter


Marriage for Henrietta Gibbons
born    abt 1887
Age 31
Spouse Frederick Leitch
age 27
marriage at Poole's Park St Anne, Islington on the 7 Apr 1918
Father Name George William Gibbons (Dec Boot maker).................Stepfather?????
Spouse Father Charles William Leitch (Dec GNR empoyee)

ANY help much appreciated

Kind Regards Judi

The Common Room / Ann Clegg 1820c
« on: Thursday 16 July 15 19:05 BST (UK)  »

Posting in the common room as I'm unsure where Ann Clegg 1821c was born? census say either Grantham, Lincolnshire, England or Nottinghamshire England.??

she married John Lee in the 3rd quarter of 1841 in Grantham Lincolnshire.any information as to witness would be great

Im looking to locate a baptism for her, as in the 1841 census she was a teacher in Barton Upon Humber St Mary and not with parents .

Any help would be much appreciated

Kind Regards judi

Cambridgeshire / George Taylor 1817 in Whitleysey, Cambridgeshire, England
« on: Monday 13 July 15 12:35 BST (UK)  »
Please could I ask if anyone has access to the Whitleysey parish records ?

Looking for the parents and siblings of George Taylor 1817 census states he was born in Whitleysey

and married Maria Giddings in 1842

Any help with parents details and marriage would be a great help

Many Thanks Judi


I'm posting this in the common room as I'm unsure where Edward Tarrant married Jane

This couple appear on all census 1841 until death ( I have them all)

Edward Tarrant born 1801 Dorney,Buckinghamshire,England Married ? died 1875 Nottinghamshire
Jane Unknown born 1801 Allesley, Warwick, England....married ? died 1870 Nottinghamshire

Children I'm aware off. are as follows.

Robert Tarrant
1824 - Bray, Berkshire, England died 1826

Elizabeth Tarrant
1825 Bray, Berkshire, England

Sarah Tarrant
1827 Bray, Berkshire, England

Jane Tarrant
1829 1895 Bray, Berkshire, England

Edward Tarrant
1835 1875 Nottinghamshire, England

Charles Tarrant
1839 1901 Nottinghamshire, England

James Tarrant
1843 Nottinghamshire, England

Please can anyone shed light on a marriage for Edward Tarrant to Jane around 1823c

I'm aware there is a marriage between an Edward Tarrant to Jane Simpson in Portsea Hampshire in 1826 ,but I believe this to be another couple and not mine. as they were also having children in Portsea around the same time.

Any help very much appreciated .


Lancashire / William Henry Cooper 1858c Manchester
« on: Monday 06 July 15 14:49 BST (UK)  »

Please can anyone shed light on William Henry Cooper 1858c Manchester.

I have a copy of his Marriage cert which states as follows
William Henry Cooper 22 - bachelor - Painter,87 Pownall Street. Father John Cooper (dec) Overlooker. Catherine Davies 23 - widow - of 87 Pownall Street. Father John Thomas - Collier.
Witness James Thomas , Hannah Bradshaw.

I'm trying to track back with William Thomas Cooper, the only census I have him on is the 1881 with his wife and Sister in Law ( it say's sister on the census)

on the 1881 census
William H. Cooper   23 Head Painter
Catherine Cooper   24 Wife (Nee Thomas)
Amelia Cooper   17 ( She in fact is Amelia THOMAS his wife's sister NOT his sister
George King   23 Lodger (who goes on to marry the above Amelia Thomas)

William Henry Cooper and Catherine Cooper nee Thomas had two children

John Henry Thomas born 1882

John Henry Cooper Christening Date 26 Mar 1882 Christening Burntwood, Staffordshire, England Father William Henry Cooper Mother Catherine.

Jane Cooper 1886 Longton Staffordshire.(Jane Cooper 4/4 1886 Stoke on Trent 6b 220)

William Henry Cooper dies between 1886 and 1891

Please can anyone see confirmation of William Henry Cooper on the 1861 and 1871 Census please ?

Can anyone see a baptism for William Henry Cooper ?

Kind Regards Judi

Oxfordshire / Charles Yates 1821c Brockhampton, Oxfordshire, England
« on: Saturday 04 July 15 17:30 BST (UK)  »

Please could I ask for a little help with Charles Yates born 1821 Brockhampton, Oxfordshire, England

he married Ann Moyser on the 4th Aug 1841 at Cheltenham parish church( I have the cert)

Both parties gave 63 Duke Street as their Address
Charles Yates  was also listed as a Minor ie under 21 Years old.and a Butcher by trade......later became an Inspector of Police
his father listed as William Yates Occupation "Keeper"

Ann Moyser (of full age) father listed as Thomas Moyser (Farmer)

Please can anyone help with a baptism for Charles? and both parents ?

Also please can anyone find him prior to the marriage on the 1841 census ?

Any help much appreciated


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