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Surrey / Is this likely - Richard Head marriage in Byfleet 1802
« on: Sunday 09 October 11 18:44 BST (UK)  »
Dear all,

I am tracing a branch of the the Head family who resided in Chobham in the early 1800's. The info I have so far is that Stephen Head, my umpteen great grandfather, was baptised in Chobham on 11 June 1815, the son of Richard and Elisabeth. He had 1 brother (James, bap 30 June 1811) and 2 sisters (Sarah, bap 20 Sep 1806, and Charlotte, bap 22 may 1808).

I cannot find a marriage of Richard and Elisabeth in Chobham, but did locate one for Richard Head and Elizabeth Spong in Byfleet on 22 August 1802.

Thing is they disappear from 1802 to 1806 when they crop up in Chobham. I have checked all the surrounding parishes and cannot find them.

So is it possible that they didn't have any children till 1806, or have I missed something?

Any ideas?

Cornwall Lookup Requests / Baptism of Mary A HOCKING - Truro c1845
« on: Saturday 13 August 11 21:17 BST (UK)  »
Dear all,

Mary A (perhaps Ann[e]) Hocking was apparently born in Truro 5 May 1845 to John Hocking and ? I have this information from another researcher as part of their extensive tree. We connect a long time ago, but Mary Anne is a closer link to my family. Problem is I cannot verify her birth at all and my fellow researcher was unable to remember where they found this info.

Can someone please check the Truro parish record for May 1845 and let me know if there is a M A Hocking listed?

Thank you in hope.

Dear all,

In trying to untangle a mystery in Bucks I seem to be heading Oxon way due to the location of part of the family I am researching.

I don't know much about Eliza (Elizabeth?) Wooster other than she could be a key figure in my search. She appears as a witness to the marriage of Thomas Wooster (Worster) and Elisabeth Mead of North End who married ins Stokenchurch on 22nd August 1805.

Thomas and Elisabeth have a son buried as an infant in 1806 in Stokenchurch and a son, Joseph, baptised in Turville in 1813.

A Wendover/Bucks area Joseph moves to London and has a daughter Eliza as well as one called Elizabeth, though he is married to Rebecca Hite none of his children are called Rebecca. He states his birthplace as Wendover on the 1851 and 1861 census. It is the parents of this Joseph I am trying to trace.

There are 3 possible Josephs in the Wendover area at about the right time (1807 - 1813). The 1807 one is a mystery and I cannot place at all. Of the others (Bapt 1812 and 1813) One stays in Wendover and one, mine, moves to Middlesex.

Two things separate the 2 Josephs I have tracked

1. One Joseph is baptised at the right time in Ellesbourgh, which is next door to Wendover. The other Joseph is baptised in Turville - which isn't.

2. The names of their kids. The Joseph who remains in Wendover has children who's names match those of a Wendover line of Woosters. The Middx Joseph, mine, has children that sort of match the Stokenchurch marriage I've already mentioned.

I suspect that Eliza was a sister of Joseph Wooster and finding her baptism will help me unpick which family I need to follow. Problem is that there is no Eliza or Elizabeth Wooster baptised at around the correct dates in Bucks.

Since North End is on the border between Oxon and Bucks I'm guessing that Thomas and Elisabeth had most of their children baptised in Oxon. Indeed I think that Turville and Stokenchurch used to be in Oxon.

So is anyone researching Oxfordshire Woosters?

I type in hope!

Buckinghamshire / Seeking info on Thomas Wooster of Turvile
« on: Sunday 07 August 11 15:16 BST (UK)  »
Dear all,

On 3 October 1813 Thomas and Elizabeth Wooster had a son, Joseph, baptised in Turville. It is possible that this Joseph is my ancestor, and thus Thomas and Elizabeth, but then again perhaps not. The problem is that many correspondents have suggested that my Joseph was the son of Timothy and Selinor (or Selina or indeed Eleanor and variants as she appears on the parish register) and baptised in Ellesborough on 18 Oct 1812.

As yet I have never found a satisfactory reason as to why the Turville baptism has been discounted and have very little info on Thomas and Elizabeth, other than they are likely to have been married by license in Stokenchurch on 22 Aug 1805. I have a copy of the parish register entry.

I know that Joseph was living in greater Stanmore in in 1841 as he is on the census aged 25 and married to Rebecca with 3 children, Henry, Charles and Eliza. Eliza Wooster appears as a witness on Thomas and Elizabeth's marriage record so she may have been Joseph's sister

On the 1851 census Joseph is still in Greater Stanmore with Rebecca, but now aged 38 and listing his birthplace as Wendover. They now have Henry, Eliza, Charles, Albert, Louise, Emma, Ann Rebecca, Helena and James. (They end up adding Joseph, Elizabeth and Edith C to this list). So there is a child name connection to Thomas and Elizabeth as well.

Ignoring child names for a moment the only real info I have on Joseph is that he was born some time between 1813 and 1816ish somewhere in the Wendover area. Turville is and so is Ellesbourogh.

