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Antrim / Maggie Surgenor
« on: Monday 05 February 18 19:50 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking to find the birth or baptism of Maggie Surgenor sometime between 1850 and 1860, probably about 1857. The first concrete information I have is that she married Samuel Fawcett on 24 Jan 1879 at the Upper Falls Methodist Church in Belfast.  They were both of full age and Maggie was living at 30 Railway Street. Her father was James Surgenor. The couple have 3 children (Thomas 1879, William 1881? and John 1882) in Belfast before moving to Portsmouth in Hampshire.  They never returned (permanently) to Ireland.
I am inexperienced at Irish research.  Please can someone suggest how I go about finding the records?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Burial after death in Bradford
« on: Wednesday 12 July 17 18:20 BST (UK)  »
If someone died in Bradford in the 1800s (1842 and 1874) where might they be buried please?

Is anyone going to Caernarvon Record Office who could do a quick look up for me please?  My 3x great grandmother MARIA LAWLESS died on 18 Mar 1897 at the Red Lion Inn, Bangor and I KNOW she is buried in Bangor Cemetery (I have visited the grave there).  All I need please is the burial date.  I would be very grateful if someone could check it for me as I live in the South of England and can't get there.  Thanks.

If possible please could someone have a quick look at the entry for this marriage and see if Jane's father is listed as John Diggins, or who the witnesses are.  I am unable to get to Reading to look myself and I can't find the details online anywhere.

Thank you,

Sue Restell

I'm not sure where these are held, but if anyone does know, and is going to the relevant office please could you scan the relevant pages in the Burial Register for that cemetery showing the burial of Thomas Thompson, who died 16 July 1878, and his wife Mary Ann, who was buried with him after she died 30 Dec 1880.  I will obviously cover the expense of the scans.  Thank you.

Sussex / East Preston Workhouse Records
« on: Sunday 25 September 16 16:23 BST (UK)  »
Please can anyone tell me where I might find admissions records for the East Preston Workhouse for 1840-41?  The Records at WSRO don't start until 1860.

Armed Forces / How long did sailors stay aboard a Receiving Ship please?
« on: Friday 16 September 16 11:41 BST (UK)  »
My ancestor was aboard HMS Aetna for just over 2 years 1841-1843.  When I looked it up I see she was a 'receiving ship' in Liverpool.  Apparently this is for seamen in transit between 2 ships.  Is it normal for someone to be in this position for so long?  It came up because he doesn't seem to appear on the 1841 census.  Apparently sailors weren't enumerated unless they were ashore.  Would this fit?

Other Countries / Trinidad marriage Bateson/Holder
« on: Friday 02 September 16 20:12 BST (UK)  »
My stepfather Eric Bateson married Eryl Holder while he was stationed at HMS Goshawk at Piarco on Trinidad.  We're not sure of the date but it would be between June 1941 and October 1944.  We don't know if they married on the Naval Base or in a local church.  I need to find details of the marriage and preferably a copy of the certificate.  I have tried all the normal sites, with no luck.  Does anyone have any ideas?  The Registrar General's department on Trinidad will not deal with international queries!

Other Countries / 'Hamilton's Horse' India about 1860
« on: Friday 15 July 16 11:31 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know what this is?  I can't find anything about it on the internet, but apparently my 2x great grandfather Archibald Hamilton Lawless born about 1813  "was the raiser in India of Hamilton's Horse, a force which made history in those troublous days".  We know he was in Ireland until 1855 so it must be after that.  ???  ???

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