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Suffolk / COLLETT family, Halesworth - 1785 to 1813
« on: Friday 22 June 18 00:37 BST (UK)  »
Hello fellow Rooters,

I trying to track down info on Robert Collett, Charles Collett and Mary Collett who were bakers and millers in Halesworth between 1785 and 1813, though maybe a bit either side of this range is probable.

BMD info would be good, but anything relating to their mill would be brilliant!

The mill may have been on Mill Hill, Halesworth; William may have been married to Mary Collett, and Charles may have been their son.

I also suspect there may have been a John Collett pre-dateing all these people, and he may have een alive until about 1788.


Suffolk / John Bumpstead - Again?
« on: Thursday 07 September 17 21:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

In 2013 I asked for info on a miller called Harper John Bumpstead.  He'd been a naughty boy back in 1773 and was transported to the American colonies.

I now have a description of a John Bumpatead also a miller and also a naughty boy back in 1773 (Ipswich Journal - 1773/09/04).  The most interesting thing about him is that he was described as "black".  I've been researching Suffolk windmills for about 15 years and I have NEVER come across a black miller in Suffolk (that Suffolk, UK).

My interest has been pricked!

Does anyone know anything about this man?  Was he aka Harper John Bumpstead (Bumstead?)?  Where did he come from ?  A freed slave, a product of a mixed reunion?  Might have been continental, but with an English name.

Info I have (transcribed from the paper) is as follows:-

“STRADBROOK, Suffolk, Aug. 24th, 1773.
WHEREAS JOHN BUMPSTEAD, late of Syleham in Suffolk aforefaid, Miller, has defrauded Rachael Pulham of Hoxne of ten Pecks of Wheat, under a Pretention of Grinding, and afterwards converted the fame to his own Ufe, and has since abfconded:  Whoever will give Information of the faid John Bumpftead to Matthew Salter the younger of Stradbrook aforefaid, fo as he may be had and brought to Juftice for the faid Offence, fhall receive one Guinea Reward and all reafonable Charges, by me MATTHEW SALTER, junior.
N.B.  Bumpftead is a tall black Man, and generally fpeaks with a very loud Voice, and makes uncommon Motions with his Eyes when in common Converfation.”

ANYTHING would be great!!!

Cheers for now,

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Deaths in WESTON in December 1778 and Early January 1779?
« on: Tuesday 29 August 17 21:27 BST (UK)  »

My records show a miller and his man were killed in WESTON in December 1778 or early 1779.  The death was reported in the Ipswich Journal on Jan 8th.

I'm looking for the men's names so can anyone furnish me with the names of fellows who died between 1st December 1778 and 8th of January in the parish of WESTON?

I can then try to whittle them down to the actual casualties.

Many thanks,

Suffolk / Bumstead Moore of Ousden c1806-09
« on: Wednesday 16 August 17 22:42 BST (UK)  »

Another quick request for info.

This chap was a miller in Ousden between 1806 and 1809 (when he died).  Who was he married to and where did he come from?

His son took over the business but was killed by the mill in 1819.  Was he married?

Any help would be great!


Suffolk / Damant Castell of Occold in about 1822
« on: Wednesday 16 August 17 20:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rooters,

I'm looking for any info on a miller called Damant Castell.  He was associated with one of the mills in the village and I understand he may have moved to Brooke in Norfolk later.

Any nuggets would be good but family (wife's maiden name) and even correct spelling of his name would help!!!

Windy Miller

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Miller in Haverhill (1768)
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 23:12 BST (UK)  »

I was wondering if anyone has easy access to the Newspaper Archive.  I'm looking for the name of a miller who was selling his mill in August 1768.  I believe it was for sale at the Queen's Head (Inn?) in Haverhill.

I would be grateful if someone could tell me his name! ;D

Windy Miller

Suffolk / Cobbold V Rushbrook - 1839?
« on: Wednesday 24 May 17 21:47 BST (UK)  »
Evening everyone,

Today I'm looking for any information regarding a dispute between Robert Knipe Cobbold (a miller?) from Eye and a millwright called Rushbrook from Diss.  My note suggests that this was in court in July or August 1839, but I have been unable to locate anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Suffolk Lookup Requests / Death of 9 year old boy in Bungay - 1777
« on: Wednesday 05 April 17 21:23 BST (UK)  »
I'm hoping that someone will be able to find the name of a 9 year old boy on 01/02/1777.  He died in Bungay where his father was a miller.  This is about all I know :(

I suppose he will have been buried within a day or two, but I have no idea which of the Bungay parishes he would have been buried in.

Ideally I'm looking for a name and surname.

Thanks for any help in advance,


Suffolk / Baranaby Gilfton of Errington and Offton (1764)
« on: Friday 24 March 17 16:00 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

My never-ending search for Suffolk's millers and their mills have lead me to look into Barnaby Gilfton.  He appears to have been letting out a windmill in Errington, Suffolk in 1764 (he was miller at Offton the same year).

I cannot find much about him, but if that is not problematic enough I cannot find Errington anywhere in Suffolk (apparently it is/was about 8 miles from 'Swich?).

Interestingly enough Offton, where Barnaby was, is also 8 miles from Ipswich!

Any help will be gratefully accepted,

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