There are a *lot* of Wooster's in Wendover at that time and I went though the Wendover register recently noting them all in the hope that I might be able to untangle all this a bit.

The Timothy and Selinor correspondents suggest that their lineage goes back to Moses Wooster and that the families either liked the names Timothy and Moses or showed a singular lack of imagination when naming their offspring. There are 4 generations of Moses Woosters. They also say that Timothy was married twice.

As far as I can tell Timothy and Selina had; Mary (13 Feb 1803), William (30 Dec 1804), Eleanor (10 Jan 1807), Moses (20 Aug 1809), James (14 Nov 1819), Elizabeth (20 Dec 1823) and Timothy (28 May 1826) baptised in Wendover and Joseph (18 Oct 1812 - mother listed as Eleanor), Thomas (5 Feb 1815 - mother listed as Senedar)  and George (20 Jul 1817 - mother listed as Eleanor again) baptised in Ellesborough.

There is a Timothy Wooster aged 65 listed on the Wendover 1841 census with James (age 25), might be the James baptised 1819(?). This Timothy is still around 1851 aged 76, but now with his wife Lebender (aged 73).. Lebender? There are definite S's (eg Straw platter) on the census page but could that be Selender? There are definite l's as well (Ellen for example). There are no Lebinder Woosters listed on FreeBMD, but Selina has a death record for Wycombe for Sept 1859.

I have a number of wills for Timothy and Thomas Woosters. Timothy  - a wealthy landed yeoman - proved 28 Sep 1833 does not mention his wife but lists a number of children including William, Francis, Ann Allen (widow), Thomas, Job and Joseph. There is a couple, Timothy and Hestor in Wendover who have Mary (13 Oct 1799), Thomas (5 Jan 1801), Job (30 May 1802), George (26 Jan 1803),  Mary (again - 19 Sep 1806) and Joseph (6 Dec 1807). Selina cannot be this Timothy’s 2nd wife as Selena gives birth to Eleanor in 1807 and Hestor to Joseph in 1809. Thus the William mentioned in the Will cannot be the one that Timothy and Selina baptise in 1804, I could not find another in Wendover. As I suspect that Lebinder is Selinder (Selina) in the 1851 census with Timothy, her Tim cannot be the yeoman in the will. I do not think that the will Joseph  is my ancestor as the likely match was baptised 1807, a bit too early.

I could not find Timothy and Hestor's marriage but found bans for Timothy and Selena Jones for 10,17 & 22 Jan 1802.

I have two wills for Thomas Wooster proved  24 Sep 1840 and 15 Apr 1817 respectively. The 1840 will does not mention any children by name but does mention Thomas's wife – Elizabeth as well as two brothers Joseph and Job.  Not having any info on the Turville Thomas Wooster I cannot say for certain if he had any brothers. It could be that the 1840 will relates to Timothy and Hestor's son, bapt 5 Jan 1801. There is a couple in Wendover called Thomas and Elizabeth who have children from 17 May 1829 till 21 Oct 1832, though this could be the Turville family who have simply moved.

The 1817 will again mentions Elizabeth, but no children or brothers; stating that all should be given to Elizabeth or if she passes away to Thomas' sisters Emily Hawkins(?) and Alison Shaw(?) the handwriting is not clear. It is also very short and appears to have needed verification before being proved.

None of this is really helpful, other than I am now fairly sure that my Joseph is not a beneficiary of the yeoman Timothy Wooster's will. This is a pain a s there is a web site of Wooster's linked to that document. I am also still at a loss as to how to tie Joseph Wooster to either Thomas and Elizabeth or Timothy and Selina (or whatever she was called).

Has anyone got any information on Thomas Wooster of Turville that might aid me?

Dear all,

Ancestry is currently offering access to military records for free (till 14th Nov 2010) so I thought I would try and find one Thomas John Floyd Pope. According to family history he volunteered at the start of WW1 and was enlisted as a Sergeant Blacksmith (his profession). We have photos of him in uniform, and postcards from France with him and his mates in uniform. Thing is ancestry is drawing a blank. He was born in Alerford on the Devon Somerset border on 9th Nov 1885 and may have been living in Selworthy, or there abouts in 1914.

Could someone give me a few ideas as to how to track his records down?


Dear all,

Can someone confirm a suspicion I have on the above. I believe that Sarah Floyd(e) was born around 1863/4 to John and Agnes Floyde (nee Floyde). I have a marriage certificate for them for May 2nd 1863 but at present have no connection. Given that Floyde is a very common name in that part of Somerset I could be completely wrong. According to free BMD there is a Sarah Floyde registered in Williiton in Sept 1863 which might be her. Alas I have not been able to get a birth cert from the GRO since the Family history centre closed, though at least I see the web site is now allowing you to again...

I have Sarah aged 17 living with John and Agnes in Selworthy on the 1881 census (RG11/2353) which is where the suspicion comes from.

If I am right then this ties up a loose end and a lot of head scratching (Floydes marring Floydes)

Here's hoping I am right!


