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Cymraeg - Welsh Language / Brad y Llyfrau Gleision
« on: Saturday 11 August 18 23:58 BST (UK)  »
Peter Evans wedi postio'r linc yma i gynnwys y Llyfrau Gleision 1841, sef adroddiad ar gyflwr addysg y Cymry ayyb. Agoriad llygad ar sut yr oedd llywodraeth Lloegr yn gweld cenedl y Cymry ym 1841.

Cymraeg - Welsh Language / "Geraint" pwy? "Tŵr de be?"
« on: Sunday 29 July 18 22:56 BST (UK)  »
Diolch Geraint am ein hatgoffa ni ein bod ni cystal a neb  :)

The Lighter Side / "Ignoring" Ancestry hints
« on: Saturday 21 July 18 00:27 BST (UK)  »
I have found, from hints, several useful public trees which include my easily-identifiable ancestor, but some trees are offered which have people of the right names but from other places; I have tried to dispose of the irrelevant trees by clicking on the 'select tree' box then on the 'cancel' box, but the tree stays up. I know Ancestry has another 'ignore' function which works well, but it doesn't seem to be an option in this respect. Can some kind Chatter help me to stop meeting the irrelevant trees again and again?

Technical Help / Unwanted pop-up from Windows Action Center
« on: Wednesday 04 July 18 00:27 BST (UK)  »
I use Windows 7, browsing on Firefox; since 4 or 5 days a pop-up message has lodged itself on my screen saying 'Action Center No current issues detected'. The message box cannot be moved, a right-click on the mouse gives no menu, and opening Action Center gives no option to close it. A shut-down and restart has no effect. The box doesn't even have a close or minimize button. Would be grateful for any suggestions. Also the box overlays any other page I open.

Technical Help / Calamitous Firefox Quantum update
« on: Thursday 26 April 18 00:41 BST (UK)  »
Downloaded the above last night and have spent ages since trying to recover my saved logins with passwords, which I rely on considerably. Visits to the Firefox help forums have discovered several people in the same fix, but with no simple solution to the problem. I would love to read other users' moans about this so as not to feel completely isolated, and if any Firefox fan (as I have been for years) has found a solution I would love to hear from them, congratulate them and benefit from their expertise.
        Now where did I store my library pin . . .

Cymraeg - Welsh Language / 2018!
« on: Wednesday 03 January 18 00:16 GMT (UK)  »
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb a llwyddiant efo'r chwilio!  :)

Newydd orffen 'Poeri i Lygad yr Eliffant' gan Wil Aaron, Lolfa, 368 tud, 14.99: hanes y Cymry (efo llawer mwy o Saeson a phobl o wledydd eraill Ewrop) yn dilyn y trywydd i'r Gorlllewin efo'r '49ers am gannoedd a channoedd o filltiroedd drwy bob mathau o anhawsterau o dywydd, afiechyd, ymosodiadau Indiaid a llwybrau caled, gan ddilyn teuluoedd efo'u henwau a'u cartrefi gwreiddiol o bob rhan o Gymru. Heblaw am y cyswllt Cymreig mae hefyd yn gronicl o bobl yn aberthu i gyrraedd rhyw Eden (fel yn y Wladfa wedyn) rhag gorthrwm a thlodi. Darllen da a chynhyrfus.

Cornwall / Trenwith (Poldark) - is it Kernowek?
« on: Saturday 01 July 17 00:15 BST (UK)  »
Welsh speaker, follower of Poldark; I know little Cornish but am intrigued by its survival in place and personal names. 'Chynoweth' as a personal name - Carly etc -  is familiar as equivalent to the Welsh 'Tŷ Newydd' - New House, but wonder whether Trenwith is a made-up name or rather an English-accented version of Tre Nwith (or Noweth). 'w' is a vowel in Welsh, and can be a whole syllable, as in 'cwm', borrowed in English by geologists and mountaineers. I'd love to know.

United States of America / Help in finding grave, Linden Hill cemetery, N.Y.
« on: Saturday 15 April 17 00:38 BST (UK)  »
My friend is visiting New York next month; she hopes to find the grave of her grandfather, Capt. Owen Owens of Wales, died May 2/3 1917. She has their website but would be most grateful if someone could make her search easier by telling her what help she may expect from the cemetery authority in respect of maps, directions, references, whatever.
              In grateful anticipation,

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