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London and Middlesex / Help wanted - Samuel Paul Hunt Hayward & Mary Ann 1840s
« on: Friday 19 October 18 10:22 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

Help wanted - I thought I had it all sorted out correctly; In my tree I have an Elizabeth Hunt Hayward born 6-9-1847 Southwark,  d/o Samuel Paul Hunt Hayward & Mary Ann,  Engineer.

She  marries Thomas Theodore Talley in 1868 who dies in 1875 and lists her father as above but now a Printer. Eliza then marries Walter Belcher as a widow in 1879 with her father same name as above but his occupation now appears to be Stoker.

I have found a marriage for Sam'l Paul hunt Haywood to Mary Anne Musgrave in 1827 Stepney, London

In the 1841 census Sam'l Hayward is recorded as a "watchmaker" with Elizabeth aged 6

In the 1851 census for Sam'l Hayward he is an engine driver with dau   Eliza aged 3

In the 1871 census Sam'l Hayward  is with a "Viegra" family as father-in-law a retired Engineer
A son   Richard Hunt Hayward marries in 1862 with father Engineer

I've now found evidence of Elizabeth Hunt Hayward marrying a Joseph Viegra in 1862 with father as above  an Engineer.

Am I right in thinking there are 2 x families with same father & mother's name?

I'm totally confused and any help in sorting out will be appreciated.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Richard Lukins married Ethel ?? 1655
« on: Monday 15 October 18 10:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
Is anyone able to decipher all the writing in the parish register of Wedmore, Som  marriage please?

Richard lukins & Ethel ??.......

Many thanks in advance


Berkshire Completed Look ups / Sarah Froud bapt 1809 East Challow - what happened to her?
« on: Thursday 20 September 18 10:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I have in my tree a Sarah Froud bapt. 30-12-1809 in East Challow, Berks (d/o John & Mary nee Lambourn) all taken from the East Challow records, and am trying to find what happened to her - did she die young, get married and move away.

There are some trees on Ancy... saying she was from Chieveley and married a Joseph Leach and raised her family. Even suggesting she was born in Chieveley but bapt in East Challow.

I'm finding it hard to follow that line and wonder if anyone can come up with a an alternative line.

I have details of a marriage of Sarah Frood to Joseph Leach in 1832 Chieveley, with both being buried there in 1882 & 1886 which supports all the details above but is it the same Sarah Froud?

Any thoughts most appreciated?


Suffolk Lookup Requests / Henry Ribbans bapt 1862 Rushmere - m ?? abt 1885
« on: Tuesday 04 September 18 01:16 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
Is anyone able to help me find details of a marriage of Henry Ribbans (born; 19-2-1862) bapt 4-9-1864 Rushmere St.Andrew (s/o Henry & Eliza).
All I can find is a reference to a possible marriage in 1885 Emily Runnacles in the Plomesgate regis. dist. (not sure if this the right person).

I have him in the 1871 census with his parents & siblings living in Belstead, Suffolk  and again in 1891 in Stratford St.Andrew, Suffolk, married, aged 29 as a Grocer & draper  but no sign of wife or children.

In 1901 he is aged 39 and a widow still a grocer/shopkeeper also with no sign of children.

Nowhere can I find a 1881 census for him.

One big problem, just to add to the confusion,  is that there is another Henry Ribbans born about 1865 (s/o Aaron & Emma) who married Amelia Whiting between 1891 & 1901 and became a tinsmith ending up in Kent.

I've tried Ancy, & FreeBMD and Fam/search without success and would be pleased if anyone can
find some info on this Henry.


Hi all,

This painting is on a wall in my sister's house in Harwich part of which dates from about 1460s.
Would anyone know what it says.

Any help would be appreciated.


Berkshire Completed Look ups / John Belcher - m - Martha ?? Wantage
« on: Sunday 05 August 18 02:13 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
I have a John Belcher (bn. 1792c West Hanney)in the  1851 census Longcot with wife Martha dau & s/o -in-law. Martha is recorded as being born in Bishopstone, Wilts and I wonder if anyone can show where & when they were married so I can get her maiden name. Their daughter Sophia was bapt. in Longcott in 1827 so presumably they were married before that year.

If anyone can find this marriage I would be most grateful. I suspect it could be in Wantage.

I have also checked in Longcott, Berks, and Wilts without success.


Edited; Not in Wantage as I thought so where?

The Common Room / 1939 Register - mysterious lady born 1911
« on: Wednesday 18 July 18 00:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I have found the 1939 Register for my grandparents Charles & Sarah Belcher, 193 Beech Lane, Earley, Berks and amongst them is a Annie Lister (withthe names  Beatrice Mary added) born 3-7-1911 and Married.

If I'm reading it correctly Annie is listed as #4 with # 3 & 5 blanked out.

I was born just before the WW2 and lived with my g/parents, mother and aunt at this address for the duration until my father came back in 1944/5 and have never heard of this person.

Can anyone let me know if they have any knowledge of Annie Lister, please?

I'm not sure when the 1939 Register was taken but my parents and myself (Blanked out) are listed
in their home and we (mother & self) moved into Beech Lane in 1940 after war had broken out with my dad joining the RAF.

Any help will be appreciated


Hi all,

I have the above named in my tree and am trying to find her birth/bapt details. Using the FreeBMD site I get the following details;
Patience Winch, regist. Mar 1845 Wallingford Dist.

I enter these into the GRO Registration Services site with */- 2 years  and keep getting a "no entry found" responce. I have reported this error to them on two occassions and they reply the data is correct no investigation required.

Is anyone able to try for me, please?

I believe she may be illegitamate but and I'm trying to obtain her mother's maiden name, if its not Winch.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help in Deciphering this name
« on: Saturday 26 May 18 03:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
I've just found a 1837 in the non-conformist records and it says Sarah (the mother)  was the daughter of "Edward  ????, Farmer, Uffington, Berks"
Can anyone please decipher the father's surname please?.


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