England / Struggling to pin down Ada Knight
« on: Wednesday 27 May 09 20:03 BST (UK)  »
Dear all,

I have recently restarted my family hunt, I gave up completely stumped at every point having managed to get some branches back to the early 1800's and some really no-where. This is one of my no-wheres and it would be nice if I can find out a bit more about this lady.

Her name is Ada Knight, sadly a very common name, On 29th December 1902, aged 21 years, she married George Henry Wooster at the Baptist church in Palmerston road Wealdstone, NW london. Her father was George Knight who died some time before 1902 and was a paper hanger. So Ada was born around 1881 and that is as far as I got.

The problem is that the census for 1891, when Ada would have been around 10/11 throws up the following;

Leicestershire - RG 13/3000
George Knight (head) - House decorator (crossed out word paint written above)
Ada - aged 9 a scholar


Belgrave (district Melton) - RG12 2522
George Knight (head) - House decorator
Ada aged 8 a scholar

and !

Paddington - RG12/1
George Knight (head) - Paper hanger & Decorator
Ada aged 7 a scholar.

Now, clot that I am, I did not write the census dates on the printouts I have so can someone first tell me if these are from 1891? I cannot remember.

Secondly could someone suggest a way of untangling these families so that I can find the correct Ada?

Indeed can someone suggest a way to generally untangle problems such as this as I have several similar stumbling blocks.


England / Which Mary Mary Ann(e) (Annie) Shepheard is mine ??
« on: Thursday 13 September 07 13:12 BST (UK)  »
Dear all,

I'm stuck, I mean really stuck on this.  ???

Mary Ann(e) Shepheard (or Shapard or Shepard etc) married George Wooster on 25 December 1883 (never knew people could marry on Christmas day!) In the Parish Church of Pinner Middx.

I'm trying to find out where she was born and I'm stuck.

According to her marriage she was 20 in 1883 and her father was one Thomas Shepheard, Labourer. Problems start however when I look at subsequent census returns;

In 1891 the family is in Gretta Road, Pinner. Marry ann is now Annie, age 27 and her birthplace is 'Unknown' they have 4 Children, George Henry, Charles James, Ada and William Charles. (George's father was a Charles)

In 1901 they are in Headstone and Mary Anne is still Annie, age 38 but born in 'Bucks'. The family has grown (although they may have lost Charles) with George H, Ernest I,  Ada H (who is actually Ada Ellen), William C, Albert E, Alice A, Violet M and Beatrice.

If I take Annie's age as correct (always a bit dodgy) then she was born around 1863. The IGI suggests the following;

Mary ann 07 SEP 1862       Saint Paul, Chatham, Kent, England - Thomas and Eliza
Mary        17 JUL 1864       St Peter'S, Chester, Cheshire, England - Thomas & Catherine Walker Shep
Mary        21 AUG 1865       St Chad'S, Rochdale, Lancashire, England - Thomas & Jane

Mary Ann Eliza 14 JUN 1863       Saint John The Baptist, Shoreditch, London, England Thomas & Elenor
Mary Ann Frances 11 OCT 1863       Tong, Shropshire, England Thomas and Lucy Shipard (which of course could be a transcription error)

None are in Bucks, but given the first census of 1891 I guess that's not surprising.

Free BMD suggests 2 possibles in Bucks in 1862-
Mary ann Shephard Brackley 3b 1
Mary ann Sheppard Newprot P 3a 470

And a massive list (around 100) elsewhere. Ugh.

Has anyone got any suggestions how I can find which Mary Ann Sheppard (or combination) is mine? I have tried free reg but without much clue as to the county I'm very stuck, and since people often moved to a parish to get married I don't think that the register will help. She is living in Pinner Drive, the same as George at the time of her marriage.


Cornwall / A HOCKING mystery
« on: Monday 10 September 07 12:42 BST (UK)  »
Dear all,

Many years ago a family history researcher rang my grandmother and said that they were distantly related. Naturally she was sceptical but he then sent a massive computer print out of his tree and it turns out that they are. Anyway this sparked my interest as I have been struggling with my Cornish roots and quite frankly getting no-where.  Well I now have that print out... and I'm still stuck!

The problem is one Mary Ann(e) Hocking. She married John Head at St Johns, Holloway, Middx on 30 September 1867 and according to the certificate her father was John Hocking, a Mason. They called their first son John and he later adopted the middle name Hocking.

Mary Ann's census returns after her marriage state that she was born in Truro Cornwall, around 1845. Problem is that I cannot find *any* Mary Ann(e)s or Marys or Anns born in the GRO in Truro at that time. The closest I can find is one in Redruth, but the father's name is wrong.

To add to the confusion that printout states that Mary Ann Hocking was born in Truro on 5 May 1845. Thing is she isn't listed in the GRO.  I have also failed to find her before her marriage in any census. Mary an Hocking is a very common name and I cannot pin any of those I have found listed to the right place or parents.

Is anyone else researching the Hockings? Do you have a Mary Ann who marries a Head in 1867?


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