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The Common Room / Birth Registration Query - Supplementary pages?
« on: Tuesday 01 January 19 15:01 GMT (UK)  »
I'm hoping one of you experts will know about this.

I was looking for the birth registration for Freda M M Rogers, born November 1903 and found it in FreeBMD with question marks on it. Looking at the original index page, this entry had been added in by hand at the bottom with a reference "E Glamorgan 11A see S/52"

East Glamorgan didn't exist as a registration district until 1935. Can someone with experience of this sort of thing point me in the right direction, please? I sort of assumed that S/52 might be some sort of supplementary pages but I could be completely wrong of course  ::)

Many thanks for struggling this far!

(PS I looked in the new GRO index and it isn't there at all. It should have been registered under Merthyr Tydfil)

I have been reluctant to post on this board because I have been struggling to understand the DNA test results ever since I had them from FamilyTreeDNA 4 or more years ago and am still very ignorant.

However, I have chased the people who are listed as 2nd-4th cousins and have found a few confirmed matches so am reasonably happy.

BUT - one of my 2nd-4th matches is marked on the FamilyFinder results as also matching me on an X-chromosome. Since I know(I think) that I get my X-chromosomes from each parent, does this finding have any significance at all? I understand, in a very simplistic way, that the longer the bit of shared centimorgans the better the match but the chromosome information defeats me.

If someone could give me a hint, it would be much appreciated! I assume that FTDNA wouldn't include the information if it wasn't significant but perhaps I'm naive here?

Many thanks for your patience with this....


The Common Room / UK Companies House List of Directors - He shouldn't be there...
« on: Thursday 24 November 16 14:50 GMT (UK)  »
I was checking through today  - a cousin of my partner turned up on the 1939 register as he is no longer alive, so I revisited his bit of the tree.

My puzzle is that the transcription of the UK Companies House list of Directors 2002 to 2014 available on FindMyPast has him in it as MD of a company. However, he died in 1995. How is this possible, or do people stay on the Companies House list unless they are actively removed from it?

He could, of course, still be controlling his company from The Other Side  ;D

The Common Room / Garnishee Summons - whatever happened to Great Great Grandad?
« on: Monday 18 March 13 22:36 GMT (UK)  »
I have a pretty full history of this side of my family. My gg grandfather, George Virgin was born in 1824 in Membury Devon and was part of a family of tenant farmers(dairymen) who saw themselves as a cut above, not just your common ag lab, so kept relationships within the group. He married Ann Beer, daughter of another dairy farmer, and produced a rather predictable family.

However, having followed George's life up until his wife's death in 1880 and his entry in the 1881 census with his remaining unmarried children plus his recently widowed son Henry plus his kids, he disappears. No sign of him in 1891 and the only thing I know about him is from his death certificate in 1896.

BUT, I recently came across a newspaper from 1884 cutting naming him and am intrigued.... it said
A QUESTION OF IDENTITY – Benjamin Lamb Powne v Stuckey’s Banking Company. – Plaintiff, a surgeon living at Chard, sued the defendant for £6 2s, on a garnishee summons. – Mr James Taylor appeared on behalf of the company, and said that there were no funds in the bank to the account of Geo. Virgin, the defendant in the case in which Dr Powne had to appear. – Plaintiff said that Virgin formerly lived at Chard, and had now moved to Membury. – Mr Taylor said that the Company were not certain that the George Virgin, of Membury, was the same person who had money in the bank. – His Honour said that the name of George Virgin was very uncommon and peculiar, and the answer of Mr Taylor was so evasive that he should assume that the money in the bank belonged to Virgin, of Membury. He therefore gave judgement for Plaintiff

The way I read this is that Dr Powne was trying to recover costs arising from a case (?) in which George was defendant. He couldn't get the money from George so went after the bank.

My query is - what was the case George was involved in? Whatever happened to him that Dr Powne couldn't recover the costs directly? And where was he in 1891?

If anyone can shed any light on this at all, I should be very grateful  :)

World War One / CEF War Diaries - COMPLETED - very many thanks!
« on: Friday 21 September 12 08:34 BST (UK)  »
I think I'm losing it! Last week while on holiday, I found the WW1 diaries for various CEF regiments. Not indexed but I browsed through to July 1917 and found my great uncle mentioned as having died from wounds.

I was sure it was Ancestry I found this on, but now I'm at home, no amount of searching is showing it up. I know I didn't dream it, so if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot


Census and Resource Discussion / Ancestry Changes
« on: Wednesday 13 June 12 22:20 BST (UK)  »
It may not be appropriate to post this here, if at all  ::) so please do deal with it as appropriate, Moderators  :)

I've not been onto Ancestry for a while because of work etc but whenever I do, I check what is new on the site by clicking on something like 'See all updates...'

However, the new chatty friendly interface inviting me to do Facebook and Twitter and stuff seems to have removed this possibility.

I'm probably being dense, but if they haven't got rid of it entirely, could some kind person help me find it before I tear more of my hair out?

Thank you very much  ;D

Technical Help / Changing to a email address
« on: Friday 27 January 12 09:06 GMT (UK)  »
I think this might be one for Berlin Bob  :)

I needed to change email address on RootsChat a couple of days ago and the system didn't like the new address. I worked out, I think, that it didn't recognise the domain name.

I successfully changed it to my work email but wondered if the system could be changed to accept addresses?

Many thanks


Technical Help / Broadband USB Dongle and Linux
« on: Tuesday 22 November 11 14:35 GMT (UK)  »
I'm wondering if anyone here has experience in setting up a USB Broadband dongle with Ubuntu Linux (in particular Hardy Heron or Lucid Lynx)?

We're wanting to lend someone a Linux box for a particular task and they don't have broadband, so we were thinking of giving them a dongle. However, Googling only seems to come up with recommendations for the Huwei G160, which seems now to be obsolete.

Any ideas or suggestions will be very much appreciated  :)



I've been doing some research on behalf of a friend and have come up against a problem!

Her ancestor, Ann Elizabeth Hodgson Bayston was born in 1857 in Seaton Ross (GRO REF JUN 1857 Pocklington 9d 67).

I have her on the censuses, living with grandparents, along with what might be a younger sister Rosanna in Seaton Ross

This has all the hallmarks of her being the illegitimate child of one of the older daughters of the family, Frances or Hannah Bayston.

I could order the birth certificate, but cash is a bit tight at the moment, so if anyone has access to Seaton Ross Baptisms and could check Ann for me in there, I (and my friend!) would be very grateful.

Many thanks for reading this far.


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